The Future of Genetics in Our Everyday Lives

by James Bradford Trask on

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@oamike: RT @KennaMcCabe: I'm seeing The Future of Genetics in Our Everyday Lives at SXSW 2014. #SXSW #FutGenes

@afairweather: Wojcicki is married to Sergey Brin. Talk about a power couple.

@drbachinsky: RT @westr: When Will you switch from SNP genotyping to NGS? RT @23andMe: @23andMe's AW: questions during #SXSW. What do you want to know? #…

@omarg: First thing from keynote 23andMe’s Anne Wojcicki: “How many people have spat for us?” #sxsw #360sxsw #Futgenes

@afairweather: She was a Wall Street analyst before 23andMe - at first she saw this as a huge opportunity.

@lisiaf: RT @vaguity: Massive profit incentive in illness; obesity's actually awesome from the Wall Street perspective #futgenes #sxsw

@afairweather: Just diabetes is a $245 billion "business" each year on its own

@celiajones: From a Wall Street pov, there is a massive profit incentive in sickness. No incentive 4 prevention. #healthcare #futgenes #sxsw

@vaguity: "Who makes money off me not getting sick?" Being healthy at 100 means you're not putting money into health care system #futgenes #sxsw

@afairweather: Healthcare industry is 2.7 trillion business. Holy shit.

@afairweather: 4. Big data helps us understand diseases better as a whole society

@afairweather: 3. Knowing your genetic risks helps you make better decisions

@lisiaf: RT @afairweather: 2. Genetic information is the basis for personalised medicine (uses example of a drug that makes some hyper, others sleep…

@vaguity: What 23andMe believes: 5. Everyone has the right to access and understand their personal genetic information #futgenes #sxsw

@afairweather: From DNA we can learn: medication response, inherited conditions, disease risks, interesting traits (like asparagus pee)

@afairweather: The FDA made 23andMe stop providing people with their health data! WTF? That is utterly ridiculous.

@Chuparkoff: "We're still stuck in this Genetic-test debate, the rest of the world is moving forward." says Anne Wojcicki CEO of @23andme #FutGenes #sxsw

@EdinSasic: RT @juhaf: Knowing and understanding one's own DNA will not be geeky for long. It's a must-do step to personalized healthcare. #futgenes #s

@NitroDigital: #futgenes FYI ZDogg MD is a real doctor... #SXSW

@quinlinlaurel: How secure is 23andMe data security measures? Who is making $$ off my data? What about privacy? Is it possible? #askanne #FutGenes #SXSW

@afairweather: A senator told her that 23andMe must be "snake oil" because they dropped their price from $1,000 to $99

@quinlinlaurel: Fact: "People always want to know if they are Native American or Jewish." #FutGenes #SXSW #nojoke

@afairweather: Wojcicki is adamant that the future of healthcare will come from the consumer space

@DigitalUniv: "Thanks to an API, lots of different programs could use this data" #FutGenes #SXSW

@omarg: I thought this was a pretty good keynote, but people are bolting just as Kara Swisher is asking good questions. Why? #sxsw #futgenes

@afairweather: Wojcicki: "The FDA serves an important purpose - to protect people's health." She's being very diplomatic.