QA Best Practices in Today's Digital Agencies

by James Bradford Trask on

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@maggiebronny: Getting ready for the #StateofQA presentation at #sxsw with @bencurrie @JimSpillson on the panel.

@Klambpr: 3 years to build only 2 weeks to QA. Zoinks! #stateofqa #SXSW

@rideforthebrand: FAIL only 2 weeks testing on QA Best Practices in Today's Digital Agencies #SXSW #StateofQA

@ItsMeJvG: Who hasn't received that "oh shit" phone call? Typical QA fail. #stateofqa #sxsw @AbelsonTaylor

@AbelsonTaylor: The longer defects sit around, the more they cost, ultimately impacting client satisfaction. QA throughout the project. #SXSW #stateofqa

@ufbert: QA nightmare: Every 12 days a new device or browser is released. #SXSW #StateofQA

State of QA website?

@elysssse: How many devices and scenarios do you test for on a new project? How do you do it? Everyone's asking the same questions #stateofqa #sxsw

1. creative client services focus
2. Custom technology
3, varied schedules
4. non-standard deliverables
5, wide range of platforms

shift left

@phenomblue: RT @Klambpr: QA came from technology sector...but isn't solely a technology issue. Applies for anything you do for clients #StateofQA #SXSW

@AbelsonTaylor: QA must start at Day 1. #StateofQA #SXSW

@ItsMeJvG: QA has a branding problem, and we need to SHIFT LEFT: i.e. it needs to be involved from the beginning. #stateofqa #sxsw @AbelsonTaylor

Core principles
1. complete process coverage
2. Holistic knowledge
3. Independent accountability
4. Team focus

@AbelsonTaylor: Everyone on the team, not just Tech, is responsible for QA.

@elysssse: Everyone has to answer to quality. It's not just the job of the QA team #stateofqa #sxsw

Best practices
1. Identify key stakeholders
2. Share the plan
3. Address barriers to success
4. Don't reinvent the wheel
5. Proof of concept
6. Match execution to strategy
7. Don't over-engineer
8. Don't build until everyone is onboard
9. Don't change your mind
10. Maintain. Maintain. Maintain

@schmidtcw: Your projects will actually cost you less if you "Shift Left" - make QA an integral part of the entire project #stateofqa #sxsw

@JoelAtSXSWForAT: QA lasts beyond launch. Maintain. Don't let the end of the project be the end of QA. #StateofQA #abelsontaylor #SXSW

@weareinteractiv: @stateofqa offered a white paper on the state of QA. A new reference for the all industry. #SXSW2014

@AbelsonTaylor: If you can't test, the requirements are off, failure is likely. Have proper requirements up front.

@ItsMeJvG: Ppl act differently if they know someone's checking their product. There's more accountability than just QA. #StateofQA #sxsw @AbelsonTaylor

@crollo: What about TDD/BDD? #stateofqa #QABestPractices #SXSW

@ItsMeJvG: This is def my favorite #sxsw slide of the week. Yep that's a panel. Puns make things fun. #StateofQA @AbelsonTaylor

Book: checklist manifesto

@BradGriffith: RT @Klambpr: Defects aren't typically part of programming errors, but poor documentation/requirements/strategy #shiftleft #stateofqa #SXSW