2017/09/13: Dean Leffingwell Day 2 part 2c

by Gene Kim on


2017/09/13: Dean Leffingwell Day 2 part 2c

  • @deanleffingwell

  • Watching @scottprugh

  • @RealGeneKim: So excited that we're all watching @ScottPrugh'a amazing #does14 presentation here! @Deanleffingwell #does17 https://t.co/vorSTx9K5c

  • “you don’t want to be the person who breaks the build, because it blocks 600 other ppl; change sets from devs doubled” Awesome.

  • “5th PI is reserved for innovation, education, Hackathons; two buffers: time buffer and scope buffer”

Leffingwell: Leadership

  • holy shit. Learning to ride the backwards bike: took 8 months of learning, 5 min a day; son picked it up in 2 weeks

  • .@Deanleffingwell The paper that inspired Scrum methodology: HBR “The New New Product Development Game” https://twitter.com/RealGeneKim/status/908068695879983104/photo/1

  • Built-in Instability: management provides general goal and strategic direction: a strong vision

  • little/minimal/no specific work or project plans

  • challenging requirements

  • high degree of freedom as to how teams meet requirements

  • exercise: describe what it was like to work in high performing team

    • fun, euphoric, inspiring, energizing,
  • @deanleffingwell: the power of “ba”: where we, the work, and the knowledge is one

  • @deanleffingwell: “Drucker: ‘workers are knowledge workers when they know more about the work they perform than their bosses’

  • book: Managing for Excellence: David Bradford and Allan Cohn

  • .@deanleffingwell: “Bradford/Cohn: leaders as experts vs leaders as conductor vs. leader as developer”

  • “of the 6 startups, 2 succeeded; maybe not coincidentally, those 2 were developers of people”

  • thought for tomorrow

    • show Westrum organizational topology model
    • show transformational leadership model
  • Leadership as a task, not an identity; surprising findings from studying millions of interactions in online games: https://hbr.org/2008/05/leaderships-online-labs

  • Super cool study... looked at successful leaders of guilds recruited, assessed, motivated, reward their teams in online games

  • story of how “any developer can close defects if they can’t reproduce it.” VP QA freaks out! Ha!!!

  • eliminated overtime; moving back to normal operations
    @RealGeneKim That’s only the 2nd half of it. The full video is at https://youtu.be/u6XAPnuFjJc (and I wish there were a higher quality version!)

  • Questions for Dean:

    • how effectively can someone teach all this material, if they’re learning it in 2 days?
  • Dan Pink: MIT study: 3 sets of rewards to improve performance: small/med/large; just like high/med/low performers in corps

    • for mechanical skills, bonuses worked as expected
    • if even rudimentary cognitive skills, larger rewards led to poorer performance
    • MIT, University of Chicago, Carnegie Mellon
  • .@deanleffingwell Pink: this finding validated by economists, social science, psychologists; findings: must pay enough to create motivation

  • Pink: findings: $ matters, but what matters is mastery, autonomy, purpose.

  • Pink: citing Atlassian: “1 day of undiluted autonomy created things that never would have otherwise emerged”

  • Pink: Mastery: examples: people learning musical instruments on weekends: open source contribution, Wikipedia; not for employer for free

  • It’s very fun watching the famous Dank Pink Autonomy/Mastery video again. New insights... forgot about the economic lens of this

  • Here’s the link: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=wdzHgN7_Hs8


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