2017/10/04 Tasktop User Conference

by Gene Kim on


2017/10/04 Tasktop User Conference

Up: me

  • i’ve Had the privilege of studying high performers
  • ...and many of these resulted from the many conversations that Mik and I have had over the past several years.

Up: Dr. Mik Kersten, Tasktop, CEO

  • @Tasktop: And we’re off! Tasktop founder and CEO @mik_kersten welcomes attendees to the inaugural #tasktopconnect event https://t.co/k5KYCsu671

  • @Tasktop: RT @RealGeneKim: #Tasktop The incredible surface of competitors for FedEx and automobile ecosystem @mik_kersten https://t.co/THc5MqhmUE

  • @RealGeneKim: #Tasktop the DevOps startup landscape @mik_kersten https://t.co/DV2Z5wxTkt

  • @RealGeneKim: #Tasktop largest code bases now approaching/exceeding DNA of mouse https://t.co/Oa3uUjSuLz https://t.co/NWtuV8ePzk

  • @mik_kersten: “large bank of 20K IT staff: so desperate to be productive, despite shared services, resulted in 150 diff JIRA servers

  • @mik_kersten: “BMW Liepzig plant produces new i1 / i3 car every 7 seconds; walked entire 10km plant”

  • @mik_kersten: “cars are built in annual cycles;