2019/06/25: DevOps Enterprise Summit: Day 1ee

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2019/06/25: DevOps Enterprise Summit: Day 1ee

  • @DOES_EUR: Hope everyone had a good break because we are going to finish day one strong!

Find your seat in the Arora Ballroom for, "Our Journey to 100% #Agile and a #BizDevOps Product Portfolio" w/ Christoph Brinck & Ralf Waltram from @BMWGroup.

https://t.co/qrSyQDbedH #DOES19 https://t.co/9jTzp4qlSf

Up: "Our Journey to 100% #Agile and a #BizDevOps Product Portfolio at BMW" Ralf Waltram, VP of IT for R&D (and in five days, he will be the VP of IT for Production). Christophe Brinck, VP of IT Governance

  • Brinck: BMW technology at a glance: 5500 technologists, 4500 active platforms
  • Brinck: "We were waterfall, plan driven, but of course, not always achieving the plan; releases would happen on weekends; lots of rules and guidelines"
  • Waltram: "
  • @JerDoug: RT @seizethedave: BMW decided to pursue flexibility, speed and customer focus and ended up in #bimodal, but it didn't work for them, so they decided to move to 💯 Agile #DOES19
  • @seizethedave: Agile @ BMW has four dimensions: process, technology, structure and culture. #DOES19
  • @DevOpsSmith: RT @DOES_EUR: Bimodal IT was not working at ⁦@BMW⁩ - two speeds meant two cultures. #DOES19 https://t.co/8va8UrFhto
  • @FokkoVeegens: “If the path before you is clear, you’re probably on someone else’s” -Christoph Brinck, BMW Group. What a great statement on #DevOps transformation! #DOES19 #DrivingDevOps
  • @jonsmart: 70% of funding is now value stream aligned. Rest is initiative funding (not using the project word. Yay!). BMW. #DOES19 https://t.co/GERNmh9yAL
  • @TechBeaconCom: RT @daveherpen: @fernicorni (Adidas): 'Competition is in our genes. We organized a DevOps cup. We invited the teams to come with their own CALMS definition, and define where they want to be in 9 months. Boosted value, motivation & ownership' #does19 https://t.co/rdem4QT6Fg
  • Brinck, BMW: "You can't be competitive if your core competency is merely project management; our new core competency is software engineering" (WOW!)
  • @seizethedave: "Minimal governance for maximal autonomy" #DOES19 https://t.co/YNvpqQw5St
  • @seizethedave: BMW have invested in an agile toolchain which now serves 30,000 users #DOES19
  • Brinck, BMW: "Lots of our developers stopped coding years ago: Back2Code is how we're getting them back coding: 3 month training to help them get proficient again"
  • Brinck, BMW: "
  • @ECS_Digi: RT @jthomsonidc: Clear business value from DevOps delivered by Adidas: 3720 mins freed-up by build time; 2600 Yeezys sold in 5 secs. It is not what happens if you do DevOps but what would happen if you didn’t do DevOps #DOES19, #DevOps #value
  • @seizethedave: BMW rebooted their software development capability with help from @CTechWorks to make Back2Code and gave birth to a "coding culture" #DOES19
  • @seizethedave: BMW rebooted their software development capability with help from @CTechWorks to make Back2Code and gave birth to a "coding culture" #DOES19
  • Brinck, BMW: "here's examples of some of our core applications; UX from 40 years ago; a UI is like a joke: if you have to explain it, it's not that good" (HA!) (showing screenshot of 3270, and classic enterprise app)
  • @tomonocle: "3270/mainframe was the original dark mode" #DOES19

  • @RealGeneKim: RT @tomonocle: "3270/mainframe was the original dark mode" #DOES19

  • @jelmqvist: ”A user interface is like a joke.
    If you have to explain it,
    it’s not that good” - put the users in the center - by BMW @DOES
    EUR #DOES19 https://t.co/2eXU5zKBIw

  • @GrapeUpInc: Why #DOES19 is so crucial in promoting #DevOps? Because @DOES_EUR invites the world’s finest brands, not often associated with #SoftwareDevelopment, to explain how #technology is changing their business & why adopting the newest technologies is not limited to IT companies! 🚀🚀 https://t.co/1rNMxayS2X

  • @DOES_EUR: There is a climate of fear in many workplaces @CMaslach on changes in the social dynamics of work #DOES19 https://t.co/wqu89ZcDWw

  • @seizethedave: Social dynamics have changed: people have multiple jobs, there's less concern for employees and destructive competition between employees #DOES19

  • @seizethedave: Other changes in work: divisive tactics that reward "talent", people being shut out of opportunities and the loss of some sort of "common good" as a core value (we 👉 me) #DOES19

  • @tomonocle: "the underlying assumption is that employees who burn out are not the best ones, so they are expendable and disposable" 😔 #DOES19

  • @TheOpsMgr: These are NOT good changes #Does19 https://t.co/y1bmtkZ66c

  • @wiredferret: #DOES19 Dr. Maslach: Those conditions increase unnecessary deaths and healthcare costs, working years lost, greater risk of burnout and depression.

  • @matthewi: RT @mattstratton: We are collecting all kinds of “big data”, but we don’t collect metrics on the human costs @CMaslach #DOES19 https://t.co

  • @wiredferret: #DOES19 Dr. Maslach: No matter how much people try to argue that these conditions are required economically, we’re pretty clear that it costs more than it gains, and the work we get from stressed workers is not as good.

  • @DOES_EUR: Unhealthy job conditions do not enhance productivity or the bottom line. @CMaslach from @UCBerkeley sharing the evidence and dangers of poor job conditions #DOES19

  • @nicolefv: The problem with unhealthy jobs... (and a book recommendation) with @CMaslach at #DOES19 https://t.co/BSRHlJYdAP

  • @wiredferret: RT @DOESEUR: Metrics that matter: employee engagement - in general 50 percent of employees are not engaged. Joe Aho and @christ_omalley share that it is a top priority at @compuware to continually grow employee engagement. #DOES19 https://t.co/tWTSjfpZLd

  • @wiredferret: RT @holly_cummins: And the corollary to this is the moving story read by @chawklady during the #DOES19 #DevopsConfessions - something like a bereavement can take away someone's ability to adapt, and from there it can be a painful downward professional slide as technology marches on past them. https://t.co/ERyBRQxd9y

  • @CMaslach

  • @nicolefv: The World Health Organization has recognized burnout as an occupational health hazard. It's a response to chronic health hazards in the workplace. (Note: not a disease, but it can lead to health issues.)

- @RealGeneKim: #DOES19 @CMaslach https://t.co/rbdQMdwyfM

  • @lanavps: RT @mattstratton: We are collecting all kinds of “big data”, but we don’t collect metrics on the human costs @CMaslach #DOES19 https://t.co