# 2019/12/12: YOW! Melbourne Day 1 1c

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2019/12/12: YOW! Melbourne Day 1 1c

“Exceeded capabilities of 3 data journalists; needed more global/localized expertise https://t.co/pNj1hRg17X

  • @RealGeneKim: #yow19 @mesirii “Data comprised of 214,000 letterbox (shell companies); these instruments are often used by any wealth manager; all you need to do is ask is to create offshore company.

“Transferring ownership became a common way for bribes, b/c there is no paper trail https://t.co/mLWN78CR4y

  • @ctudball: Looks like @KenScambler has told everone the secret to career success. #YOW19 https://t.co/KeboXQismI

  • @UrcherAus: @mesirii How Mossack Fonseca asset hiding works:

  1. Contact Mossack Fonseca via an intermediary
  2. Mossack Fonseca sets up a shell account
  3. The director signs off on transactions without revealing the owner
  4. The owner can now buy assets without being named
  • @mesirii at #YOW19

  • @RealGeneKim: #yow19 @mesirii “It’s not just Panamanians; it’s also Australians.” (Audience laughs)

He’s showing map of Australians officers listed as shell companies overlaid onto map. https://t.co/40CBImY8RS

  • @UrcherAus: @mesirii Journalists are paid to be the first person with the story. As a result journalists don't collaborate

  • @mesirii at #YOW19

  • @RealGeneKim: #yow19 @mesirii “traditionally, journalists are lone wolves; example: Watergate investigation

“Modern journalism, often because of vast data dumps, has driven trend towards global group efforts, to tap all the local expertise needed.” https://t.co/45jLFp47L1

  • @RealGeneKim: #yow19 @mesirii “ICIJ is a trust network; each new member needs endorsement from two existing members; even boss won’t know they are part of ICIJ

“They use lots of open source, operated for 1 year, spanning 400 people; even their vendors didn’t know.

“Many people jailed https://t.co/wDP94vc4xA

  • @RealGeneKim: #yow19 @mesirii “Americans who are smug b/c they didn’t show up in Panama Papers; but tax laws are so weak in Nevada and Delaware, they don’t even need to leave home.”

(Audience laughs)

  • @UrcherAus: @mesirii @ICIJorg The main goals of @ICIJorg are to uncover the truth and to assure whistle blower safety

  • @mesirii at #YOW19

  • @thattommyhall: RT @UrcherAus: @mesirii @ICIJorg The data team used technology donated by @nuix to turn the unstructured #PanamaPapers raw data into something that could be analysed

  • @mesirii at #YOW19

  • @UrcherAus: It would be difficult and time consuming to reconstruct graphs like these from the raw #PanamaPapers data without tech to help

  • @mesirii at #YOW19 https://t.co/CBdEKMtG86

  • @UrcherAus: @mesirii Using a graph database like @neo4j helps you to analyse graphs such as the network of relationships described by the #PanamaPapers data

  • @mesirii talk was amazing, and what a showcase of neo4j. Datasets and analysis tools are available online! (I think I might have gotten facts wrong; it was "Paradise Papers", not "Panama Papers?")

  • @mesirii "2.6TB of data --> supported by just 3 data journalists and 3 devs!x!!"

  • @UrcherAus: @ICIJorg @mesirii You can explore the #PanamaPapers graph yourself in the @neo4j sandbox (as well as other data sets)

  • @mesirii at #YOW19 https://t.co/U6zhFeMN84

  • @RealGeneKim: #yow19 @mesirii Societal value and outcomes from investigation: $1.3B taxes recouped https://t.co/omThwM7dVj

  • @UrcherAus: Here's the theoretical and actual data models used by @ICIJorg to model the #PanamaPapers data. The actual model is somewhat more complex than the nominal model

  • @mesirii at #YOW19 https://t.co/U6zhFeMN84

  • @thattommyhall: Rest In Power

YOW19 https://t.co/7O3gycGSC5

  • @UrcherAus: @ICIJorg @mesirii @neo4j Reminder that the person involved in the #PanamaPapers that faced the most serious consequences was Daphne Caruana Galizia, an investigative journalist who was murdered for her investigative work

  • @mesirii at #YOW19

  • @RealGeneKim: #yow19 @mesirii “other consequence: Daphne Caruana Galicia, investigative reporter, was murdered by car bomb; and Jan Kuciak..”

Oh my… So tragic… and a testament to their courage.

Where to learn more… https://t.co/iV8ZQOybHk

  • @RealGeneKim: #yow19 @mesirii So cool. He’s showing JavaScript library that renders graph relationships in 3D.

[audience gasps, oohs, aahs]

It’s the golden age of dataviz for developers. Wow.

Video attached.

Amazing demo showing Russian Twitter trolls, analysis of tweets, etc. https://t.co/W5ONv1wLUV