2017/11/14: DevOps Enterprise 2017 Day 2F

by Gene Kim on


2017/11/14: DevOps Enterprise 2017 Day 2c

Up: John Allspaw!!!!

  • @jpaulreed: Next up: @allspaw! #DOES17 https://t.co/YDqGtbgXWT

  • @allspaw: “The last time I’ve felt this much importance around a talk was in 2009 with Paul Hammond!” @ph

  • @allspaw: “We need to start taking human performance seriously”

  • @DOES_USA: A high level view of @allspaw talk happening right now #DOES17 https://t.co/I2AM3Bh0hi

  • @DOES_USA: Nobody has the same representation of how work is done @allspaw #does17 https://t.co/85nBfaOj4j

  • @DOES_USA: The big surprise: you never get to see what’s below the line @allspaw #DOES17 https://t.co/eq1YtoGKHn

  • @DOES_USA: You never see Code run, the system working, you only manipulate a world you cannot see via a set of representations… https://t.co/vwvVgAJd3B

  • And amazingly, @allspaw is suggesting, everything below the line doesn’t actually even exist. (?!?!?!)

  • @DOES_USA: These cognitive abilities are what make the business actually work - it doesn't work the way we think it does!… https://t.co/MPIT6GvaS8

  • @allspaw: “

  • @DOES_USA: Things change over time @allspaw #DOES17 https://t.co/Td7TdSTW7r

  • @jpaulreed: “How does our software work... REALLY? (Not just what’s in the wiki or the documentation.)”-@allspaw #DOES17 https://t.co/qqNOtI8pST

  • @allspaw: “

  • @allspaw seems to be suggesting that incidents might be the only hint we have that we have problems... maybe that and tech debt? @mik_kersten

  • @DOES_USA: The incidents of yesterday form the rules of tomorrow @allspaw #DOES17 https://t.co/CbYTFImG0O

  • @markreeder: @allspaw getting all matrix-y - it is not the system u see, but a representation #DOES17 #gotdevops - https://t.co/wSGYl0Eo7Z

  • @paula_thrasher: If everyone in your organization took their hands off the keyboards and stopped answering phones - how long could y… https://t.co/wrj1W3SQO3

  • @allspaw: “

  • @DOES_USA: Incidents help us gauge how we think a system works vs. how it actually works @allspaw #DOES17 https://t.co/5vNMRR2lnE

  • @cornazano: Love this perspective! "Incidents are unplanned investments in your company's survival" #DOES17

  • @DOES_USA: RT @erchen: “Incidents help show you the delta between how you think your system works and how your system actually works...…

  • So many similarities between what @allspaw is talking about and @stevenjspear talked about #does15! @mik_kersten @botchagalupe

  • @DOES_USA: How we think postmortems work -not so much says @allspaw #DOES17 https://t.co/ZaQpqkfhJc

  • @DOES_USA: Post incident reviews can actually provide value - check it out. @allspaw #DOES17 https://t.co/cvVBz1ZAMJ

  • @jasonhand: Well facilitated post-incident reviews help people compare and contrast mental models and understandings of how the… https://t.co/CniMF5khE3

  • @allspaw: “blameless is table stakes.”

  • @allspaw: “You don’t want common mental model... b/c now everyone has same blind spots!!”

  • @edyesed: RT @ladyhock: Incidents burn money, time, reputation and staff. All sunk costs. How might you maximize the ROI of this investment…