2018/06/26: DevOps Enterprise Summit Day 2

by Gene Kim on


2018/06/26: DevOps Enterprise Summit Day 2

Up: Jonathan Smart, Head of Ways of Working, Morag McCall, ‎Investment Bank Portfolio Management, Barclays (@jonsmart, @MoragMcC)

  • @NorthXNorthE: RT @DOES_EUR: Coming up at 9:15 "The #PMO is dead, long live the PMO" in Plenary - Main Ballroom with @jonsmart and @MoragMcC @BarclaysUK
  • @DOES_EUR: --- Today @generalelectric is no longer in the Dow Jones index - we are in an inflection point and we are on the right side of change @jonsmart @BarclaysUK #DOES18 https://t.co/g5IaR4ZQe2
  • @jonsmart: “328 years old, founded in 1690; 80K employees; 20 billion GBP; 48MM customers; 6K apps; 3K change initiatives; 1 deploy every xxx seconds” (Missed the last stat!)
  • @therealGertJan: RT @DOES_EUR: #FYI - pretty impressive stats on @Barclays from @jonsmart #DOES18 https://t.co/sTeSwVG0nN
  • @devopsdotcom: RT @aakela: We are in a multi-decade period of economic prosperity- @RealGeneKim quoting the research by Dr. Perez and supported by the stories from large enterprises at #DOES18 @DOES_EUR @devopsdotcom https://t.co/ojnHBX3mmB

  • @fgoulding: “The PMO is dead, long live the PMO” - Jon & Morag take the stage at #DOES18 @jonsmart @MoragMcC https://t.co/FXytIQXf1B

  • @DOESUSA: RT @DOESEUR: Grab your copy of Beyond The Phoenix Project at the @ITRevBooks booth outside the Expo Hall @RealGeneKim @botchagalupe @jgallimore #DOES18 https://t.co/2hfOONbuIX

  • @jonsmart: “

  • @DOES_EUR: --- Dev teams are so freaking #Agile! But, this #DevOps and Agile thing, we’re not really seeing it - it’s taking just as long @jonsmart @MoragMcC @Barclays #DOES18 https://t.co/amEv10CCyf

  • @jonsmart: “urgency paradox: it’s not urgent before it hits dev; by the time it hits dev, it’s now REALLY URGENT! ‘You’re so slow! You can’t keep up with the needs of the business!!!”

  • @DukeAMO: From “customer needs identified” to “customer needs met” is still taking a year or two! @jonsmart @MoragMcC #DOES18 https://t.co/9KcGIn77Un

  • @jonsmart: “Another tragedy/anti-pattern: starvation and over production: teams carry on delivering disconnected from strategic goals”

  • @DOES_EUR: --- When cadence goes up, you end up in the “feature factory” (75% of #software features aren’t used!) @jonsmart @Barclays #DOES18 https://t.co/RZZ29EnulA

  • @DOES_EUR: --- Feast and famine - large amounts of work come down the pipe, followed by periods of “busy work” and waiting - @jonsmart @barclays #DOES18 https://t.co/p5tD5sAAb2

  • @DanielBreston: RT @Alan_Nance: Getting the best out of DevOps requires improved portfolio management at the fuzzy front end. Otherwise the Agile DevOps team descends into a pattern of starvation and over-production. @jonsmart @Barclays @MoragMcC #DOES18 #DevOps https://t.co/KOYp5VlZpS

  • @MoragMcC: “In previous experience, as my org went Agile, org decided that they didn’t need PMO anymore... and I was made redundant.” (Oh nooooo!)

  • @MoragMcC: “when I started at Barclays 3 years ago, in PMO, we knew that there was something transformational afoot: started constant improvement in Ways of Working; building agility in the PMO; physical first (post-it notes!), tooling second; became self-optimizing team”

  • @DukeAMO: --- Is your PMO still expecting Gantt charts? Predictive milestones? This is not the PMO you need. The PMO also needs continuous improvement. @jonsmart @MoragMcC #DOES18 https://t.co/N6jzMHxd9y

  • @MoragMcC: “PMO helped enable effective processes: improved Agile rituals: bell would ding when people talked to long during their standups; if people kept missing the standups, they’d hurl poo emojis!”

  • @MoragMcC: “Chapter 2: Age of Enlightment (vs Toddler years): pivot to long lived products; products deliver 1 or more biz services”

  • @MoragMcC: “Chapter 3: The Yoda Years: (Yoda lived to be over 900 years old); limit portfolio work in progress; start finishing, stop starting; focus on outcomes and value (not output and activities, not predictive milestones), PMO as advisory/consultative/supporting functions

  • @JonSmart: “business outcomes must be < 3 months; all non-regulatory requirements must be stated as hypothesis”

  • @JonSmart: “continuous everything;

  • @carmendeardo: RT @DOES_EUR: Today @generalelectric is no longer in the Dow Jones index - we are in an inflection point and we are on the right side of change @jonsmart @BarclaysUK #DOES18 https://t.co/g5IaR4ZQe2

  • @DOES_EUR: “Achieve big through small” - @jonsmart @Barclays #DOES18 #devops #agile https://t.co/zXDJQ3B7uV

Up: Oliver Canter, Director Product Strategy; Sanjeev Jain, Chief Information Officer for EMEA; John Scott, IT Manager: Verizon Enterprise EMEA

  • Jain: “Verizon spends $17B of capital annually!”
  • @DOES_EUR: The @verizon DNA - Sanjeev Jain #DOES18 https://t.co/BcT9J56HzH
  • Canter: “Customers think telcos are slow-moving; things haven’t changed much in 10-15 years; need better answers for network: 4 yrs ago, our vision was to make networks agile; we bought things from vendors (Cisco), slowly install at customers sites, deploying expensive submarine networks
  • Canter: “Our goal: move to white-box hardware, move from customer premise to our premise/cloud; a new bank branch would require MONTHS to get bandwidth. Now, we can do it at hundreds of site, use WiFi, self-configure, be up and running in MINUTES”
  • Canter: “In 2015, we asked technology/IT to deploy MVP (more minimal than viable, to be honest [haha]); amazingly, we did it in months (?). In old way, this would hve taken years, just to get the requirements written”
  • @DanielBreston: Yes we can was the answer... Ok more minimal that viable but even the #CIO was satisfied. True #DevOps mentality! https://t.co/PVUaPo6dEr
  • @SDIrob: Loving the concept of the dojo at Verizon on the job training #DOES18 https://t.co/nUyn5l8zf6
  • @DanielBreston: RT @DOESEUR: It’s all about gaining knowledge, failing, learning fast and iterating. @Johnprea_scott on the @verizon #Dojo #DOES18 https://t.co/2qbsNEp1pO
  • Scott: “I don’t want all this to be just about software; stuff comes in my inbox, I work on it, put it in my outbox; it’s all about the excitement of getting the customer outcomes we want”
  • @DOES_EUR: RT @jthomsonidc: Dojo in a box, interesting concept #verizon #DOES18
  • Scott: “Verizon DevOpsDays: 7K+ attendees to date; 400K twitter impressions; global events; 80+ speakers; ‘it felt very uncorporate’ ‘great spirit!’ ‘Adapt or die!’
  • Scott: “The DevOps Cup: all about rewarding teams doing the right things and for contributing back to the community
  • @DOESEUR: --- Join @verizon for one of their Tech Days to learn how to adapt #DevOps and more in your organization @Johnprea_scott #DOES18 https://t.co/m8gMYmrAw0
  • Scott: “We partnered with Capital One on Hygieia to collect metrics that matter” (go @topopal and @rossclanton!). Ross, they’re giving such an awesome talk!
  • Scott: “Verizon stats 2017: 2MM+ test runs; 1.2MM+ builds; 56K code commits/month; 3K apps w/Agile practice; Agile JIRA tasks: 1.9MM”
  • @DOES_EUR: #DevOps is not a hobby project for #IT people - Sanjeev Jain @verizon #DOES18 https://t.co/cYuBeyREBz
  • Canter: “Vaidation from Gartner: rated Leader of Leaders in their Magic Quadrant; huge win for us”

Up: Cornelia Davis, Pivotal (@cdavisafc )

  • @Alan_Nance: --- Confession time! @RealGeneKim admits to being an ops person at heart even while self-identifying as a developer. We would be pleased to welcome you back buddy! #DOES18 #DevOps https://t.co/9moi5WMB67
  • @cdavisafc: “
  • @botchagalupe: #DOES18 If you love #Clojure you should love ... https://t.co/zPjSWXWELQ
  • @botchagalupe: DOES18 @cdavisafc Awesomely decoupling imperative vs functional programming...
  • @Alan_Nance: Next up "taking infrastructure and operations from iterative to functional" @cdavisafc @pivotal #DOES18 #DevOps https://t.co/LQ07XT6Htr
  • @DOES_EUR: Build a system you can trust to give you the right answer @cdavisafc #DOES18 #code #programming https://t.co/9BenP4YpTm
  • @DOES_EUR: Just because you are using #Docker doesn’t mean you are following an immutability pattern @cdavisafc #DOES18 https://t.co/Gf6iXZBGQU
  • @cdavisafc: “We need a way to address cross-cutting concerns; in programming languages, this led to dependency injection, or aspect oriented programming.” (Small world: @mik_kersten did his Ph.D. On AOP!)
  • @cdavisafc: “We need a way to address cross-cutting concerns; in programming languages, this led to dependency injection, or aspect oriented programming; led to popularity of the Java Spring framework” (Small world: @mik_kersten [author of Project to Product] did his Ph.D. on AOP!)
  • @DOES_EUR: Imperative deployments are workflow oriented @cdavisafc #DOES18 #programming https://t.co/8jPdGPuS2j
  • @RealGeneKim: #does18 Yes!! https://t.co/8AbIcmZjND
  • @Alan_Nance: --- "Aspect injection into the pod" - for the uninitiated, sounds a bit iffy 😎 @cdavisafc @pivotal Fascinating pitch with a unique perspective on #devops "Cornelia, says, we are never done" #DOES18
  • @Alan_Nance: --- Love the concept of an event store from @cdavisafc but would like to see it applied to the "planning a trip" scenario when transactions have to be reversed, like flight cancelled but trip still needs to proceed. #DOES18
  • @StevePetcu: --- @cdavisafc on imperative (ticketsss) vs declarative deployment configurations. I really like the idea of homeostatic systems! #DOES18 https://t.co/S0yTVedBU9
  • @DukeAMO: Bringing functional programming concepts to deployments, with Cornelia Davis, Pivotal at #DOES18 https://t.co/49J6cfGzGl

  • Hi #does18! If you were the person who raised your hand when I asked if anyone else loved Clojure, can we talk? Thank you!!! (Hope everyone is having a great Day 2 and Day 1!!!)