The New Digital Age

by James Bradford Trask on

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@GLENszczypka: Wow Eric Scmidt, Jared Cohen and Stephen Levy #NewDigAge #sxsw I luv you internet @wired @google

@elozanobuhl: Ha! @ericschmidt just gave shout-out to Amazon to sell book...instead of Google Play.

@conrock_media: Tougher to get hotel room at SXSW than North Korea #NewDigAge #SXSW

@afairweather: Schmidt calls digital "A one time transfer of power to the people"

@Chuparkoff: "Revolutions are going to be easier to start, but hard to finish",says @ericschmidt & @JaredCohen at #NewDigAge #sxsw

@thrimpth: New social strategy dictators are using: infiltrating and attempting to influence, vs shutting down internet/channels

@afairweather: "In the next three to five years a billion to two billion people are going to join 'us' by getting access to smartphones"

@afairweather: Cohen describing how in Syria they have checkpoints that check people's phones at gunpoint. Anti-gov post = execution.

@elozanobuhl: RT @whoisromeo: Discussion moving to #Snowden and privacy problems in the US. Google execs say they were "surprised" #NewDigAge #SXSW #MSLS

@afairweather: When Google discovered that the NSA was tapping lines they moved to encrypting at multiple points in process.

@afairweather: "We were attacked by the Chinese in 2010 and we were attacked by the US gov in 2013 - that's a fact." - Schmidt

@afairweather: Schmidt contrasts different reactions to surveillance in strong democracies - the UK were unfazed, the Germans horrified -

@elozanobuhl: Assange argument: Individual evil hard to control. Systematic evil must be written down. Leaks then = checks & balances. #NewDigAge #sxsw

@afairweather: They're discussing the balkanisation of the internet - referring to Brazil's moves to localise all data.

@psychomotikon: Worries that Internet Balkanization will occur gradually I using child safety as pretext #newdigage #sxsw

@OCHWW: Iran is one country that has publicly announced that they want to create a separate censored Internet




@helmstetler: Eric Schmidt "It’s not @Amazon that shuts down brick and mortar stores, it’s the #internet". #newdigage #sxsw

@juhaf: Parents need to have a data permanence conversation with kids years before the first sex conversation @jaredcohen #newdigage #sxsw

@christinafieni: Parents may have to have the data permanence discussion before the sex discussion. Crazy. // #SXSW #NewDigAge #NHSX

@afairweather: Schmidt "99% of Americans have seen no economic benefits from the last decade."

@catmatson: RT @afairweather: "In the next decade you're going to have the first wave of the social media generation running for office." #sxsw #NewDig
@afairweather: Schmidt "Let's celebrate capitalism - 50 people, $9 billion." - talking about Whatsapp.