UX Antipatterns: Hidden Traps in Sites & Apps

by James Bradford Trask on

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@troyvinson: UX Antipatterns - Not a very lively crowd this Monday morning.

@nolim1t: "click here" doesn't really tell the user whats going to happen afterwards

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@melissabalkon: A UX anti-pattern appears beneficial at first, but create unintended problems. #uxap #sxsw

@nolim1t: Better way to do "click here" is just to underline the call to action link

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Must have a better solution to qualify

@lindzsays: Watching @braintree's very own @mvboeke speak on double jumps, blind carousels, and sad kitties at #SXSW #uxap http://t.co/TI3CPdothD

@nolim1t: "Double jump" also happens with credit cards (I've seen it), tax ids, SSNs.

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@nolim1t: RT @schmidtcw: Use input masks instead of separating formatted numbers into fields (ie. phone, ssn). NEVER auto-tab to next field #uxap #sx

@aisha_brad4d: UX antipatterns 1) seem beneficial at 1st but create unintended problems, 2) have better solutions that are repeatable #uxap #SXSW

@nolim1t: Having a carousel preview solves the "whats in other slides" problem

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@melissabalkon: If you must use a carousel, try using one that is tabbed with a preview of the slides to come. #uxap #sxsw http://t.co/pM7qDtE0cT

@pauljadam: RT @nolim1t: Sharing on social networks buttons tend to be distracting, and also makes the page take a much longer time to load.

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@melissabalkon: Consider whether social share plugins really worth it for you—it slows load time. Consider a single share button. #uxap #sxsw

@nolim1t: Have a share button which loads up another window with all the share links <-- less loading for users who don't want to share

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@pauljadam: Don't make users enter the same information more than once! #uxap #sxsw http://t.co/rSbuJrUIoY

@BradGriffith: Design for humans, not for back-end systems; group fields logically; don't ask for duplicate entry (i.e birthdate & age). #uxap #sxsw

@larsblauridsen: Performance is one of the most important aspects of user experience #uxap #sxsw

@BradGriffith: Show the current state noun (i.e. enabled/disabled) or an on/off slider, not just the action (enable/disable) to avoid confusion

@nolim1t: Anti-pattern: Don't make the person download your app by showing a full screen page covering the content "aka doorslam"

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@paultela: When I click a link on mobile take me to the content, not a download our app page #uxap #sxsw

@nolim1t: Instead of the "doorslam", use a mobile call to action on top or the bottom of the page to get the app.

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@melissabalkon: If you have to tell your users how to interact with your app, you might not be using intuitive interactions. #uxap #sxsw

@nolim1t: Most mobile apps are used with one hand, so design for it #uxap #sxsw http://t.co/1KOIUjH5zn

@curl: Literally simplify any barriers to entry when directing users to your content on your apps or websites.

@nolim1t: RT @pauljadam: Put yo "hamburger" navigation menu icons on the right for all the righties with cramped thumbs ;) #sxsw #uxap #fb http://t.c

@nolim1t: the "menu button" / "hamburger" button is better on the top right than top left

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@lindzsays: One thing learned at @mvboeke's #SXSW presentation outside the #uxap realm. @planetmoney has an app?! What have I been doing with my life?!

@1clickmedia: @pauljadam I prefer "Mr Liney" to hamburger menu.. Either way, adding a swipe action (like the #sxsw app) is the way to go #uxap @mvboeke