2019/10/28 DevOps Enterprise Summit Day 1 ab

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Up: MLOps: Accelerating Data Science With DevOps

  • @TeamTopologies: RT @SteveElsewhere: Technical Debt work also includes training and leveling up your teams

Flow requires capability and capacity

@dominicad at #DOES19 https://t.co/39xNbHcYS8

  • @johncutlefish: RT @samueldfell: Love this from @ScottPrugh ”golf course software” where two “out of touch execs” agree on a move ahead plan without getting it vetted by the teams that need to implement... #DOES19 https://t.co/OTGi4GfvMr
  • @DOES_USA: Shivani Patel and @jedwards316 talking about MLOps @Microsoft #DOES19 https://t.co/uZ3g1zq3PW
  • reproduce predictions
  • @chriscatdoza: Risk and control is dead. Long live risk and control! Great talk from @jonsmart at @DOES_USA #DOES19 https://t.co/AnbIsgnPqI
  • @shaunnorris: the harsh truth on current state of risk and compliance industry @jonsmart #DOES19 “Lack of safety within safety” Lack of psychological safety within governance, risk and compliance teams.
  • better together: data + ML + AppDev mindset
  • @DOES_USA: MLOps is a lifestyle - Shivani Patel @Microsoft #DOES19 https://t.co/IT3ak85B9o
  • "88% of ML models never make into producton" (presumably because of process issues!)

Up: John Rzeszotarski SVP, Kate Meeuf, Director of Dojo, PNC Bank! @rzesz

  • @rzesz: " some changes require filling out 30 documents, navigate 24 different committees!"
  • Meeuf: "unlike most banks, PNC Bank grew thru the last economic downturn, a testament to our business"
  • Meeuf: "Compliance: the people who ask questions too late, or too early." hahahaha
  • @RealGeneKim: #does19 Meeuf quoting Kutter https://t.co/SoBuIPiptS

- @shaunnorris: Best slides in living memory ... @QuinnyPig setting a high bar for content, style and delivery #DOES19

  • @RealGeneKim: #does19 @rzesz: “service mesh is as much as a game changer as containers” (!!) because it can replace Enterprise Service Bus, which creates global coupling
  • @shaunnorris: Historically we haven’t done a great job bridging the finance and engineering worlds... Don’t these engineers have day jobs? @QuinnyPig #DOES19 https://t.co/S9EtiSq1Vo

  • @rzesz: "Risk is everyone's job at PNC; must bring the risk org into everyone's daily work?"

  • @DOES_USA: RT @shaunnorris: “Turns out that finance people don’t spend a lot of time in the AWS console. Nothing out there from a tooling perspective aligns with the actual questions you have.” @QuinnyPig #DOES19

Up: Dr. Nicole Forsgren (Head of DORA/Google) Dr Dustin Smith (Human Factors Psychologist, Google) @nicolefv

  • @nicolefv: "Been doing State of DevOps for last six years!"
  • @dashaun: RT @shaunnorris: Needed - conference speaker twitter handle lookup -as - a - service. #DOES19
  • @nicolefv: "

- @chawklady: RT @DOESUSA: .@nicolefv and Dr. Dustin Smith talking about the latest stats on elite performance @googlecloud @devopsresearch #does19 https://t.co/m6XNBlyKC7

  • @Tasktop: Always an eagerly anticipated moment at #does19. Google’s @nicolefv provides key findings from the latest State of DevOps report. https://t.co/vTd5vJ2TMB
  • @shaunnorris: @RealGeneKim @jgallimore @dashaun Maybe I need to write a live-tweeting twitter client before #DOES2020 for live-tweeting conferences. This specific complaint is not specific to #DOES19 - every conference where you want to tag the speaker, you need to manually lookup repeatedly. Maybe I’m doing it wrong 🤣

  • @RealGeneKim: #DOES19 Performance vs. Productivity! @nicolefv https://t.co/yOiCXWLzGW

  • @QuinnyPig: RT @shaunnorris: “If it takes 6 weeks to provision a server, and now it only takes 4 in the cloud ... people will leave resources running for ever because it takes too Long to get a new one” @QuinnyPig #does19 “There is no API for business insight”

  • @RealGeneKim: #does19 @nicolefv: Code Maintainability! https://t.co/K188xlvXSB

  • @RealGeneKim: #does19 @nicolefv: "What is Productivity? It's the ability to get complex, time-consuming tasks completed with minimal distractions and interruptions"

That state of wonderful flow and achievement. The Second Ideal of Focus, Flow, and Joy! https://t.co/zHOFTlV2ZY
- @jhofferle: Is productivity lines of code? "More lines of code is just bloat and more technical debt." @nicolefv #DOES19
- @RealGeneKim: #does19 On Technical Debt and How to Reduce It: https://t.co/nMFyvKMYNq
- @jaydestro: The common theme here at @DOES_USA includes how technical debt impacts productivity - the #DORA talk says productivity is defined as:

“The ability to get complex, time-consuming tasks completed with mnimal distractions and interruptions”

@nicolefv #does19 https://t.co/b7B5OjMH6s

  • @
  • @RealGeneKim: #does19 @nicolefv PROJECT ARISTOTLE!!! WOOT!!! https://t.co/nPAyV2xF19
  • @jaydestro: “Psychological safety is the cornerstone of a good team”

@DOESUSA #does19 @nicolefv #does19 https://t.co/PCXDvZBRpB
- @jhofferle: "Psychological safety is the cornerstone of an effective team." #DOES19
- @delphix: Great presentation by Maxime Clerk-Lamalice at @nationalbank: "There was no magic. We went from a classic banking model, then to agile, and #DevOps transformation. Now, #DataOps is built into our mission." We appreciate the shoutout! 🙏 #DOES19 https://t.co/bcUWcHMqO4
USA: Patterns for high and elite performance - Dr. Dustin Smith @googlecloud @devopsresearch #does19 https://t.co/1h3MBH4jQ5
- @reed
ontherun: Impressive 5 years case study by Daniel Koo from @FINRA Insightful Measuring Maturity and Future Vision #DOES19 @DOES_USA https://t.co/3GVVfsozFh
- @SteveElsewhere: "Focus on your constraint, your bottleneck, your headache, your dumpster fire" - @nicolefv

Emphasis on 'your'

DOES19 https://t.co/YJAZBr79Nn

Up: David Blair is USCIS Delivery Chief of the Office of IT; James Lloyd is Branch Chief of the Innovation Branch; and Melinda Soloman is part of the Agile Training organization.

  • @RealGeneKim: #does19 USCIS https://t.co/oBtKoQNI7n
  • @DOES_USA: The team from @USCIS is taking the stage now in The Chelsea! #DOES19 https://t.co/XLBlTWJ21B
  • USCIS: "Problems of paper: sometimes different agencies or peope are fighting to get access to needed files!"
  • @DOES_USA: You may not find the file you are looking for but you will find the reason to modernize @USCIS #DOES19 https://t.co/qSLNYJ810j
  • USCIS: ""
  • USCIS: ""
  • @DOES_USA: There are many stakeholders at @USCIS - not just individuals seeking citizenship #DOES19 https://t.co/YpBJsXR5A1

US Farmers, US employers, US citizens filing on behalf of families... Wow... RT @DOES_USA: There are many stakeholders at @USCIS - not just individuals seeking citizenship #DOES19 https://t.co/YpBJsXR5A1

  • USCIS: "For us in the business, it didn't feel like we had the power of the purse; we weren't paying for work & paying for it; IT was working, and paying themselves. It didn't feel right"
  • @fernicorni: RT @jasonacox: At #DOES19 with @brainscott and @dontrebootme - Looking forward to a great summit and talking about @Disney DevOps stories on Wednesday! https://t.co/mayewRurMr
  • @Tasktop: The USCIS are on stage to talk about the federal govt’s modernization challenges. “We have A LOT of paper. If stacked up it’d be twice the size of the Statue of Liberty. We often joke that you may never find the file you want, but you’ll find where we need to modernize.” #DOES19 https://t.co/IpPNvqHCMv

  • USCIS: "At this point, let us pause: we are $800MM in, and program is in breach. It is now time for marriage counseling."

  • @DOES_USA: The breach allowed us to reorganize into business oriented portfolios @USCIS #DOES19 https://t.co/dCXvsv0MlR

  • USCIS: "they brought developers from their offices in DC to the field officers, to watch real applicants and real officers; suddenly, problems would be fixed and deployed over lunch!"


  • USCIS: "Having engineers observe appicants have to cancel their naturalizaton appointment, which were so important that they'd invite their relatives, was game-changing. Engagement, energy, and productivity went way up."

  • @Annabelle_Ross: RT @delphix: “Accessing data is the #1 developer challenge because we have a lot of data.” -@hmickman, VP of platform engineering & practices, @Optum #DOES19 https://t.co/z9XVCfGRcJ

  • USCIS: "Next: tech organizaton really wanted to elevate their game; we wanted to get new capabilities and features to Jim & his staff on a daily basis."

  • @DOES_USA: The @uscis is now at 85% code coverage #DOES19 https://t.co/GL2rBAsYWJ

  • USCIS: "in biz, we felt like we were in back of the plane, maybe getting Coke and peanuts, if they didn't run out. Dave brought us into the cockpit and helped us share control, transparency. It was awesome"

  • @lbmkrishna: In every marriage, only one person talks right :)

IT showed us the instrument panel, bringing us in and giving access to everything- made things very transparent. #DOES19
- @DOESUSA: Transparency eliminates risk @USCIS #DOES19 https://t.co/odsLBqbSAM
- USCIS: "giving the business ability to schedule and scope the releases has been awesome; small regional offices get more frequent releases."
- @lbmkrishna: Zero down time rollouts, feature toggle - gave business opportunity to just dip the feet in the water, when & where the new things are turned on. Lower risk and higher comfort levels
- USCIS: "we had backlog adjudicaton of 500K. In months, we had it down to 75K" (!!) (did i get that # right?)
- @MikeMurphyGC1: Listening to a session from U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services on their journey to DevOps @ #DOES19 and I'm comforted to know that their experiences are the same as what were going through at #ESDC. Business and IT now working together for a common goal! https://t.co/CvNZindMrK
- @danielhsloan: From ‘An Honest Conversation Between IT and the Business’ at the USCIS.

It’s about building relationships, not about titles.

It’s about ownership and accountability, and a business-first mindset.

DOES19 https://t.co/pc8NEOAR5O

Up: Dr. Andre Martin, VP PeopleDev, Google!

  • Martin: "If you lead a team, that means you create culture; it does not necessarily come from up high, by executive decree."
  • Martin: "
  • @DOES_USA: When it comes to culture everyone has a role - Dr. Andre Martin @Google #DOES19 https://t.co/m5vOfEaCth
  • @shaunnorris: Dr Andre Martin of @google - “81% of leaders believe that if they don’t have a high performance culture, they’re doomed” #DOES19 https://t.co/aSXA67mCbT
  • Martin: "Each of you are CEOs of your own teams;
  • @lbmkrishna: What they HR person is doing in #DevOps conference? When it comes to culture, everyone is in the game. Every company is digital company. #DOES19 @DOES_USA by chief Learning Officer Andre Martin, Google.

Why do some teams stay at top? https://t.co/GIZd73aEkk
- @DOES_USA: Dr. Andre Martin examining how to create a high performing culture! #DOES19 @Google https://t.co/MbiUjl0nZB
- Martin: "Great leaders make sense out of nonsense; acting on very weak signals"
- @QuinnyPig: Now Andre Martin is having an audience member read this.

It's a Google treatise on concurrency not being super important. #DOES19 https://t.co/I82La5bMSz
- @delphix: Across industries, leaders are talking about #DataOps, including the @USCIS. An inspirational talk by David Blair, Jim Lloyd and @Middlegrass discussing the partnership between #IT and #business. #DOES19 https://t.co/NUGY23yizM
- Martin: "Growth puts enormous pressure on culture"
- Martin: "Culture are the aspirations; Climate is how people feel in their daily work; which leads to Engagment" (I may have that wrong, in my hasty typing)
- Martin: "Secret: Culture doesn't come from high; it's about the choices I make every day, and how it lines up with what you espouse."
- Martin: "John Gottman: studied marriages; what is smallest unit of currency in marriage; ran The Love Lab; couples spent day in lab; smallest unit: the 'bid' 20/30 times/hour!"
- Martin: "Bid Towards: laughing, complement; Bid Away: I ignore you, I'm on phone. They could predict 90% accuracy whether they would be married in 7 yrs!"
- Martin: signals of trouble: "busy == unstrategic; fine == actively disengaged"
- @DOESUSA: 8 things that kill your culture - Dr. Andre Martin @Google #DOES19 https://t.co/LHhIoZ1tha
- @shaunnorris: Smallest unit of engagement in a relationship? 3 types of bids - towards (lean in), against (arguing), away (ignore). Wow moment from Dr. Andre Martin @Google - healthy couples bid towards each other 80+% of the time, unhealthy ones in the 30s. Bid away is the worst. #DOES19 https://t.co/0aGglB9V9Q
- @RealGeneKim: RT @DOES
USA: 8 things that kill your culture - Dr. Andre Martin @Google #DOES19 https://t.co/yUhUlzoqem https://t.co/RioejVbUnV
- @DOES_USA: Listen to those you onboard, that’s why you’re bringing them in! #DOES19 @Google https://t.co/EBytsRW5oS
- @theseanodell: #DOES19 https://t.co/iMwDSvONdP
- Martin: "[As leaders] we should import stress, export civility"
- Martin: "As leaders, lead with critique. Should be asking for better ideas every day, not tearing up or critiquing others' ideas."


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