how ai is enhancing the user experience

by James Bradford Trask on


@getdesti: Super pumped to hear @NadavGur @mobileraj @laurengoode, @drororen speak at #sxsw #iloveai #ai #ux #design


@DrewAustin: #ILOVEAI panel. Speakers from @getdesti @tempoai @sri_intl to discuss artificial intelligence.

@moe_tanahy: Gur "Less about how to make machines behave like humans, it's more about merging both and making the most out of it" #iloveai #sxsw

@getdesti: Q: what is AI? A: what AI is not, it's not fancy robots that Hollywood sells us per @drororen #iloveai

@moe_tanahy: Oren "AI is when you go beyond the obvious" #sxsw #iloveai

@Lionel_Felix: AI is making engines that make smart personalized decisions that relate to you. #iloveai

@getdesti: two things about virtual assistants 1) it learns & 2) does things for you #iloveai per @mobileraj

@Wgould: Mobile is enabling the growth of AI through its built in contextual knowledge of its user. #iloveai #sxsw

@lydiastory: "If you can can figure things out without the user telling you, well that's intelligence" #ILoveAI #sxsw

@FSchank: RT @getdesti: Mobile enables the rapid adoption of AI because of context and personal data. #iloveai

@eyemakeart: RT @stargazer1sd: #ILoveAI Why is it that any time Artifical Intelligence gets good enough to be useful, the technology gets called something else?

@guerillagirl_: The use of sensors in a mobile environment is enabling a more personalized experience. #iloveai

@getdesti: Open intent AI systems vs Push system are 2 categories of assistance. #iloveai

@Lionel_Felix: Push based assistance plus google glass might be the right direction. Bit I swear it's gonna be annoying for a while #iloveai

@tacospeligrosos: Panelists in #iloveai confusing better computer interfaces and better predictive apps with true AI (machine learning, the singularity) #sxsw

@genevievevarela: One of the challenges is not annoying the user or using the data appropriately. - @drororen #ILoveAI #sxsw #AlmaLearns
@tknuewer: Less than 20% auf people in the audience of #iloveai panel actively use Siri. Wow - that's not much. #sxsw

@thesuitcase: Interesting. Siri was different before apple bought it. (Maybe even better the panelist hints) #IloveAI #swswi

@Lionel_Felix: Siri is still in the Bronze Age of AI. It works a little but it's still more a curiosity than a tool #iloveai

@hertling: RT @theatredude: The good work in AI is using context and turning down the noise. #iloveai #sxsw

@Affygility: When you use AI for a domain specific vertical, it's easier to design it to understand the context. #ILoveAI #sxsw

@Wgould: Siri fails because it tries to understand us without enough context - more integration is needed #iloveai #sxsw

@TalibValue: Google Now: Google Now gets you just the right information at just the right time. #ILoveAI #SXSW

@joshblacksmith: "Search history is a collection of Intent." #ILoveAI #sxsw2013

@getdesti: @mobileraj "not all AI apps need to be voice-enabled" #iloveai

@entrepyk: "...the best UI hides the AI" #iloveai #sxsw

@moe_tanahy: "The good stuff is actually hidden well" Oren talking about AI finding the right information for the user #iloveai #sxsw

@frankmals: #iloveai a bevy of search history give google an AI edge over everybody else

@Affygility: 12-13% of items in calendars are actually tasks #ILoveAI #sxsw

@Wgould: The next big thing in AI will come from the amount of data available - no openness means stagnant AI #iloveai #sxsw

@emrosario: In the future AI is going to be everywhere,there will be platforms that enable AI and small co's can build on the data #iloveai

@pandaluv_art: Future of AI depends on companies other than Google, Apple, Facebook, etc having access to big data. #iloveai #kickasswork #SXSW2013

@atomworks: "Google search is the best example of AI" #iloveAI

@TalibValue: Recommendation Engine's! Thought I would have heard more about these @sxsw #ILoveAI Netflix, Amazon, SIRISkate to where the puck is going!

@tacospeligrosos: Google search is not AI. Recommendation engines are not AI. Learning algorithms are not AI. #iloveai #sxsw

@nicolesimon: I always say: i want the machines to work for me. happy to train them. #iloveai

@GrayumIan: #iloveai if you take away the search for data (search engine) do you lose the opportunity to find data that opposes your point of view?

@Wgould: Aren't lists just options? I like options. I hope we get a blend of both natural lang. and lists #iloveai #sxsw

@Lionel_Felix: Siri is not a threat, natural language machine interface is the evolution. Deep relevant contextual predictive data is the gold #iloveai

@guerillagirl_: Ambient intelligence. #iloveai

@designkitchen: Oren predicts that search is changing. Expect to receive the actual information instead of links to the information. #disruptive

@emrosario: AI will be big for wearable tech in the future #iloveai #hotwiresxsw

@mariammouna: It took little time to build an app but a year and counting to tune. Iterate, reiterate... #todayLesson #keeptuning #iloveai

@tacospeligrosos: #iloveai: Where A.I. means apps that "appear intelligent."

@hertling: RT @cyc_ai: Want a platform for #AI - get a copy of #OpenCyc #ILoveAI build an AI that actually understands! #sxsw2013 #iloveai

@CymbriaFraser: RT @Wgould: interesting that AI success is more about subjective user opinions (am i annoying you) vs is this info correct #iloveai #sxsw

@AlcyonDesign: I'm tired of the privacy conversation- public anonymity is privacy.

iloveai #sxsw13