2017/11/14: DevOps Enterprise Summit: Day 2

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2017/11/14: DevOps Enterprise Summit: Day 2

Up: Topo Pal, Technical Fellow; Jennifer Brady, Director, Technlogy Governance: Capital One

  • Brady: “I was formerly Director of Internal Audit; now lead technology governance”
  • @topopal: “mostly outsourced -> mostly insourced; vertical silos-> product teams; Dev/RM/PM/QA/Sec -> Engrs”
  • @topopal: “Hashtag means it’s important. (Ha!) #SlayMonolith; #NoFearRelese; #YouBuildItYouOwnIt
  • @jasonhand: "Everything that is important HAS TO HAVE a hashtag" @TopoPal :D #DOES17
  • @topopal: “#NoFearReleases; fear of speed/breakdown/out of control/non-compliance”
  • Brady: “How many of you don’t like developers? Here’s what auditors think of devs: it’s the Wild West! I’ve seen one comma result in $500MM loss
  • Brady: “3 lines of defense: 1) who owns the risk? (Devs are 1st line: they own risk); 2) sets policy/monitors; 3) indep assurance
  • Brady: “Independent assurance often reports to board; includes auditors
  • Brady: “Dev role in governance: awareness, risk mitigation, follow control best practices,
  • @XenonStack: Different Types of Testing Strategies in #Microservices Architecture. #XenonStack #DevOps #DOES17https://t.co/SY0xZlsxxc
  • Brady: quoting Deming: “uncontrolled variance is the number one enemy of quality”
  • Brady: “Minimum controls: 2 sets of eyes (inc peer review); least privilege
  • @paulathrasher: RT @ScottPrugh: The essence of build and run. #DOES17 #youbuildityouownit @csgi https://t.co/KzJqiVvwTY
  • Brady: “biggest hurdle: show that single dev cannot make changes to production bypassing all controls”
  • Brady is talking about the “back door problem”: ensure that someone can’t bypass controls
  • @topopal: “Looking at many deployment pipelines, you often find holes that do allow single devs to bypass/disable controls
  • @topopal: “Options: have separate team managing the pipeline; separate team does production deployment; both potentially take us to bad ways..”
  • @cornazano: LOL! Hiring professional "button pushers" is not a good option. - Topo Pal #DOES17
  • @RealGeneKim: RT @cornazano: LOL! Hiring professional "button pushers" is not a good option. - Topo Pal #DOES17
  • @DOES_USA: We wanted to create an environment that’s safe for the developers @TopoPal #DOES17 https://t.co/KFJrarHwIp
  • @topopal: “Results: 2016 > 2017: 20 > 300 products doing multiple deploys/day; avg deploys/day: 1 > 4”

Up: The Making of Amazon Prime Now

Tisson Mathew, Chief Technology Officer, Alignment Healthcare

  • Mathew: “Prime Now offense household items, free 2 hour delivery; can get 1 hour delivery if you pay $$$”
  • Mathew: “Amazon from 2006-2008: period of massive decoupling to enable developer productivity; allows continual innovation; no innovation dept
  • @DOES_USA: .@mathewtisson sharing the Prime Now story #DOES17 https://t.co/dOlQTebxA7
  • Mathew: “1 hour delivery: order in app/Alex: get on your doorstep: like ‘Cloud 7-11’ Store!; focus on high density areas
  • Mathew: “Almost all of Amazon built around handling/shipping/transporting orders in 2-5 days! Prime Now needed delivery in 1 hr!
  • Mathew: “At Amazon, every team continuously deploys; very little coordination between teams, by design.”
  • @madgreek65: RT @paula_thrasher: #DOES17 If you have to create an innovation department, it means your company is hard to innovate in. 🤔
  • Mathew: “At Amazon, thousands of teams operating independently in hypergrowth; how do you do enterprise change across 1000+ teams?” (!!!!)
  • Mathew: “Problem: we had little ability to influence Ordering and Fulfillment process;
  • @MarkOrinLevy: DevOps at Amazon. Two pizza teams and no coordination between teams. Don’t develop a big service. #DOES17 https://t.co/VuObI5tjV5
  • @DOES_USA: .@amazon functions with very small teams - they don't throw 1,000's of developers at a project @mathewtisson #DOES17 https://t.co/SeyV3xU8WE
  • Mathew: “Traditional eCommerce: 1 day to bill, 1 day to fulfill; we needed both in 15m. Had to build our own systems
  • Mathew: “Make no changes to Ordering; integrate Fulfillment & Delivery functions; steering committee & rockstar TPM ‘she was amazing’
  • @dominicad: Amazon Prime Now keynote - limit wip with a happy path constraint!!! #creative #DOES17
  • @DOES_USA: The facade enables the decoupling ability between the three business units - order, fulfillment, delivery… https://t.co/9dyGlYAfie
  • Mathew: “Green fields in enterprises too small; think drone delivery; it, too, has to integrate w/Ordering pipeline
  • Mathew: “Even at Amazon, we had to deal with legacy stuff; things built long ago, it is working; so challenge: how do u integrate w/it?”
  • @ChllnW_: Facade-composition services, test war rooms, decoupling, caching, monolithic apps...”Green fields in enterprises ar… https://t.co/UafMFJgLrE
  • Mathew: “Key: single-threaded owner/leader for program with direct access to CEO, not delegate
  • @JimLiebert: Okay this Amazon Prime Now services delivery talk rocks too! #DOES17 https://t.co/PQgmS3xHo1

Up: Brian L. Scott, Manager, Systems Engineering; Jason Cox, Director, Systems Engineering, The Walt Disney Company

- @ITSM_Lisa: I’ve thought for years that #amazonprime is the beta for the #StarTrek replicator. Great presentation thanks #DOES17 https://t.co/ffypLzsODP

  • @ChllnW: FINALLY!!! Jason Cox & Brian L. Scott ‘Making Digital Magic’👍🏼👨🏻‍💻👨🏿‍💻🐹 @jasonacox @brainscott @DOESUSA #DOES17 https://t.co/lNYM5Zy3hn
  • @edwardpearson: Great advice from @jasonacox and @brainscott from Disney and the importance of ‘using technology to make the world… https://t.co/O0b4Wo3p4l
  • @brainscott showing use of Kubernetes/containers: totally different motivation that amazing KeyBank story
  • @electriccloud: More #container talk! @brainscott #does17 #devops https://t.co/SKyuKycRSO
  • @brainscott: “we try to use as much as Amazon’s managed services as possible: RDS, SES, R53, SQS, ELB, EC2
  • @brainscott: “We use Amazon Lambda more like cron jobs”
  • @cornazano: Really like this: To avoid newly introduced bugs, staying one version behind releases. - Brian Scott #DOES17
  • @brainscott: “we are all in on Kubernetes”
  • @brainscott: “It usually takes 6m to get code changes out through typical deployment pipelines”
  • @ChllnW_: Brian’s up...”Movie Anywhere”🎥 Cloud Native Landscape, AWS Stateful vs Stateless, ELB, EC2), Kubernetes (KOPS)-see… https://t.co/0bphIGyptS


  • @DEVOPSINST: RT @DaveFavelle: Great hanging with our friends from @DEVOPSINST with @theitskeptic @ValueFlowIT https://t.co/ZuGZVLX9Zt

Up: Service Request Management: CSG's Journey from Chaos to Clarity; Jill Musil, Executive Director, Corporate IT Business Systems, Global Desktop Services & Unified Communications, CSG International

Jill Edmundson, Product Manager, CSG International

Up: Service Request Management: CSG's Journey from Chaos to Clarity; Jill Musil, Executive Director, Corporate IT Business Systems; Jill Edmundson, Product Manager, CSG International

  • Musil: “Been at CSG for 19 years”; Edmundson: “Product Management and Corp IT had to work together: accounting, shared svc, platforms, BU, Agile
  • Edmondson: “As CSG, we are the leading for solving company’s toughest revenue management and billing problems”
  • Edmondson: “The Corp IT problem:L You want an oil change? I’d love to help: fill out form. And another form for tire rotation; detailing; mechanics
  • Edmondson: “Problem: processing 20K business svc requests; turned into 100Ks of technical svc request; and then what? We don’t really know”
  • Musil: “10-15 disparate legacy service intake platforms; impacted 95% of our workforce” (Wow.)
  • Musil: “CSG ASAP project: scope: BC&S, Carrier, OTT, Platform, Internal: spans 15 value streams; pull into 1 single work intake
  • Musil: “Went to teams first that were using Agile; had legacy systems as safety net to get us by...”
  • Musil: “25+ forms in new platform were created by someone outside of IT org;
  • Musil: “the processes that we were touching were the same since the 1990s; involved lots of politics; required sensitivity”
  • Edmondson: “If someone gave me 5m at their desk, I’d take 10m. Was required to build coalition, build silent majority
  • Edmondson: “We had 140 unique enterprise epics; everyone thought their baby was cutest; I had to show pictures of SRM to get attention; had to deliver value in 18m
  • Musil: “deployed 18 weeks ago: 13K svc requests: 450 svc cataloged (we thought we only had 150)
  • Edmondson: “We’re a service business: so there’s only a couple metrics that matter
  • Musil: “within 2 weeks: usage of ASAP passed the legacy platforms” Nice! “Only 10 forms left”
  • @DOES_USA: .@AmericanExpress has seen a 149% increase in problem resolution. Wow! #DOES17 #DevOps https://t.co/t0hGpnUwz6
  • @RealGeneKim: #does17 Musil: “within 2 weeks: usage of ASAP passed the legacy platforms” Nice! “Only 10 forms left” https://t.co/cXWPQx6jqW
  • @RealGeneKim: #does17 Musil: “within 2 weeks: usage of ASAP passed the legacy platforms” Nice! “Only 10 forms left” https://t.co/cXWPQx6jqW