2019/04/10: DevOpsDays Tokyo Day 2b

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2019/04/10: DevOpsDays Tokyo Day 2


Up: Five Dev Practices For Agile DevOps, David Bernstein: Author of "Beyond Legacy Code": @tobeagile

  • @kabukawa: Beyond Legacy Code: https://t.co/OTRXO8EbgS #DevOpsDaysTokyo
  • @kabukawa: many people don't understand software, because it's different: it's made of thought stuff
  • @kabukawa: what makes certain developers so productive: I've worked wih 8,000 developers; they think a little differently, different practi
  • dependency Inversion; cohesion; assertiveness;
  • cohesive, non-redundundant, encapsulated, assertive, testable, explicit
  • @tobeagile: "80% of the cost of software happens after the initial release; it's not operating it it's fixing defects, make changes; it costs 2x more to build initial software than it is to make minor enhancements to it afterwards
  • @tobeagile: "The very best developers know that the role of software they write is to communicate to other people" (like yourself in 2 weeks :)
  • @tobeagile: "The software industry is about automating other industries; DevOps is about automating the software industry"
  • @tobeagile: "three terms: ATDD, Specification by Example, BDD; all same thing
  • @tobeagile: "Agile Software Development with Scrum" by Schawacker and Veedle;
  • @tobeagile: "In so many 12 month projects, only at month 9 when we start to integrate our code do we realize that we are 6 months behind" (haha)
  • @tobeagile: "
  • @DevOpsDaysTokyo: RT @yuhattor: #DevOpsDaysTokyo
    9 practices by @ToBeAgile
    1:Say What, Why, and for Whom Before How
    2:Build in Small Batches
    3:Integrate Continuously
    5:Create CLEAN Code
    6:Write the Test First
    7:Specify Behaviors with Tests
    8:Implement the Design Last
    9:Refactor Legacy Code

  • @tobeagile: "Many developers are running their tests 3 times per minutes" (every time they hit Save)

  • @tobeagile: "Every field has the notion of productization: it's done, done, done; integrated into build, cleaned up and made supportable

  • @tobeagile: "the first step in every project should be to set up CI; it makes any programmer better"

  • @tobeagile: "People say devs are bad communicators; I disagree; we may not always like smalltalk, but we love high-bandwidth communications and we're good at it; it's part of our job

  • @tobeagile: "Pair programming: managers don't like it because they think they lose 50% of their 'resources'; you're bringing to bear two minds to solve a problem; would they object to having 2 people move very heavy furniture?" (Ha!)

  • @tobeagile: "you can only do pair programming for 3-4 hours in a day, because it's so exhausting, but satisfying; I love 'buddy programming': one hour of review/peer/working together at end of day

  • @tobeagile: "Spike: few people research unknowns in a fixed time box; Swarm: all work to solve a problem; Mob: when whole team works together on the same story; watch 5m video at http://MobProgramming.org for a chronicle of an 8 hour mob

  • @tobeagile: "In a spike: we can identify and encapsulate what we don't know, so we can more easily deal with it later

  • @tobeagile: "My mentor, Scott Bain: always strive to be mentoring someone, and be mentored by someone

  • @tobeagile: "We can infer good dev principles and practices thru 5 key code CLEAN qualities: cohesive, loosely coupled, encapsulated, assertive, nonredundant

  • @tobeagile: "Cohesive: it's about one thing; single minded about one thing; no God objects; compose complex classes from simple classes

  • @tobeagile: "Loosely coupled: don't call code directly, which makes it testable and extensible

  • @tobeagile: "Assertive: has everything it needs to do its ob; it manages its own stage;

  • @tobeagile: "Encapsulated: inside and outside; we hide the implementation details behind an interface; separate the How with the What

  • @tobeagile: "Non-Redundant: doesn't repeat itself; it's okay for learning, but it always creates a maintenance issue

  • @tobeagile: "Practice 6: write the test first

  • @tobeagile: "To be fair, people in the 'TDD is dead' movement are facing real problems; they are often writing too many tests and implementation-dependent tests that actually 'damage' software, impeding refactoring; tests must enable refactoring, not impede it"

  • @tobeagile: "Refactoring lets developers have another chance to clean up their designs and make the code easier to work with in the future: clean the kitchen before preparing for the dinner party

  • @tobeagile: "Refactor legacy code: change structure of our code w/o changing its external behavior; it drops the costs of 4 things: understanding the code later, adding unit tests, accommodating new features, and do further refactoring

  • @tobeagile: "The cost of technical debt is paid whenever someone has to go into the code and understand it and modify it"; "refactoring is expensive, so if it's ain't broke, don't fix it; use the simple refactoring to introduce seams in the code so you can add tests to support more complicated refactoring

  • @tobeagile: "Refactoring to the Open-Closed; Software should be open to extension, and closed to modification;

Up: Wasted Gold Mine and W?hat Data Can Do To DevOps: Kohsuke Kawaguchi, CTO, CloudBees, Inc

  • Excited to see @kohsukekawa at #devopsdaystokyo later this morning!
  • It's cold and rainy today, but I am here at #devopsdaystokyo expanding my mind... Gene Kim is here, enjoying rock star status. It's infectious... I got a bit giddy when I heard he has a new book coming in November!

  • @kohsukekawa

  • while they get slides ready, @kohsukekawa is telling the origin story of Jenkins to the appreciative crowd here at #DevOpsDaysTokyo. Awesome!

  • @kohsukekawa: 200K+ installations, helping teams everywhere;

  • @kohsukekawa: piles of e-waste may contain more gold than a gold mine

  • @kohsukekawa: "100s of engineers; 10s of projects; 1 shared Jenkins infrastructure: $100Ks of AWS cost; CFO asks why do we spend so much on cloud? Build times for small/med/larger: 15m/10m/8m; Costs: $1k/$2K/$3K. A build fails, who should be notified first?

  • @kohsukekawa: "What did they do? Used regular expression pattern matching, Bayesian filter.

  • @kohsukekawa: "80 devs; Dev/QA/Ops; 10s of microservices; frequent promotion of apps; when is my change in UAT? QA failed, what has changed? Who should look?"

  • @kohsukekawa: "Problem: I want to improve our software delivery process, but it doesn't get prioritized"; Data and story helps your boss see the problems that you see; data helps you apply effort to the right place

  • @kohsukekawa: "Massive, modularized codebse w/web of dependencies; big, time consuming tests around them; Question: I want to cut cost and time of the software delivery process; several thousands of modules; calculate which tests should be run

  • @kohsukekawa: "ML model predicts which useful subset to run; of 10^5 changes/month, 1% is used to train the model; impact: only 1/3 of tests are selected; misses just 0.1% of broken changes; AWS costs cut in half

  • @kohsukekawa: "Sitution: you are SRE in a BigCo; 100s of apps; about 1 deploy/app/day; can we flag risky changes beforehand?

  • learning: most outages are estimated as low/risk by developers; most outages had short time span till approved; long maintained code is more risky!

  • require somebody to be on call; restrict window of deployment

  • donkeys: different teams are doing different things; Devops being glorified IT or internal PS; app teams don't see value

  • unicorns: everyone does things one way; Devops team is autonomous; app teams feel like bullshit is taken care of; positive feedback loop makes the one way is the best way

  • @kohsukekawa: "Advice: latch on to cloud migration or microservice transition

Up: Design an Enterprise Library for React Components: David Nguyen (@vietroadie), Michael Migliacio (@angstygaijin): both from Target!

  • @angstygaijin: "At Facebook, over 40K React components in use" (wow). "Huge community around React. Also used by Walmart, Netflix, AirBnB, Reddit, Target"
  • @vietroadie: "Our migration from Angular1 to Angular2 was very problematic; lots of breaking changes; affected customer checkouts; we wanted our next migration to be much better
  • @vietroadie: "we have about 400 front end engineers; Material UI from Google? React? Tooling: Atom or WebStorm (expensive) or VSCode?
  • @fullvirtue: --- Michael Migliacio さん、 David Nguyen さんによる「Design an Enterprise Library for React Components」 #devopsdaystokyo https://t.co/pwbaWjz2Dx #room1 https://t.co/ZjidFiKxzR
  • @vietroadie: "Good documentation leads to good Dev experience; Good Dev experience leads to good User Experience"
  • @vietroadie: "Some UI components are very rigid: we want all headers, user profile, shopping card, footer, etc to use very specific 'Target Red' RGB value. But other things like Baby Registry, they can go nuts and do very creative things, w/o need to follow corporate UI guidelines
  • @vietroadie: "On technical debt: In many Western cultures, debt is considered a way of life; but in Vietnam (where I grew up) & in many other Asian cultures, debt is synonymous with shame; Let's talk about tech debt as tech shame" (Ha!)




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