# 2019/10/28 DevOps Enterprise Summit Day 1C

by Gene Kim on


2019/10/28 DevOps Enterprise Summit Day 1

Up: Heather Mickman, VP, Platform Engineering, Optum @hmickman; David CherryHomes, VP, IT Optum @OGCherryhomes

  • @hmickman: Optum: "$226B revenue; 230MM customers worldwide; UHG is the world's largest ealhcare company"
  • @DOES_USA: The @optum mission is why @hmickman joined the company. #DOES19 https://t.co/cyje2iRfWX
  • @hmickan: "unlocking data is table stakes for any modern DevOps transformaton"
  • @hmickman: "Accessing data is the #1 developer challenge!"
  • @hmickman: "Problem: 1000s of APIs, Accessing data is the #1 developer challenge!"
  • @hmickman: "ighest volume API stared decommissionng APIs
  • @QuinnyPig: Digital transformations are hard enough without "oh, by the way, you're in a regulated industry that will skin you alive if you screw up your obligations." #DOES19
  • @CharlesTBetz: ⁦@hmickman⁩ returns to #DOES19 now in her role at Optum, discussing the problems of unifying API mgmt to enable dev data access. https://t.co/Y6dnO4oaP5

  • @OGCherryhomes "Over 2000 people were involved in the efforts that @hmickman described" (!!)

  • @danielhsloan: Mind boggling stats shared by @hmickman from UHC, the world’s largest healthcare company. Massive undertaking to ‘platform enable’ data to unlock developer productivity. #DOES19 https://t.co/9Clg5sVI7H

  • @TheWilliamChia: “Some APIs had 10 different versions running in production and this was an artifact of years of project-based work rather than product-based work” @hmickman #DOES19 https://t.co/dRLcij2mSj

  • @DOES_USA: Modernizing a large engineering team starts with....people 👫👭👬 @OGCherryhomes #DOES19 https://t.co/qQKSMHQBcS

  • @FawzyManaa: Insulate mainframes and core data sources, yet allow for multi-channel consumption at scale ⁦@hmickman#DOES19 #DevOps https://t.co/GCJb4gMika

  • @OGCherryhomes "we went from quarterly releases to two releases per day; 235 user stories deployed this year"

  • @jaydestro: Gene typoed this - 2531 a year!!! they went from 1 release per 3 months to 2 per day.

  • @johnny_a: @Optum went from quarterly releases to multiple releases each day through adoption of devops and automation #DOES19 https://t.co/AJ8p2OXgr1

  • I am so dazzled by the Adidas journey by @fernicorni and @bennyGrimm!!!

  • @shaunnorris: Another emerging theme from the first morning of #DOES19 - Platform Engineering teams. The industry continues to move away from legacy ITIL-bound teams to teams running infra platforms as a product. @optum and @adidas talks this am both good examples of this.

- @DOES_USA: We have more than 100 events a year for engineers @fernicorni @adidas #DOES19 https://t.co/KhVLQEKjSi

  • @delphix: “Software is changing sports. Is Adidas a software company? No, but we have to behave like one. With speed and quality together, we can win.” -@fernicorni with @adidas #DOES19 https://t.co/1Awqz0hj4Y
  • @DOESUSA: RT @lbmkrishna: Numbers wow, DevOps cup by @adidas @DOESUSA #DOES19 https://t.co/z2XYFiVUDn
  • @johnny_a: @adidas applies company culture to everything they do, including software. DevOps is key to their transformation #DOES19 https://t.co/xxks1FQR3i
  • 100 engineers in UX;jkjkjkjkddfd

  • @DOES_USA: 35% of @adidas business is in Q4 - this is not a time for big hiccups @BennyGrimm #DOES19 https://t.co/ezPV9ofs5C

  • @adamwbowman: “Adoption by trust.” 👍 @adidas #DOES19

Up: Scott Prugh, SVP Product Engineering CSG: ‪@ScottPrugh @csg_i

  • @scottprugh:
  • @adamwbowman: “...I’m just the storyteller.” @ScottPrugh @csg_i #DOES19 https://t.co/hTrXi2MgqR
  • @gdambor: “DevOps helped us to increase 10% our conversion rate” @fernicorni #DOES19 @adidas https://t.co/KXySBzQXeD
  • @chawklady: RT @DOESUSA: A quick glance @csgi’s #DevOps journey! #DOES19 @ScottPrugh https://t.co/Q6YCZnYh3V
  • @Magnus919: LOL I'm feeling seen. This is what the people I work most closely with and I have been doing. I don't talk much on Twitter about my day job but I'm proud of our leaders getting up on stage and sharing this.
  • @jaydestro: “Dangerous vendor warning!” #does19 @DOES_USA https://t.co/wv8N9cCKdt
  • @scottprugh: "Dangerous vendors can turn P&L for products upside-down; you must engneer your way out of it; cannot be a victim!"
  • @lbmkrishna: Dangerous Vendor definition by @ScottPrugh LOL @DOES_USA #DOES19 - You spend more auditing, compliance time with them more than the engineering team :)
  • @shaunnorris: Avoid “Golf course software”! Don’t force heavy platforms on your development and operations teams... @ScottPrugh #DOES19 https://t.co/jQn3xUfIMG
  • @DOES_USA: “Luck favors the prepared, if you haven’t started #modernization efforts yet, start today!!” - @ScottPrugh #DOES19 https://t.co/s4VhKF0iHs
  • @shaunnorris: “Don’t wait, start modernising” Great numbers outlining the amazing transformation at CSG - @ScottPrugh #DOES19 https://t.co/OL4QLqa5Ko
  • @scottprugh: "over 200 people involved in HLASM -> Java project."