SXSW 2014 - Wearable Tech Notes

by James Wickett on

#wearables #sxsw

Notes from SXSW on Wearable Tech and IoT

Session: Innovative Apps are key to Wearable Tech Adoption

  • Cool demo of glasses, w/ reticule and warehouse picking as a use case
  • Google glass and AR glasses have launched, and there are a lot of apps possible
  • Movario, Google Glass, Oculus Rift
  • Sean McCrackin, Imaginary Computers, created the first game for google glass... shoot aliens
  • Movario has better graphics... really cool game possibilities
  • Epson is the manufacturer of the Movario
  • Epson has been making projectors for a long time, that is why they are positioned
  • Wearables might be better coming from enterprise and building use cases that show real value
  • PCs started out enterprise and then made it into the home
  • Movario Dev Program, they have loaners, kicking off an App Store
  • Stock android for movario
  • @seantron is one of the speakers
  • Interesting applications for wearable glasses: museum 3d overlay, 3d games, desktop extension, warehouse picking

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