2017/10/25: Red Hat Vancouver BC

by Gene Kim on


2017/10/25: Red Hat Vancouver BC

Up: Corey Vokey, Red Hat

  • ran $100MM currency program at TD Bank; lots of mistakes; lessons learned
  • one of the few Canadian finance execs with penguin tattoo on shoulder
  • Vokey: “If you have $100MM annual budget; tech debt problem is likely $1B; think Windows Server 2003 -> 2012 migration; massive dependency problems; SQL Server etc
  • Vokey: “All you want to do is update OS, but new OS doesn’t work with old version of SQL Server, WebSphere, etc. Functional silos exacerbate
  • Vokey: “The Strangler Pattern: surgically change/upgrade/transform specific areas in vast tech landscape; & it’s a ppl/culture problem
  • Vokey: “@jimwhitehurst book: Open Organization: describes his long journey from command/control to an open org
  • Vokey: “During my career, BlackBerry started off as servant leadership culture; massive growth: we hired enterprise command/control leaders.. uh oh
  • Vokey: “We hired 200 ppl in Ops; spent $20MM; failure; spent $20MM twice more; mission failed; we built system provisioning tool over weekend, PHP and sysimage
  • Vokey: “One obvious hallmark of open source communities: very transparent and open; all about the person and results; commitments
  • Vokey: “Open Innovation Labs: a residency style program: 3-6 people w/resident; 6 weeks to generate MVP of legacy app, or a net new app
  • Vokey: “Five Star Michelin restaurant: open transparent workspace, best tools & ingredients, shared culture and passion
  • Vokey: “Pipeline provides speed and safety; creates freedom to safely experiment; apprenticeship accelerates learning
  • Vokey: “Many orgs (unfortunately) favor eloquently describing a failure (or I can’t), as opposed to vigorously generating a result”
  • Vokey: “Legacy environment: sunk cost, sunk culture; opportunity cost

  • @bgracely: Corey Vokey highlights @RedHatNews Open Innovation Labs methodology for #DevOps #Agile using @openshift push-button… https://t.co/FUQf8vXHrP

  • Vokey: “A healthcare org: 30K employees: 6 IT employees; public cloud would cost 20% more: labor, facilities, etc...

  • Vokey: “but what happens if we changed how we work: dev spins up env, do their work, spin down env; 80% cost savings

  • Vokey: “If you don’t change the way you work, you’ll have a huge expectation gap failure

  • Vokey: “biggest different in healthcare org: people doing things, no need to ask for permission

  • Vokey: “

  • @kaizenops_io: On our quest to help #SRE's crush production incidents, we had a hiccup of our own #devops #startuplife #branding