# 2019/06/25 DevOps Enterprise Summit Day 1cc

by Gene Kim on


  • @TechBeaconCom: RT @DOES_EUR: Over the last few years, @adidas went from no teams on the application side to almost 100 teams on the application side 😳🤯 #d
  • @TechBeaconCom: RT @manupaisable: Great visualization of the problems relying on org charts by @jelmqvist @DOESEUR #DOES19 https://t.co/7ciwLciY5G
  • @JanJoostBouwman: RT @daveherpen: Really practical and useful idea from @JanJoostBouwman & Léon Janson (ING): 'Organize a series of Risk Awareness Days at your organization. And oh yeah...bribing people with free food also helps.' #does19 https://t.co/e4syK5nk6u
  • @rreinitz: RT @holly_cummins: "Great practice comes from experience, and experience comes from bad practice." - great idea at #DOES19 to share anonymised versions of the un-sanitised stories that would never get shared on a stage, only at the bar after many drinks. #DevopsConfessions
  • @davidke08674589: RT @adarwyr: Same people before the transformation are the same people after the transformation.

You don’t need to change your people to change the people

Celebrate the successes and create a growth mindset.

#technology #leadership #devops #does19 #dogdoesdoes https://t.co/qnbbucP3m5
- @davidke08674589: RT @adarwyr: @christomalley says the three most important things.

  1. Employee satisfaction
  2. Customer satisfaction
  3. Cash flow

Embrace customer dissatisfaction to fuel innovation.

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  • @tomonocle: Making Tech More Diverse with @jaclyn_damiano at #DOES19. https://t.co/3RnvW5xtp6
  • @DOES_EUR: “Humans are not zebras” per @mattstratton - we have a prefrontal cortex. This is where we mentally replay traumatic events. #DOES19 https://t.co/FHbiGS3CHy