20191009 - LASCOT2019 - The good, the bad, the open-plan: Creating environments for collaborative knowledge work, Joe Wright @joe_jag

by Thierry de Pauw on


The good, the bad, the open-plan: Creating environments for collaborative knowledge work, Joe Wright @joe_jag

Slides: https://github.com/joejag/thegoodthebadthe_openplan

  • @srwestons: Been looking forward to this talk by @joe_jag at #lascot. I very much struggle with the whole open plan office thing. https://t.co/gEuyySefPE

  • @ledarville: Loving @joe_jag’s talk on office environments... look at that headline 😱 #lascot https://t.co/EiL4eoMEPv

German Law:
- every employee is entitled to have 20 square feet of office
- every employee is entitled to have direct access to outside light

something that keeps repeating over history:
somebody comes with a great idea, and then someone else take it and implements the cheapest version

  • @tdpauw: @joe_lag debunking the myth of the benefits of open-plan offices:

  • communication: ❌

  • collaboration: ❌

  • equality: not so sure

  • health: not so sure

  • cost: ✅ but at what cost of the rest of your organisation?

  • @joejag: Work space offices seem to be designed to prevent folk from wanting to collaborate. Whoever promoted open plan office spaces has a lot to answer for

  • @chrisvmcd: @menloprez
    would disagree.

In our circumstances I see Smart working as the culprit, not open plan. That is ALL about reducing costs and space utilisation
- @menloprez: There is no one way to make this work. We didn't build an open office, we built an open culture. Our office is a physical reflection of our deeply held cultural beliefs: openness, transparency, collaboration, teamwork and safety.

Sometimes the workspace we built 10 days ago is no longer the right workspace, so we change it. -- Lisamarie ... (Menlo) @joe_jag

I think the physical space is critical I think space enables the cultural change. Rich .. (Menlo) @joe_jag

at Menlo, employees can bring their dog and kid during the first year

Book: The Employee Experience Advantage

For a team of 8:
- 2 caves: only for 2 people, privacy
- 1 theatre: for the team to work together
- 1 launch: to relax


put up acoustic walls
use plants as a wall
consider adding 'pink noise' (like a waterfall in the middle => cannot hear people talking in the area)

use adaptable furniture: make it easy to adapt as people will change teams

consider having power sockets above the desks

Use the examples of other companies who succeeded! (like Menlo)