2019/06/25: DevOps Enterprise Summit Day 1dd

by Gene Kim on


  • @DOES_EUR: Hope everyone had a good break because we are going to finish day one strong!

Find your seat in the Arora Ballroom for, "Our Journey to 100% #Agile and a #BizDevOps Product Portfolio" w/ Christoph Brinck & Ralf Waltram from @BMWGroup.

https://t.co/qrSyQDbedH #DOES19 https://t.co/9jTzp4qlSf

Up: "Our Journey to 100% #Agile and a #BizDevOps Product Portfolio at BMW" Ralf Waltram, VP of IT for R&D (and in five days, he will be the VP of IT for Production). Christophe Brinck, VP of IT Governance

  • Brinck: BMW technology at a glance: 5500 technologists, 4500 active platforms
  • Brinck: "We were waterfall, plan driven, but of course, not always achieving the plan; releases would happen on weekends; lots of rules and guidelines"
  • Waltram: "
  • @JerDoug: RT @seizethedave: BMW decided to pursue flexibility, speed and customer focus and ended up in #bimodal, but it didn't work for them, so they decided to move to 💯 Agile #DOES19
  • @seizethedave: Agile @ BMW has four dimensions: process, technology, structure and culture. #DOES19
  • @DevOpsSmith: RT @DOES_EUR: Bimodal IT was not working at ⁦@BMW⁩ - two speeds meant two cultures. #DOES19 https://t.co/8va8UrFhto
  • @FokkoVeegens: “If the path before you is clear, you’re probably on someone else’s” -Christoph Brinck, BMW Group. What a great statement on #DevOps transformation! #DOES19 #DrivingDevOps
  • @jonsmart: 70% of funding is now value stream aligned. Rest is initiative funding (not using the project word. Yay!). BMW. #DOES19 https://t.co/GERNmh9yAL
  • @TechBeaconCom: RT @daveherpen: @fernicorni (Adidas): 'Competition is in our genes. We organized a DevOps cup. We invited the teams to come with their own CALMS definition, and define where they want to be in 9 months. Boosted value, motivation & ownership' #does19 https://t.co/rdem4QT6Fg
  • Brinck, BMW: "You can't be competitive if your core competency is merely project management; our new core competency is software engineering" (WOW!)
  • @seizethedave: "Minimal governance for maximal autonomy" #DOES19 https://t.co/YNvpqQw5St
  • @seizethedave: BMW have invested in an agile toolchain which now serves 30,000 users #DOES19
  • Brinck, BMW: "Lots of our developers stopped coding years ago: Back2Code is how we're getting them back coding: 3 month training to help them get proficient again"
  • Brinck, BMW: "
  • @ECS_Digi: RT @jthomsonidc: Clear business value from DevOps delivered by Adidas: 3720 mins freed-up by build time; 2600 Yeezys sold in 5 secs. It is not what happens if you do DevOps but what would happen if you didn’t do DevOps #DOES19, #DevOps #value
  • @seizethedave: BMW rebooted their software development capability with help from @CTechWorks to make Back2Code and gave birth to a "coding culture" #DOES19
  • @seizethedave: BMW rebooted their software development capability with help from @CTechWorks to make Back2Code and gave birth to a "coding culture" #DOES19
  • Brinck, BMW: "here's examples of some of our core applications; UX from 40 years ago; a UI is like a joke: if you have to explain it, it's not that good" (HA!) (showing screenshot of 3270, and classic enterprise app)