2018/06/25: DevOps Enterprise 1: Part 2

by Gene Kim on


Up: Randy Lyons, Nike, Senior Director, Nike Direct EMEA, Michelle Powers, CFO, Nike Direct EMEA

  • Up: Randy Lyons, Nike, Senior Director, Nike Direct EMEA
    Michelle Powers, CFO, Nike Direct EMEA

  • @lyonsrandy: “Mark Parker, CEO, described the need to get closer to the customer, and we do it through technology”

  • @lyonsrandy: “Nike: 80K employees; 7500 employees; key EMEA cities: London, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, Milan.. 7000 Nike branded stores

  • @DOES_EUR: The culture at @Nike: Experiment, test, learn and scale - Randy Lyons #DOES18 #devops #digital https://t.co/QergO4VYCL

  • @RealGeneKim: RT @DOES_EUR: The culture at @Nike: Experiment, test, learn and scale - Randy Lyons #DOES18 #devops #digital https://t.co/oYyGFI7piA

  • @lyonsrandy: “Key to Customer Direct: the membership profile that spans all apps and retail properties

  • Power: “the mobile device is more like a limb on our body; customers expect us to know them, anticipate their needs; how? Speed, in order to go at pace of customers. Distinctive retailers win.

  • @DOES_EUR: A point of contact can’t be a point of friction - Michele Power @Nike #DOES18 #digitaltransformation https://t.co/oeT8BCr7Vg

  • Power: “Platforms disrupt, change how we interact with customers; our opportunities for growth: membership & one member profile; enables emotional connection with brand and giving customers what they want; we can add inspiration for their journey

  • Power: “other growth opportunity: NCX (Nike Customer Experience): regardless of what retail store you’re in, we want to create an exciting experience for our members; enables new business models

  • @DOES_EUR: --- Membership is about closing the gap between an emotional connection to a #brand and actually getting what you want - Michele Power @Nike #DOES18 https://t.co/Jg5D4XKWPN

  • @lyonsrandy: “I get chills when our CEO tells the world that key company growth must come from technology... it’s a dream come true. I also get butterflies. We were nervous. We immediately started work on our culture”

  • @lyonsrandy: “As a tech org, we had to change the way we thought about ourselves. We used language of ‘how we support the business.’ Instead, we had to be ‘of the business,’ in order to achieve all our goals

  • @lyonsrandy: “We had a all hands meeting; we talk weekly about KPIs: how did eCommerce perform? How about supply chain? It was a difficult transition and words were initially awkward: but questions from team started changing, far more focused on business outcomes”

  • @lyonsrandy: “Interactions between technology and Michele’s teams, merchandising, supply chain; different types of questions, problem solving became increasing thru the lens of ‘of the business’

  • @lyonsrandy: “We constantly tested our language: can every in tech org see how their work influences business outcomes: and when we’re done, we then asked them to pitch us, to improve our language/wording even more

  • @lyonsrandy: “

  • @MytyMyky: RT @DOES_EUR: Becoming #oneteam was a key #digitaltransformation strategy at @Nike - @lyonsrandy #DOES18 #devops https://t.co/7c7yD0b2sC

  • @DanielBreston: RT @Alan_Nance: To lead through transformation, we cant just align with the business, we need to be of the business. Shared objectives, language, everything - @lyonsrandy @Nike #DOES18 #DevOps https://t.co/M5Md2gPrrD

  • @lyonsrandy: “I needed to transition going from technology leader ‘playing business’ to a business leader, and I reached out to Michele for help, asking her to help me become a business leader: educate me about P&L and how tech contributes to that, and hold me accountable

  • @DOES_EUR: --- .@lyonsrandy realized he needed to be a business leader with a #technology background underneath him - @Nike #DOES18 #digitaltransformation https://t.co/66u4loVj64

  • @DanielBreston: --- Great hearing a leader saying he had to change otherwise his team and organisation would not change .@lyonsrandy @Nike #DOES18 #digitaltransformation #leadership #DevOps

  • @DanielBreston: RT @Alan_Nance: Being OF the business, means each technology leader needs to move out of the training room and onto the pitch. It is OK to ask the business leaders to help you make that transition. - @lyonsrandy @Nike #DOES18 #DevOps

  • @DOES_EUR: --- Michele needed @lyonsrandy help with understanding #technology just as much as he needed her for #business know-how @Nike #DOES18 https://t.co/WZdEq0PmaT

Up: Jeffrey Snover, Technology Fellow, Microsoft @jsnover (inventor of PowerShell)

  • @jsnover: “Stair Jobs vs. Elevator Jobs (created during oeriods of disruption: can jump 2-3 or more levels in a very short time)
  • @jsnover: “as a technical fellow, I’m part of the evaluation of our top people; we ask, who are the most important people who are moving the business forward? Are they happy? Do they feel secure? Like you, we have a budget — we compensate those people at expense of those who aren’t @jsnover: “Early in my career, I was a Digital; I had a stair job; until Digital got involved in Windows NT. I was in love: written by Dave Cutler, servers on commodity PC economics
  • @jsnover: “That worked out very well for me; got to work with numerous Turing Award winners, who were Digital Consulting Engineers like me!
  • @jsnover: “But Digital was excellent at something that no longer mattered; and that’s why they died.
  • @jsnover: “Here’s your problem, Jeffrey. Every time we sell your product, we make $100K. But you’re not working on the product where every time we sell it, we make $2-20MM
  • @jsnover: “I was demoted; for 5 years; but I was right, and everyone else was wrong;
  • @DanielBreston: --- @jsnover #DOES18 | #digitaltransformation @Microsoft great advice - find the "Coalition of the willing" to get your experiment & dream to potentially succeed #DevOps
  • @tomonocle: "admins don't want CLIs" - told to @jsnover when he was creating #powershell #DOES18 https://t.co/KBmrCfagXn
  • @jsnover: “Digital disruption is probably the largest disruption and transition we’ll see in our careers”
  • @Alan_Nance: --- Being an Anarchist in the line can make you miserable until Anarchy in the line turns out to drive the business forward. I became Chief Architect Windows Server. That's going on my tombstone. @jsnover @Microsoft #DOES18 #DevOps https://t.co/fRCL0Hsqaa
  • @Alan_Nance: --- Being an Anarchist in the line can make you miserable until Anarchy in the line turns out to drive the business forward. I became Chief Architect Windows Server. That's going on my tombstone. @jsnover @Microsoft #DOES18 #DevOps https://t.co/fRCL0Hsqaa
  • @DOES_EUR: --- Just because there is a transition it doesn’t mean it will help you, or be on the timeline you expect @jsnover @Microsoft #DOES18 #digitaltransformation https://t.co/S17HdVQmtZ
  • @jsnover: “Satya told top leadership: LinkedIn now shows more software engineers are being employed by non-software companies” (like orgs represented here at DevOps Enterprise Summit!)
  • @thebabymonster: --- what a story! it was a bumpy road to distinguished engineer and chief architect for @jsnover #persistence #grit @Microsoft @DOES_EUR #DOES18 https://t.co/FHios3VzLX
  • @jsnover: “Geoffrey Moore calls Mission Critical / Context the ‘killing fields of once-great company’” (Core vs. Context; Mission Critical vs. Enabling)
  • @jsnover: “Companies die when they overspend in Mission Critical / Context; your peers probably don’t fully understand this.”
  • @aakela: --- More technologists are going to non-tech businesses than Tech businesses per @LinkedIn data shared by @jsnover at @DOES_EUR #DOES18 https://t.co/3zhOiJ94VK

Up: Dr. Richard Cook @ri_cook (introduced by my fiend John Willis @botchagalupe)

  • @ScottPrugh: You build things differently when you expect them to fail. @DOES_EUR #DOES18 https://t.co/eE0KPDwjDk
  • @DOESEUR: Deal with failure by building an organization that can recover from failure - @ricook @OhioState #DOES18 https://t.co/lgY6GeAwiE
  • @JSMendonca85: RT @jasonacox: Go together, Go faster! Arrived at #DOES18 https://t.co/ogX5wGbcyt
  • @mcobby: --- When you accept that failure is the natural state of your system, it changes how you think. Your architecture is probably the results of scars from years of operational incidents #DOES18 https://t.co/KkVPVlOQMh
  • @jsnover: RT @CloudSurgeon: #DOES18 If you missed @jsnover’s presentation on thriving through transition, catch it online later. It was a dandy! #per
  • @DOESEUR: You never get to see below the line - only representations of what’s down there @ricook @OhioState #DOES18 https://t.co/YmYOjFP9le
  • @DOESEUR: You never get to see below the line - only representations of what’s down there @ricook @OhioState #DOES18 https://t.co/YmYOjFP9le
  • @margocronin: The curse of #DevOps - recalibration #DOES18 https://t.co/e0qdmTAsdI
  • @aaspnas: RT @jonsmart: Failure is the normal mode of operation #DOES18 https://t.co/khtp32A9pe
  • @NetAppPub: RT @JohnRollason: “We had so many ideas, I knew we just weren’t going fast enough” - honest admission from one Product Manager sparked new DevOps acceleration service and behaviour change @adbechtle @CapitalOne #DOES18 #ItsGoingToBeMessy https://t.co/kCeFbwjAa6
  • @DOESEUR: Good news! Every outage could have been worse 😂 @ricook @OhioState #DOES18 https://t.co/sMhPGAbEGZ
  • @ri_cook: “All incidents look the same... in the beginning... those include incidents, incident incidents, the Big One, and the rare OMGs”
  • @ri_cook: “Most post-incident reviews falls into a pattern I call studying ‘micro-fractures.’ They find something small wrong, and then go fix that small thing. Nothing really changes.”
  • @AlanNance: --- We only understand how systems work when we analyze at how we deal with incidents. This is why DevOps must look further than deploy, and give up on the fallacy of potentially perfecting development.@ricook #DOES18 #DevOps https://t.co/XSZx2O1gYd


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