DevOps Days SV 2014 Day 1

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DevOps Days SV 2014 Day 1

State of the Union with John Willis

  • @botchagalupe
  • DevOps Days Survey results review
  • Job satisfaction is a key performance measure
  • IT Performance, Org Culture, Job Satisfaction = DevOps = Competitive Advantage
  • Software defined everything, SD Compute, SD Storage, SD Network, SD Data Center.
  • Software Defined X. First decoupled from physical, then a second order abstraction with robust APIs
  • SDN is the decoupling of the the control plane from the data plane
  • OpenFlow is to SDN what HTTP is to web @botchagalupe
  • Loads of excitement around Ceph
  • Linkage to Ceph >
  • Config management and desired state has had too much focus on compute. convergence is about compute/storage/network
  • Consumable Composable Infrastructure
  • Programming and composable statements (UNIX philosophy) change the game when applied to infrastructure
  • Orchestration: Mesos, OS: CoreOS
  • The server racks of the future
  • @benzobot: Great example of composable infrastructure: 6 line shell script for infamous word count. Use what you need, throw it away.
  • @mmastrac: Containers are many, many orders of magnitude faster than bare metal (8-weeks -> 500ms), even AWS-style VMs.
  • SLIDES > @botchagalupe: #devopsdays State of the Union 2014 -

Why don't we just say no?

  • @dominicad
  • Reason #1: We do things for people we like
  • Reason #2: Desire to be a team player
  • Reason #3: Fear from those in position of power
  • Reason #4: People pleaser
  • Instead of saying yes, use limits to communicate
  • @kmugrage: Use limits instead of timeframes to say no
  • Examine 3 data points for limits (discovering and setting them) ** Are we keeping up with demand? ** How long does it take for work to get done? ** Where is work stuck and where is the bottleneck?
  • Over the last 11 years, a lot of dev teams have been given permission to say no and push to next iteration/sprint
  • "250 Ways to say it and mean it. The Book of No" book recommendation @dominicad
  • @jzb: Why don't we just say "no" by @dominicad at #DevOpsDays - I like the theme of this talk already!
  • We dont say no because we dont use Kanban
  • Socialized the idea of a WIP limit over 6 months
  • WIP it down to the personal safety limit
  • No is an honorable response to someone who is asking you to do too much - @dominicad
  • That was awesome @dominicad
  • @dominicad: #kanban like you mean it. Next public class in Seattle -

CapitalOne DevOps

  • @bugman31
  • CapitalOne adopted Agile and they recognized that we still had opportunities for improvements
  • @jmichaelmcgarr: .@bugman31 Evolving from #Waterfall to #Agile to #DevOps to ATDD? interesting
  • Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) helped provide devops adoption at CapitalOne
  • SAFe
  • Lessons learned from creating these new teams, treat them like agile teams, use kanban, ...
  • They shifted everything left, security included
  • No more hardening phase at the end of the project
  • I love that they are using Cucumber for most of their testing
  • Cucumber all the things (dev, ops, security, QA, ...)
  • We built @gauntlt on cucumber for this reason
  • Set up security tools to run against build/staging environment
  • @SerenaSoftware: Capital One running DevOps across all frameworks and legacy apps including mainframe #Devopsdays
  • @jmichaelmcgarr: .@bugman31 Loving this story - #BDD, #TDD, #cucumber on top of #devops + deployment pipelines was the final piece of the puzzle
  • @pixelexplodes: loop(Develop > Demo > Discuss > Distill) @Bugman31
  • @jmichaelmcgarr: .@bugman31 "Showed execs lead time metrics, commitment time and impediment time."
  • If you are setting up an Agile team (in a big co.) they need some formal education

The DevOps Comrades you didn't know you had

  • Talk by @DevToolSuperFan
  • @SoberBuildEng: . @DevToolSuperFan tearing it up at #devopsdays!
  • @iteration1: Yay! @DevToolSuperFan is rocking it on stage!! #devopsdays
  • @jmichaelmcgarr: .@DevToolSuperFan "Marketing to Dev: Shut up and build this thing I just sold."
  • Invite sales and marketing to the agile party!
  • Build the roadmap together with Marketing to avoid releasing random collections of features
  • Cross-pollinate important metrics (marketing cares about the new shiny, devs care about reducing tech debt)
  • @gwaldo: I’m loving .@DevToolSuperFan ’s Marketing incorporated into DevOps perspective
  • Get marketing in the bug tracking system, it helps seeing the customer facing bugs and issues
  • Export the revenue and bookings to the engineering team so they see the business need
  • Join forces on customer outreach
  • @jmichaelmcgarr: .@DevToolSuperFan "Raise your hand if you have contributed to your company's blog..." - so few hands went up
  • Win your way to a Marketer's heart, write a blog article for them
  • @iteration1: Okay y'all! I found @patrickdebois!!!! cc @DevToolSuperFan
  • Have an information radiator showing issues with the product and operations
  • @eriksowa: The godfather @patrickdebois appears at #DevOpsDays via @devtoolsuperfan


  • @eriksowa OODA loops!
    • Books for OODA John Boyd biography, Robert Co*, Certain to Wn by Chet Richards
    • The great unwatched article (google this)
    • Convey mission and desired end state, leave the how to the team
    • @jmichaelmcgarr: .@eriksowa "A shrunken decision making cycle time made us more fit" #devopsdays #ignite #ooda
  • Quick and easy Docker, @flux7
    • Multi-tenancy with docker, and could support 30 tenants per large AWS instance
    • @davemangot: Love the idea of isolating customers and doing multi tenancy issuing docker by @FutureChips at
    • Docker works as a great server consolidation resource similar to what VM's did for us 10 years ago
  • LEGO Bricks
    • LEGOOps, build core services, repeat build, reach build consistency,
    • Extend patterns, manage services so they are consumable blocks
    • Build innovation is towards the top of the devops hierarchy of needs
    • Build community and share the blocks we build and the patterns, this inspires others and encourages creativity
    • Unlearn what you have learned
  • DevOps in the Org
    • Organizational inertia to not change inhibits devops even if there is interest in the idea of devops
    • If you end up automating yourself out of a job, I will hire you
    • @i_Tichy: #devopsdays "Automating yourself out of a job is a good thing, there are jobs everywhere" #mynewmantr
  • Talk by @seemaj
    • @jmichaelmcgarr: .@seemaj "1. Reduce technical debt" #devopsdays #ignite
    • @jmichaelmcgarr: .@seemaj "2. Get rid of that shared dev env" #devopsdays #ignite
    • @jmichaelmcgarr: .@seemaj "2. solved with #vagrantup and #chef and continuous integration" #devopsdays #ignite
    • Evaluate system, and go Lean so you eliminate waste
    • @jmichaelmcgarr: .@seemaj "Get rid of restrictive technologies and use open source." #devopsdays #ignite
    • Automate testing, TestNG, Protractor, Selenium
    • Ops Tooling: Chef, RunDeck, HU-BOT
  • Docker and serf Ignite
    • OH: Docker is like an oculus rift for your process
    • @jmichaelmcgarr: Matt Ho - "We used #docker to reduce the waiting for things to spin up..." #devopsdays #ignite
    • @jmichaelmcgarr: Matt Ho "Docker is an Oculus Rift for your services. You spin it up and your service sees whatever docker wants it to" #devopsdays #ignite
    • Serf operates in a cluster and handles events
    • Every host and container runs serf, serf is the source of truth
    • Serf plus mustache
    • @mmastrac: The guys at @LOYAL3 are using Docker and for their stack


  • @drumulonimbus: first impressions of Mountain View: disappointing. I was led to believe the streets here were literally paved with gold.
  • DevOps Days live stream > @BMC_DevOps
  • Thanks @datadoghq @BMC_Devops @getchef @puppetlabs for sponsoring
  • Thanks @datadoghq for sponsoring, you guys make a sweet product!
  • @datadoghq has #docker support, awesome!
  • Thanks for sponsoring @chef
  • Thanks @xebialabs
  • "Don't end up like" - use @compuware @dynatrace, thanks for sponsoring
  • Everyone give @mariusducea and @rberger a hug!


RT @kmugrage: Use limits instead of timeframes to say no. @dominicad at
RT @jmichaelmcgarr: .@bugman31 Evolving from #Waterfall to #Agile to #DevOps to ATDD? interesting
RT @jmichaelmcgarr: .@bugman31 Loving this story - #BDD, #TDD, #cucumber #devops + deployment pipelines was the final piece
RT @pixelexplodes: loop(Develop > Demo > Discuss > Distill) @Bugman31
RT @jmichaelmcgarr: .@bugman31 "Showed execs lead time metrics, commitment time and impediment time."
RT @iteration1: Yay! @DevToolSuperFan is rocking it on stage!! #devopsdays
RT @jmichaelmcgarr: .@DevToolSuperFan "Marketing to Dev: Shut up and build this thing I just sold."
RT @gwaldo: I’m loving .@DevToolSuperFan ’s Marketing incorporated into DevOps perspective
RT @jmichaelmcgarr: .@DevToolSuperFan "Raise your hand if you have contributed to your company's blog..." - so few hands went up
RT @iteration1: Okay y'all! I found @patrickdebois!!!! cc @DevToolSuperFan