# 2019/12/12: YOW! Melbourne Day 1 1a

by Gene Kim on


2019/12/12: YOW! Melbourne Day 1 1a

Up: @larsklint: Azure Functions

  • @yow_conf: In the Blue room: @larsklint will show you hot to quickly create a complete API using Azure Function proxies, forward requests, adhere to best practices, easily extend and more. #YOW19 https://t.co/SbXaql9NAI

  • @larsklint: astronomy picture of the day

  • @dlutzy: I’m enjoying @caseyrosenthal speaking at #yow19 about modern engineering problems of chaos and safety. Through a unique historical lens.

  • @UrcherAus: Antipattern 4: In the Soup with @apaipi at #YOW19

A team retrospective shouldn't spend time talking about things outside the team's sphere of influence https://t.co/itVXy7LMpI
- @UrcherAus: @apaipi Antipattern 3: The Disillusioned Facilitator with @apaipi at #YOW19

The facilitator needs to:
- believe the retrospective is a good idea
- explain why the retrospective (and each activity in it) is important
- debrief after each activity
- @smithcdau: RT @ineffyble: If you're building a microservice in the top right corner, you can't know how it will affect all the other components in the system #YOW19 https://t.co/nz6gY3yOs3
- @UrcherAus: @apaipi Antipattern 2: The Wheel of Fortune with @apaipi at #YOW19

Instead of spinning the wheel to get a silver bullet that won't work we should go through all 5 phases of a retrospective:
- Set the Stage
- Gather Data
- Generate Insights
- Decide what to do
- Close the retrospective
- @antlerboy: RT @janellekz: “Chaos engineering is the facilitation of experiments to uncover systemic weaknesses...”

So how do we optimize for properties of safety in a complex system? 🤔

@caseyrosenthal #yow19 https://t.co/nymtDwjZ10

from my talk

  • @smithcdau: RT @edith_h: “Trade features for developer productivity - as productivity compounds and gives you capacity for features” @RealGeneKim #yow19 https://t.co/16OAx67kUp
  • @smithcdau: RT @paulangov: One great way that you can move $8m from “context” to “core”. A data centre murder scene 😱 via @RealGeneKim @yow_conf #yow19 https://t.co/qSw7ZmJGlK
  • @smithcdau: RT @paulangov: One great way that you can move $8m from “context” to “core”. A data centre murder scene 😱 via @RealGeneKim @yow_conf #yow19 https://t.co/qSw7ZmJGlK
  • @smithcdau: RT @UrcherAus: Over 17 tons of obsolete equipment removed and recycled - witnessed on a data centre tour by @RealGeneKim at #YOW19 https://…
  • @smithcdau: RT @centur: A fantastic slide - much better than one off line - we saved x by eliminating bureaucratic process. Put a tombstone for it somewhere #yow19 https://t.co/ZjYf8WuRRk
  • @RealGeneKim: Thanks #yow19 for allowing me to be a part of the conference!

For those who want the list of resources, slides, excerpts to Unicorn Project (and every other book I’ve written), links to DevOps Enterprise Summit videos…

Email genek@sendyourslides.com, with subjects “devops”

  • @NessNimmo: On board with the first retro anti pattern fix from @apaipi at #YOW19 https://t.co/B9JS6laTNJ

  • @delitescere: “The notion of code freezes, when most of the time the team is constantly fighting fires, is humorous in the most unfortunate of ways” – me, at @caseyrosenthal’s talk @yow_conf #YOW19 https://t.co/VJhD58MdCt

  • @larsklint: Kudu: it's what runs Azure functions