2018/10/22: DOES18: Las Vegas: Day 1

by Gene Kim on


Up: Courtney Kissler, VP, Digital Platform Engineering with Anne Bradley, Chief Privacy Officer & Global Counsel for Nike Direct : “Building a Bigger Team”

  • @devblackops: @chawklady kicking off #DOES18 https://t.co/ay2c1zEmak
  • @chawklady: “My crazy dream for decades: be able to kill a legacy application that deserves to die”. Ha! (Crowd laughs)
  • @chawklady: “I work with Ann to create MVC: that’s’Minimum Viable Compliance.’ Ha!
  • @TorstenVolk: --- Talking about #GDPR fines at #DOES18: “Negative ROI is real” #Nike #JustDoIt #DevOps compliance. @ema_research #MVC (minimum viable compliance). It’s the starting point of everything.
  • @chawklady: “Why does Anne, the Chief Privacy Officer, hate legacy applications?” “They suck. Geriatric applications that need huge consumer disclaimers that you need lawyers to read. They suck.”

Up: Brian Clark, VP, Product Management; Scott Prugh, Chief Architect & VP Software Development: “Product Management Meets DevOps”

  • @bi11mackey: --- @ScottPrugh delivers a discussion focused on Product Management interacting with a Engineering and #DevOps. @compuware #devops18 https://t.co/clBm6dva18
  • @scottprugh: “the one thing that dev and ops agreed upon: they all hated Change Requests, which took too long, led to large batch sizes, and always seemed to lead to catastrophe.”

- @DOES_USA: We strive for “Unimodel” techniques, let’s build and operate products on the same team. @ScottPrugh #DOES18 https://t.co/zzJUzBy338

  • @jonsmart: Unimodal IT. ✋ @ScottPrugh #DOES18
  • Clark: “Why does Prod Mgmt care? We already own 60% of the market, growing only at 2% CAGR. We are growing twice as the market we compete in. We are increasing our eNPS. We are positioned to win.”
  • Clark: “for first time, through service catalog: we can now optimize/automate things that our customers are asking for; many services that would take 10 days now take less than a day, and they’re now self-service; customers are delighted, we’re viewed as a thought leader”
  • @DOESUSA: RT @JoshAtwell: “New tools and techniques were not limited to new applications. We applied them to heritage applications as well.” Unimodal IT @ScottPrugh #does18
  • @DOESUSA: Work management system at ⁦@csgi⁩. They’ve brought everything together in #Jira@ScottPrugh#does18 https://t.co/LvGVzizr2B