20191008 - LASCOT2019 - Bourdieu's Social Theory applied to tech, Romeu Moura, @malk_zameth

by Thierry de Pauw on


Bourdieu's Social Theory applied to tech, Romeu Moura, @malk_zameth


Bourdieu's Social Theory is just a model. And all models are wrong. @malk_zameth

And I'm not against agile.

  • Culture Capital
  • Symbolic Violence
  • ...

and how this relates to Agile.

icons of power: some gender, some colour, some studies, ...
=> defines power

Symbolic Violence:

is what you somebody else does to you when it has that icon of power
and you find that normal when that person has that icon of power

the person that has that trait has the benefit of not seeing this.
because the symbolic violence is something you do to yourself

When 2 people work together, and one of the two has a higher level of icon of power, it will be seen as the boss, although in reality, they are not

Culture Capital:

going to the museum, library, ...

you fear yourself lesser than that person

it changes who you perceive things: these people see what I see, and these other people do not
=> you tend to give more power to the people that see what you see

how to increase Symbolic Violence: dress for success (sometimes it does not work when people are not used to wear )


Bourdieu loved to invent new words
He feared if he used existing words, people would give a different meaning
=> new word so people use the right meaning

Hexis is should a new word

Hexis: I am legitimate and I belong here

We are lazy: we tend to trust confident people and not people in doubt. @malk_zameth
=> social engineering

Hexis is what self-confidence is to recklessness.
a baby is reckless, not self-confident

=> We tend to reward self-confidence a lot. As a result, self-confident people will win a lot. @malk_zameth

=> we actually created a Caste System.
And the people inside it have the benefit not seeing it.

Who is part of the 1% richest in the world?
- You don't need to have any capital.
- You just need 32.000 USD revenue before taxes per year

Welcome in the caste system you are not aware of.

If there is one thing you remind of this talk:
Kill all your illusions of merit.

How does this relate to Agility?

Agile was invented in the late 90's by a very homogeneous group of white men.
What is the probability this relates to the rest of the agile community? zero

- what happens if the boss is inside the team
- what happens when the boss is inside the daily scrum

But wait, Romeu, I have no problems with bosses. Of course, you do not, you have a high level of Symbolic Violence, Cultural Capital and Hexis.

  • @wouterla: RT @sebrose: Interesting and thought provoking session from @malk_zameth about some of the sociological theories of Pierre Bourdieu.

For geeks, some of his stuff is very pertinent: “Bourdieu compared social actors to automata (while relying on Leibniz's theory of Monads)”