2018/06/26: DevOps Enterprise Summit: Day 2c

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2018/06/26: DevOps Enterprise Summit: Day 2c

Up: Mayank Prakash, Chief Digital and Information Officer, Department for Work and Pensions UK; Mr. Dip Patel, head of hybrid cloud

  • DanielBreston: --- @DWPDigital #CIO at #DOES18 and their technology helps to control £170b every year.... WOW running on 50m lines of codes created over 4 decades.
  • @DOES_EUR: Wow. @DWPDigital @mayankprakash #DOES18 https://t.co/GBowlQRhXB
  • @DanielBreston: --- @mayankprakash from @DWPDigital #DOES18 ok this is getting embarrassing as i thought my It was large. He has 850 buildings and all of the things that make them work.
  • @DWPDigital: RT @DOES_EUR: .@DWPDigital has more than 80K people in the company inspired to serve 22 million customers @mayankprakash #DOES18 https://t.…
  • @DanielBreston: --- @mayankprakash from @DWPDigital #DOES18 large applications built on micro services. what a great concept s they build to outcomes not to requirements. Never build to requirements is his motto.
  • @mayankprakash: “Choose technology leaders who know their craft; senior leaders often are stuck in eras long past, and become the largest obstacle to the organization”
  • @RealGeneKim: #Does18 @mayankprakash https://t.co/PwHuJXWaXR
  • @mayankprakash: “We want people curious to learn; inclusive across teams; outcome focused; design thinking;” (in short, rebels and troublemakers)
  • @DanielBreston: Rebels!!! Brave #CIO https://t.co/Q5OIsazTzO
  • @mayankprakash: “3 years ago, it would take us 2 months to get you a pension statement: we’d send you a letter with a six digit code, then put you in a queue; NOW: 8MM people using UK fastest digital financial service, 61 seconds, 94% of citizens love it”
  • @mayankprakash: “We are always looking for talent; 3K engineers in DWP Digital; we’ve hired 400 people in last 18 months; we plan on hiring 1500 more”
  • @DOES_EUR: Example of how a small change request used to create a long queue in the process @dfrz #DOES18 https://t.co/P1aw6o5dZe
  • @DOES_EUR: --- Context Wagon - even if you aren’t working on a ticket it’s still taking up brain space @damonedwards @Rundeck #DOES18 #does18 https://t.co/NuYqueuOTC
  • @DanielBreston: @damonedwards at #DOES18: and the story ends with a review leading to more rules we wont follow (and for some reason the room claps)
  • @DOES_EUR: We’ve been doing dev towards ops, but we’ve forgotten about ops towards dev @damonedwards @Rundeck #DOES18 #devops https://t.co/GtpZ3fUYKZ
  • @RealGeneKim: --- RT @DOES_EUR: We’ve been doing dev towards ops, but we’ve forgotten about ops towards dev @damonedwards @Rundeck #DOES18 #devops https://t.co/r0XryLQxGQ
  • @DOES_EUR: “We need more attention to detail” is like telling #developers to write less bugs 😂🤨 @damonedwards @Rundeck #DOES18 https://t.co/SrUVBBmo5c
  • @DOES_EUR: If we have too much toil, we get engineering bankruptcy @damonedwards @Rundeck #DOES18 #devops https://t.co/Cpji60Uqee
  • @DWPDigitalJobs: RT @DWPDigital: Learn more about the ingredients that make our #DevOps culture 🍱 🥘

Our @mayankprakash shares the recipe for Sizzling Seared Digital Transformation 🍲 Tuck in!
- @thebabymonster: excellent presentation by @damonedwards
at #DOES18 @DOESEUR https://t.co/MC8vYoNCU7
- @thebabymonster: excellent presentation by @damonedwards
at #DOES18 @DOES
EUR https://t.co/MC8vYoNCU7

DigitalTransformation #DOES18


Up: Jelena Laketic, Head of Asset Management SWAT (Software Asset Team), UBS (@thebabymonster)

  • @thebabymonster: “150 years old; pretty old; but not as old some some who presented here (haha); largest bank in Switzerland; 61K employees; 34% in Americas; 34% in Switzerland; 18% in EMEA”
  • @thebabymonster: “Asset management: managing money that people already have; Investment banking: raising money that people want to have” (hahaha!)
  • @DanielBreston: --- @thebabymonster at #DOES18: Asset Management side - static but still loads of change based on technology software therefore the Software Action Team concept
  • @DOES_EUR: --- Asset management historically was built from very small organizations - lots of silos and working towards common goal was almost impossible @thebabymonster @UBS #devops #DOES18 https://t.co/BsGIee9THO
  • @thebabymonster: “I didn’t want to create an external arrogant group of experts; I wanted to empower ‘regular IT’ — because for years, I was ‘regular IT’. I wanted to enable bottom-up innovation”
  • @DOES_EUR: --- Working together with #IT was important to @thebabymonster. She wanted to create a team that would complement IT @UBS #DOES18 https://t.co/gtfSufjr3O
  • @thebabymonster: “My goal: inject greatness into team. I like the word ‘inject.’ When you inject the patient, you don’t want to kill the patient, or hurt the patient.” (Hahaha)
  • @thebabymonster pointing out a fascinating pattern: creating Innovation teams often creates entitled groups totally disconnected from the rest of the organization, actually quite limited in their ability to create organizational value
  • @DanielBreston: @thebabymonster at #DOES18: active involvement in innovation. Inject fun! Advisor role. Now that is a SWAT team!
  • @DOES_EUR: --- @thebabymonster wanted to help the @UBS global innovation board to keep projects within the organization #DOES18 #devops https://t.co/x2OpQHOW6s

  • @thebabymonster: “during subprime mortgage crisis, we had ambulances at the office almost every day” (wow)

  • @thebabymonster: “during this period, many banks had over 10K layoffs; government bailouts caused tremendous resentment among citizens”

  • @DOES_EUR: --- The 2008 banking crisis was horrifying, but gave @thebabymonster the opportunity to innovate new systems @UBS #DOES18 #devops https://t.co/8NaCm5j5ZC

Up: Fin Goulding, International CIO, Aviva (@fgoulding)

  • @thebabymonster: RT @margocronin: Excellent presentation at #DOES18 from @thebabymonster on her #DevOps story @DOES_EUR https://t.co/xDJI45DKZZ

  • @DanielBreston: @thebabymonster @UBS at #DOES18: ok just a point - 55 is not old!!! AND YES we are still interested in technology!!! :)

  • @eugeniamantero: RT @fgoulding: Backstage at #DOES18 and only 30’ until stage time 😀 #Flow https://t.co/tseMR53gCd