2019/06/27: DevOps Enterprise Summit Day 3f

by Gene Kim on


  • @RealGeneKim: #does19: Such amazing testimonials from inside Auto Trader!!!

The quote from the network engineer is just amazing. Wonderful work!!! https://t.co/azW2HKC2MD https://t.co/P0eLsLdjHj
- @dotnetalm: Disney's evolution of Operations to software oriented Ops @Disney #DOES19 @DOES_EUR https://t.co/zEdA5Oqy0a

Mutnuru: Adventure and Impact!
- @RealGeneKim: #DOES19: Mutnuru, Disney: :“Adventure and Impact!” Describing the amazing Technology Management Rotation program. So envious! https://t.co/NBdjJtZX84
- @seizethedave: Leadership at Disney: [ed: nope] #DOES19 https://t.co/SIkQJypdVw
- @seizethedave: Leadership at Disney [ed: no really] #DOES19 https://t.co/ay3KcH8rDk
- @seizethedave: Leadership at Disney [ed: still nope] #DOES19 https://t.co/XDdmKuWnVk
- @seizethedave: Leadership at Disney: [ed: nope] #DOES19 https://t.co/SIkQJypdVw
- @DOES_EUR: Hearing first-hand, @dmutnuri awesome journey through the @Disney Technology Management Rotation #does19 https://t.co/5BSOwzaVuO