# 2019/11/13 GitHub Universe Day 1a

by Gene Kim on


2019/11/13 GitHub Universe Day 1a

  • @mdxprograms: There's this thing going on in a couple minutes https://t.co/MCNOCYD26n #GitHubUniverse
  • @mdxprograms: There's this thing going on in a couple minutes https://t.co/MCNOCYD26n #GitHubUniverse

  • Up: GitHub CEO Nat Friedman, @natfriedman

  • @rubiya1090: RT @github: How has the GitHub community grown over the past year?
    • 40M developers
    • 10M new developers this year alone
    • Nearly 3M organizations
    • Over half of the Fortune 100 companies contribute to open source

    GitHubUniverse https://t.co/8dHvXzktBY

  • @natfriedman: "99% of new software projects use open source"

  • @natfriedman: "

  • @jpwarren: "Open Source software development is the world's biggest team sport." -- @natfriedman #GitHubUniverse

  • @natfriedman: "Projection: 100MM devs on GitHub by 2025"

Up: Dana Lawson: VP of Engineering, GitHub

Up: Jeremy Upling, Director of Product Management, GitHub

Up: Nena Batra, Manager, Software Engineering

Up: Mario Rodriguez, Sr Director, Product, GitHub

Up: Mario Rodriguez, Sr Director, Product, GitHub: "last year, 87MM pull requests merged"

  • Rodriguez: "GitHub Enterprise used by 50% of Fortune 100"
  • Up: Rebecca Zandstein, Sr Product Manager
  • Up; Ryan Nystrom, director of engineering, GitHub
  • Up: Devon Zuegel, Senior Prod Mgr, OS Economy Team
  • Daniel Steinberg, founder, lead dev of cURL!
  • Kaldi-active-grammar
  • @GeorgLink: Sponsorship is, as of today, possible for teams, no longer just individuals. #GitHubUniverse https://t.co/u4z3mbHSBB

  • 40MM devs

  • @aymannadeem: My team's work makes it easier to jump across code like sonic the hedgehog and gain context quickly without leaving the browser.

The work I've been doing to produce ASTs will make it easier to eventually add more languages for features like these.🤞🏽

  • Microsoft Silica: 10K year storage media

  • @jhammond: RT @fintanr: That postit :) #GitHubUniverse https://t.co/edIKR4b2ir

  • @thatguy9869: RT @github: Getting your code into production consistently, reliably, and 1000x a month requires end-to-end automation, from code to cloud.

GitHub Actions and Packages make it as easy as 1, 2, 3.

And now both are out of beta and available for everyone 🙌

GitHubUniverse https://t.co/9EJFZyRhyB

  • @mariatta: #GitHubUniverse Jeremy Epling: GitHub Actions are free for public repo. Configure your actions using YAML file. Self-hosted runner is supported. https://t.co/wPyn82enBq