DevOps Days - Day 2

by James Wickett on


Leading the horses to drink

  • @damonedwards Damon Edwards,
  • Through the years, @damonedwards has seen where automation doesn't actually lead to biz change
  • @vmwarecloudops: "Trying to get everything across silos is the problem that #DevOps is trying to solve." #DevOpsDays
  • @botchagalupe: @damonedwards as always doing a great job ... maybe I should interview him on devopscafe
  • RT @botchagalupe: @damonedwards as always doing a great job ... maybe I should interview him on devopscafe
  • there is a three step process for transformation, step 1, build the why
  • consider not using the word DevOps in the why building step, it isn't a reason to do something
  • @robynbergeron: .@damonedwards "devops is not a why - is ideas, a movement; not your why, your coworker's why, or your business' why"
  • rule 2, there is no why other than the why of the business
  • books on this: out of crisis, good to great, ...
  • @andrebrov: RT @benzobot: Devops is service delivery #devopsdays @damonedwards
  • how do you find your why? Go ask people in your biz
  • step 2, build organizational alignment in your company, break down silos
  • ultimate goal: develop a common DevOps vision in the org, not a process but a way of thinking
  • how do you build vision: teach concepts,
  • book recommendation: "learning to see" on value stream mapping .@damonedwards
  • @markburgess_osl: @damonedwards delivering his deep understanding of system thinking with trademark clarity.
  • "seven wastes of software development" <- look this up
  • @BMC_DevOps: @damonedwards call out to the Poppendeick's work on Lean SW Dev
  • use metrics chains, what matters to biz?, capability that influences what matters to the biz,...
  • metrics chains continued: activity over which an individual can cause or influence outcomes
  • in an org everyone should be able to articulate how their role impacts the org, @damonedwards gives example of navy ship
  • even the 18 yr old dishwasher articulated his job was to provide clean dishes so that pilots stay healthy to fight the war
  • what if everyone in our orgs knew how their role personally impacted the biz?
  • @kurtmilne: #devopsdays @damonedwards three day workshop agenda
  • @robynbergeron: The number 1 rule of developing / implementing a devops vision is DON'T TALK about devops vision!
  • metrics chains are a good way to help expose value
  • try to use your CEO's language, tie it back to lean
  • @oakinger: RT @dmarsh: Great source for value stream mapping. #devopsdays
  • @ErikMHummel: @damonedwards had great talk on bringing DevOps into larger orgs without calling it DevOps (word is getting polluted like Agile)

Beyond the Pretty Charts

  • @tboubez
  • @grepory: For the slow typers wanting to check this out immediately: #Devopsdays
  • we've moved beyond static thresholds, we are more interested in quick ramp ups instead of fixed ceilings
  • lesson learned: context is really important in your monitoring and alerting
  • check out the post on kale
  • @1angdon: "know your data" and "what's normal?" @tboubez < similar to @bproverb talking about spending time with your data
  • is all data important to collect?
  • @wernerkeil: RT @botchagalupe: this is why Shewhart invented Statistical Process Control ... #devopsdays all covered by #deming
  • we notice patterns because we can abstract, but the flood of data limits that
  • @grepory: Nyquist-Shanon sampling theorem. #Devopsdays -- this talk was SUPER information rich. Thanks @tboubez
  • @metaforsoftware: RT @abestanway: Check out the 3-sigma algorithms mentioned by @tboubez here:
  • @ernestmueller: RT @metaforsoftware: If you enjoyed the control theory part of @tboubez's talk, check out this blog:
  • @tboubez: Thanks all for the great comments and feedback (heh)! For more on control systems check out this blog:

Cluster talk

  • @lusis: RT @writerferret: If you cant explain your solution to a peer in 15 minutes or less, your solution is probably too complex. #DevOpsDays
  • @perfatscale: RT @davemangot: Nothing to add #devopsdays
  • Infrastructure aware software
  • speaker from PalletOps
  • @franckcuny: The opposite of complex is simple, not easy. That's one of the most important things people need to remember.

DevOps and the CIA

  • @iteration1 is up talking DevOps and the CIA
  • @iteration1 is bringing it at
  • love how the analysts had to go to the field... Breaking down silos .@iteration1
  • it is not about systems, it is not about code, it is about people working together .@iteration1
  • @lusis: RT @botchagalupe: Love @iteration1 tie manhunt and Cindy Storer to Devops culture
  • @iteration1: Ignite slides from #DevOpsDays "DevOps and the CIA"

Level up your skills

  • exposure to multiple teams is a good way to level up your skills
  • be a generalist to succeed
  • you are responsible for your own learning and career progression
  • @scottsbaldwin: @nathenharvey interview all the time. Cool concept!
  • @adrianco: RT @writerferret: “level up your skills, become a technology generalist” I have preached this my entire career, these #devopsdays peeps are…

Notes from yesterday

  • @andrebrov: RT @nathenharvey: DevOp with me! Here are the slides from my #devopsdays ignite talk.

Random follow up

@cloudmunch: For the #DevOpsDays crowd: New Blog: Three Practices to Maximize DevOps ROI
@andrebrov: RT @abestanway: Related: join the skyline-dev list if you're interested in Skyline development and anomaly detection #devopsdays https://t.…
@TriangleDevOps: RT @nathenharvey: DevOp with me! Here are the slides from my #devopsdays ignite talk.

Random Random

@irnnr: CIO = Career Is Over ;) #devopsdays
@BMCDevOps: Time to value is the new black.
DevOps: The label "operations" creates dysfuntion in modern IT.

  • @vmwarecloudops: "The infrastructure layout matters to the software: It needs to be capable of auto-scaling, healing, backup and optimization." #DevOpsDays RT @lusis: RT @botchagalupe: Love @iteration1 tie manhunt and Cindy Storer to Devops culture RT @iteration1: Ignite slides from #DevOpsDays "DevOps and the CIA" RT @BMCDevOps: Time to value is the new black. @scottsbaldwin: IT bottleneck "something" comes out. @johndesser RT @BMCDevOps: The label "operations" creates dysfuntion in modern IT.