# 2019/12/10 YOW! Brisbane Day 2 2b

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2019/12/10 YOW! Brisbane Day 2 2b

Up: The Ideal Metric, Arty Starr (@janellekz)

- Dr. Peter Senge: Fifth Discipline

  • @hillelogram: ---

Tommy Hall (@thattommyhall), "Data Pipelines a la Mode", #yow19

I have it on good authority that Tommy smells bad and this room smells bad, and I have absolutely nothing to do with this, contrary to your fake "eyewitness testimony" and "recorded footage"

  • @janellekz: "...and nothing gets done without pain!" (The sad, maddening story of technical debt)
  • @janellekz: "From Book: Good Strategy, Bad Strategy: 'Describing the goal is NOT THE STRATEGY'"
  • @janellekz: "Richard Rumelt: a good strategy
  • @hillelogram: @thattommyhall Lots of people working on this now. Reproducible and Replicable are formal terms that the ACM got the wrong way around.

ACM's recommendation: hire @thattommyhall


  • @unixbigot: RT @CatSwetel: walker there is no path, the path is made by walking - antonio machado 😂 https://t.co/dySX5gex5r
  • @jchyip: Wondering if Early Pain (https://t.co/JHQJi0j8BC) comes up... #yow19
  • @janellekz: "Deming; without data, you're just another person with an opinion"
  • @janellekz: "The big surprise: Most of our mistakes were made in the most well-written parts of the code! Why?"
  • @janellekz: "
  • @unixbigot: We should, agrees @bruntonspall (quoting the ex-CSO of Facebook), focus on abuse and password hygiene, which is much more prevalent and serious than targeted attacks. #yow19 https://t.co/rhCwMiOAPR
  • @janellekz: some fascinating observations on how miscalibrated our pain sensors are w.r.t. software dev; seeing ugly code bothers us; but we actually enjoy unnecessary/moderate problem solving. Uh oh!
  • @RealGeneKim: #Yow19 @janellekz: some fascinating observations on how miscalibrated our pain sensors are w.r.t. software dev; seeing ugly code bothers us; but we actually enjoy unnecessary/moderate problem solving. Uh oh! https://t.co/3D7L4bioxg

  • @janellekz: "the difficult part of problem solving: figuring out the right problem to solve"

  • @hillelogram: @thattommyhall Major Airflow problem: keeping old data and code in sync. If you rerun the pipeline, how do you know which version of code and which version of data to use? Like when backfilling, can overwrite old data so lose historical info.

Solution: give each dag [execution?] an id #yow19

  • @janellekz: "To business people, tech debt doesn't sound scary enough; interest rate isn't scary; unpredictability of delivery/productivity and our ability to predict cause/effect is scary"

  • @janellekz: "instead of saying tech debt -> say escalating risk; it's a better metaphor for what is happening"

  • @jchyip: I’m reminded of https://t.co/slRHcJDX9C #yow19

  • @janellekz: So cool. She's working with @mfeathers!!!

  • @RealGeneKim: #Yow19 @janellekz: So cool. She's working with @mfeathers!!! https://t.co/oxBFlWqvEf

  • @jchyip: Human understanding is the limiting constraint in software development #yow19

  • @janellekz

  • @RealGeneKim: #Yow19 @janellekz https://t.co/0VJDJmIMVg

  • @lizthegrey: in @janellekz's words: friction is the amount of time between when observable behavior doesn't match expectations to when we understand it. #YOW19

  • @lizthegrey: @janellekz Lower variability yields better control, but we're trying to keep in general below the upper bound of too much complexity.

Programming is a continuous set of actions: translating our intentions into computer language, except we get out of sync & need to debug. #YOW19
- @janellekz: "...so what is the Ultimate Metric? It's WTF" Ha!
- @RealGeneKim: #Yow19 @janellekz: "...so what is the Ultimate Metric? It's WTF" Ha! https://t.co/OM6B1TYQi3
- @lizthegrey: RT @jchyip: I’m reminded of https://t.co/slRHcJDX9C #yow19
- @jchyip: Friction is the frequency and duration of the confusion state. #yow19
- @lizthegrey: Write down when have WTFs and lose your flow, when you finish, how long it took, and what you found along the way.

Afterwards, debrief what made troubleshooting take so long? What would you do differently next time?

Then use those lessons to learn. #YOW19

  • Follow the work of @janellekz here: http://dreamscale.love
  • @lizthegrey: .@janellekz argues this helps us catalog and manage our escalating risks, across all layers of abstraction.

Visibility changes everything. Add scientific rigor rather than stumbling over and over. and she's working on a tool to improve this: https://t.co/73j1VRXHFr [fin] #YOW19
- @lizthegrey: The ultimate limit is human understanding, and we have increasing amount of complexity.

We need to talk through the risk factors before the task to identify goals, what's the highest risk, and what has the least debuggability? What can we do to mitigate? #YOW19
- @jchyip: Loss of predictability is typically (seen as) more important than time or money. #yow19
- @lizthegrey: a loss of predictability/control is easier to explain, rather than trying to argue that we should add more people "to stay on schedule", because that never ever works... #YOW19

Up: Troy Hunt: Rise of the Breaches (@troyhunt)

  • @troyhunt: "
  • @yow_conf: Last but not least, take a look inside the world of data breaches based on @troyhunt 's experiences dealing with billions of breached records. #YOW19 https://t.co/5hdS5Y0P8S https://t.co/tsiXjv8an6
  • CUJO
  • @troyhunt: "to look like a hacker, just go to http://hackertyper.net and start typing!!" Hahaha
  • @troyhunt: "Salmap.org"
  • @troyhunt: "Havvage"
  • @unixbigot: The password to your (or anyone’s) Nissan Leaf electric car is the VIN. Which is printed on the windscreen. #yow19 https://t.co/NWj1OwTFNb

  • @troyhunt: "Down for 6 weeks

  • @troyhunt: "

  • @Direwolf82: @Scott_Helme at his best. Photo and unicorn courtesy of @troyhunt

    YOW19 https://t.co/9cMTxGpyV9

  • @unixbigot: When Nissan “fixed” their Leaf vulnerability, they copied an answer from Stack Overflow without understanding it. Didn’t even paste, typed it, with typos. #yow19

  • @Amys_Kapers: IOT is in everything. @troyhunt even gets a push notification when his washing machine door is opened 😂 #YOWBne #YOW19

  • @troyhunt: "Lockpicking Lawyer on YouTube"

  • @unixbigot: Says @troyhunt these “safety watches” for children actually let ANY user call any child simply by enumerating API parameters. As an IoT researcher and advocate, I want to help stamp out this laziness and incompetence. #yow19 https://t.co/S7g1RiK2xx