2017/11/15: DevOps Enterprise Summit Day 3a

by Gene Kim on


2017/11/15: DevOps Enterprise Summit Day 3b

Up: Sidney Dekker

  • @cornazano: Airlines reporting more incidents have lower mortality rates - the reported incidents and major disasters are inver… https://t.co/rRR5jRclvf
  • @JeanneMorain: RT @Josh_Atwell: Governance vs Compliance

Compliance = checking the box
Governance = Awareness and active management of risk

- @HelenRanger4: RT @ladyhock: Incidents burn money, time, reputation and staff. All sunk costs. How might you maximize the ROI of this investment? @allspaw
- @DOESUSA: What happens when incidents occur? Sidney Dekker explains in this healthcare example @GriffithUni #DOES17 https://t.co/3tG88dnyle
- @paulathrasher: Interesting- higher number of incidents may actually be measuring higher honesty, not a safer one #DOES17
- @HelenRanger4: RT @DOES
USA: Adopting #DevOps could save $2.6 trillion 😱😳 @RealGeneKim #DOES17 https://t.co/IrfLdtke6V
- @catapultpr: RT @DOESUSA: For us to understand what goes wrong we must understand what goes right - Sidney Dekker @GriffithUni #DOES17
- @botchagalupe: Where's Wald? #DOES17 https://t.co/NC40oywFYt
- @rcoitrevolution: RT @RosalindRad: Every organization should be very careful to make sure no one discourages honesty and truth #DOES17
- @botchagalupe: Bob and getting shit done - #DOES17 - - https://t.co/TDxTzddKSG
- @TSmithCompuware: RT @dfrizzo1: #DOES17ِ attendees- mark your agenda to be in grand Ballroom at 11:10 to find out how @compuware does DevOps with…
- @botchagalupe: RT @RealGeneKim: #Does17 @allspaw: “You don’t want common mental model... b/c now everyone has same blind spots!!”
- @virnauliana: The human factor with Sidney Dekker #DOES17 https://t.co/Ec3H9OF4aw
- @don
clos: RT @jmisukiewicz: Planning your #DOES17 schedule for tomorrow? Don’t miss @compuware @dfrizzo1 @RosalindRad 2 amazing #mainframe
- @erchen: On analysis of hull punctures of WWII bombers to determine where to up-armor them - “Put the armor where there were… https://t.co/pEzA3cOaII
- @cshl1: RT @DOES_USA: Another great slide from Sidney Dekker’s presentation 😂😂 #DOES17 https://t.co/CDL86tz9W2
- @sjtechcorp: Brilliant presentation by Professor Sydney Dekker at #DOES17 The human factor: Inspiring the pursuit of success and… https://t.co/FO2VDLCCTV

Up: Verizon: Nanda Kumar, Fellow at Verizon Global Technology Services; Ross Clanton, Fellow / Director

  • @DOES_USA: The transformative and collaborative benefits of Dojo's per @RossClanton - so awesome! @verizon #DOES17 https://t.co/5izafd7OJo
  • @paula_thrasher: @RossClanton has great metrics on the impact of his Training Dojo - better cycle time, money saved #DOES17
  • @DOES_USA: Dojo's have helped teams move to a full stack model - @RossClanton @Verizon #DOES17 https://t.co/kT46Av7D12
  • @rossclanton: “The goal of the dojo is not to go faster; it’s about learning; we prioritize learning above all else”
  • @rossclanton: “3K engineers took part in our first VZ DevOps internal technology conference; many remote, but it was amazingly popular”
  • @DOES_USA: Keys to running an internal #DevOps conference - build. Share. Enable. @RossClanton #DOES17 https://t.co/s1VdhTtaBq
  • @theitskeptic: Top visual from #DOES17? https://t.co/RnnWbUGeke
  • @lbmkrishna: RT @DawieO: @sidneydekkercom “anything that puts downward pressure on openness honesty and learning is bad for your business”…
  • @botchagalupe: again... In case you missed it the first time.. A Tug Boat Story ( from #DOES17 ) https://t.co/HtSCnchaVD

  • @botchagalupe: Mad Money Guy . #DOES17 2008 - ( https://t.co/Z6dpa13boy ) 2017 - ( https://t.co/bzU5jhl8cE )

Up: Nike! Ron Forrester, VP Nike.com Engineering; Scott Boecker, Vice President, Nike.com Product Management, Nike (former Ticketmaster)

  • @ladyhock: Super excited to listen to Ron and Scott. #DOES17 https://t.co/YpSxKrH7Xo
  • @mobilep2: Very cool inspiring #techexcellence #devops #agile dojo concept at #verizon by @RossClanton - we do sth similar at ebay #does17
  • Forrester: “at Nike, we have concept called ‘two in a box’ of product and tech. We represent each other in mtgs we can’t make
  • Forrester: “
  • @DOES_USA: The relationship between engineering and product was critical to @Nike's success - Ron Forrester #DOES17 https://t.co/bVim7mtVBc
  • @RealGeneKim: #DOES17 I worked w/the brilliant Ron Forrester @mobileforrest for 7 years at @TripwireInc
  • @mobileforrest: “Astounding for a shoe company: we were hiring 250 engineers/year; digital was important”
  • @mobileforrest: “We modeled after Spotify as how we wanted to organize ourselves and work;
  • @RealGeneKim: #DOES17 @mobileforrest : “top 30 engineers in company worked for days to frame our goals” https://t.co/JD9rQySDqw
  • @mobileforrest: “We were doing monthly releases; often quarterly releases. Wanted frequently; we wanted to use open source first
  • @mobileforrest: “we purposely put features at the end” values came first.
  • @RealGeneKim: #DOES17 @mobileforrest: “we purposely put features at the end; values came first” https://t.co/gDDNGdZ3SR
  • @mobileforrest: “microservices; Netflix OSS;
  • @mobileforrest: “Agile meant to our business: yay! We can change anything we want; and don’t even have to tell you”
  • @mobileforrest: “But we wanted to make that possible for Nike; we wanted to keep up with the needs of our business
  • @mobileforrest: “Sprints: true story: business said: OMG, they’re embracing our legacy running culture. This is great!” HAHA
  • @DOES_USA: If you put "pizza" in front of everything, then it will all go faster 😂 🍕Ron Forrester @Nike #DOES17 #pizzasquadshttps://t.co/nrI2viqGVa
  • @RealGeneKim: RT @RosalindRad: Common theme at #DOES17 moving back to in house development- software is key to business and provides the key valu…
  • @RealGeneKim: RT @DOES_USA: .@Nike embraced #microservices as a part of their game plan - Ron Forrester #DOES17 https://t.co/FS05NYkaF0
  • @mobileforrest: “We decentralized quality; unforced, they become responsible for quality of the product; engrs need to own it”
  • @mobileforrest: “Engrs owning quality; initially, ppl were scared: we can’t talk to engrs directly; they’ll get upset and quit! We’re thru that
  • @mobileforrest: “When people heard ‘devops’, engineers said TIMEOUT; I have to wear a pager? Wait wait wait. How about a devops team?
  • @mobileforrest: “We wanted to create culture of responsibility... what does support team do? How do we follow sun? How do we get features done?
  • @mobileforrest: “Support and Ops have a longer view; how do we elevate productivity?s
  • @JoshAtwell: RT @paulathrasher: Dev and Ops teams are not always on board with DevOps - can’t we just make that someone else’s job? #DOES17 https://t.c
  • @RealGeneKim: #does17 Story time! https://t.co/540jWayPoF
  • @DOES_USA: .@Nike went from releasing in hours to minutes - leading to their most successful launch per Scott Boecker #DOES17https://t.co/8q1XVShQeV

  • @ScottPrugh: Sorry: there’s not a (dedicated) DevOps team!! -Nike #does17 @csg_i

  • @mobilep2: Important aspect of #devops culture shift condensed in one question from a developer:“Do I have to wear a pager now?“ #nike #DOES17

  • @mobileforrest: “Stop does working on commodity stuff: we don’t need another Jenkins, test automation; let’s create features”