2017/11/13: DevOps Enterprise Day 1c

by Gene Kim on


2017/11/13: DevOps Enterprise Day 1c

Up: Pauly Comtois (@paulycomtois)

  • @paulycomtois: “DevOps For Product Management! 4 biz units: Finance, Transportation, Healthcare. Constraint was usually between Prod & DevOps!
  • @paulycomtois: “I’m the best team player on this damned team...”
  • @paulycomtois: “
  • @DOES_USA: .@paulycomtois telling the story of Howard live now at #DOES17 @Hearst https://t.co/KjVuxKRQ4O
  • @paulycomtois: “Our code is deteriorating faster than we can lower our standards!” (Ha!)
  • @paulycomtois: OH: “Open source? Or was it open sores?”
  • @paulycomtois: “I’m the best team player on this damned team...”
  • @paula_thrasher: @paulycomtois spinning a good yarn about artisanal software #DOES17
  • and “Loyal opposition” @EverydayKanban: Russ Ackoff mention at #DOES17 by @paulycomtois - Systems Thinking
  • @paulycomtois: WSJF
  • @DOES_USA: Collaboration = products that customers actually asked for @paulycomtois @Hearst #devops #DOES17 https://t.co/uvzFndsYfr
  • @paulycomtois: “Product kept track of feature usage; retired features that no one uses.”
  • @paulycomtois: “Top risks: dev with Oracle login; ops refactoring core code; product owner with a brilliant idea”
  • @DOES_USA: Snark's "risk chart" 😂 while funny, we want to avoid these silo mentalities! @paulycomtois @Hearst #DOES17 https://t.co/V9cb3j0bNw
  • Mode 1 vs Mode 2 thinking... @DOES_USA: Reacting is automatic but thinking is not @paulycomtois #DOES17 https://t.co/kgOpjKgMpO
  • @paulycomtois: “customer acquisition; business value

Up: Jim Grafmeyer, Digital Solutions Architect; Cindy Payne, Director IT Application Development, Nationwide: Accelerating Delivery at Nationwide w/DevOps Handbook!

  • @RealGeneKim: #does17 Accelerating Delivery at Nationwide w/DevOps Handbook! https://t.co/QfecrjCnJu
  • Grafmeyer: “experiments: each had to be practitioner led; no exec mandates, forcing teams to do something they didn’t want to do”
  • Grafmeyer: “
  • @paulycomtois: RT @RealGeneKim: #DOES17 @paulycomtois hahaha! https://t.co/uCSsWqWgib

  • Grafmeyer: “we’re now tracking lead times across 200 dev teams across the enterprise”

  • @jdimarco: What a great way to articulate DevOps @paulycomtois yet again! We certainly can’t forget about “open sores”. #DOES17 @DOESUSA

  • @Josh_Atwell: RT @wickett: How to find silos? Look for ticket driven request queues #DOES17 @damonedwards

  • Payne: “Hurricane Harvey: high volume of flooded cars; IT in 8 hours streamlined claim process times by 40%; make it easy to submit claim

  • Payne: “1 year ago, we wouldn’t have been able to build/deploy this type of improvement in time to make a difference.” Wow.

  • Grafmeyer: “1 year ago, this change would have taken 90 days; perf testing improvement reduced by 2x; we did it in 8 hours.” (Awesome!!)

  • Payne: “Our leadership grew up in the newspaper business; used to weekly reports.” (Haha!)

  • @schwartzcio: RT @erchen: Who else besides IT does “the business” give requirements to? Marketing? Finance? - @schwartzcio @DOES_USA #DOES17


  • session broken at 3:14pm; just from switching room?