2017/09/13: Dean Leffingwell Day 2

by Gene Kim on


2017/09/13: Dean Leffingwell Day 2

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Retrospective on yesterday exercise

  • Essential SAFe: smallest system that has integrity; components are selfish

Releasing Value

  • continuously deliver value with Agile Release Trains
  • continuously explore customer needs
  • continuously integrate
  • continuously deploy with DevOps
  • release on demand
  • relentlessly improve results

  • one case study: trained 3000 people on SAFe 4.0; what about 4.5

  • don’t want to disrupt engagements in progress; don’t let them disrupt tipping point

  • the core: agile teams; then every 10 weeks, tell everyone to figure it out; the retrospective

  • Scrum, XP, Agile, Kanban:

  • “in our countless experiments, we find Scrum patterns soeffective; the forced timebox, transparency, inspection & adaptation

  • “in our countless experiments w/scrum, XP, Kanban, we’ve found Scrum patterns soeffective; the forced timebox, transparency, inspection & adaptation

  • coding standards, peer review, pairing

  • as a company, do we trust SAFe: is it a revision of the best thinking, and does the business model support it?

  • sprint ceremonies -> sprint events

  • we created PI and retrospective at program level, as opposed to team levels, b/c scrum doesn’t have programs

  • Scrum of Scrums: SoS: we do them here on Tue and Thu

  • PO Sync: weekly: Product Owner Sync: we want PO to coordinate the work across all streams of work

  • “role of the architect: ensure technical competence in the system”

  • “although, teams have ability to design their parts of their system; they can and must architect, too”

  • “is anyone a scrum master because they’ve attended a two-day class? Of course not...”

  • Release Train Engineer: it’s actually an “agile program manager”, but every program manager thinks they’re agile

  • “SAFe provides no guidance on line manager responsibilities, role assignments, compensation.. but it’s a topic of immense interest

  • “leadership is a task, not an identity”

  • Jeff Sutherland: “Parallel Sprints” in order to feed continuously delivery process

  • DevOps is a capability of an ART

  • boundaries of the ART is “what does it take to release?”

  • Organizational Change Management: Isaac: Galbreath work: motivation, compensation

  • RTD: make decisions: “I’ve heard it all, here’s what we’re doing it”

  • “I took over UML Product Managers: the tech marketing; 7 or 8 of sharpest people moved into that role

  • “used to be only the people who generated the splash screen and CD cover for shipped software at Rational; however became one of the most power roles”

  • .@deanleffingwell “The longer the horizon of the commmitted roadmap, the less agile you become”; agility has to enable optionality

  • .@deanleffingwell “Yes, you want to lure customers in with promises; but the more commitments you make, the less optionality/capacity you have

  • .@deanleffingwell “If you want to be slow, have a fully committed long-term roadmap”

Bringing in Lean UX

  • typical sprint: 5-6 features: 100 user stories
  • feature ranking: KANO, MOSCOW, “Software by Numbers;”. Easy if you could calculate the NPV of the feature; Went to Reinertsen class;

  • get DOES SFO programming done

    • great program = great conference = do it again next year
  • help others

    • helping others = they’ll help me in the future
  • work on TweetScriber reliability:

    • take better notes, so that I can create better books

Job Sequencing is the key to value:


  • prioritize on lean economics:
    • cost of delay in delivering value
    • what is cost to implement
  • proxy for ROI, but all will be future-looking; doesn’t help informing daily work
  • good estimation uses the Fibonacci sequence, recognizing uncertainty of larger estimates

  • @jaydumars: @RealGeneKim @Deanleffingwell @DReinertsen @jezhumble I've used WSJF many times and with great success. In fact I j… https://t.co/76P2Wyv2z9

  • @thebillasch: @RealGeneKim @Deanleffingwell @DReinertsen @jezhumble I loved it back in the early 90's... it's still quite effective!

  • @RealGeneKim: @Deanleffingwell @DReinertsen @jezhumble …gosh, that @DReinertsen is one smart cookie…

  • @RealGeneKim: @Deanleffingwell @DReinertsen Wow, @DReinertsen WSJF is shockingly elegant. Seems to motivate all the right outcome… https://t.co/Wrm5DfzbqO

  • revelation: SJWF is easy: should be a part of daily work.

Architectural Runway

  • is SAFe where all the PMOs and ITIL people go, because their bodies of knowledge are dead?
  • is SAFe so focused on form, minutia that it loses the sight of the goal?

Continuous Integration

  • “I’ve been doing marshal arts for 10 years; he never says what I’m doing is wrong... he says it could be better if...”
  • Ha! “so many orgs have reqs to write tests, but don’t have time; with TDD, they write tests, but somehow find time to write the code”
  • software quality practices: continuous integration, test first, refactoring, pair work, collective ownership and more...
  • example: Tesla OTA update that extended range of cars in Florida to flee hurricane

- story: huge metal door to separate linear accelerator; to enable better testing, hardware built small wooden door that allowed a sufficiently production like environment that allowed for greater testing

  • Story: VP Prod Management asked product manager to demo from staging; who then learns that all product owners were demoing from mocked up Dev environments, completely fabricated; nothing actually worked, despite 7 iterations of reported progress; what did they do? Perpetuated the fabrication! All blew up in 7 months. (YIKES.)


  • Set Hashtag failed: I think the right thing: call /ping with username and entire application state, and if we’ve lost the session, we go to the login screen, and then re-create application state... Does that work?
    • or if we don’t hit the login screen, maybe we don’t need to know about client state?
    • wow, app actually survived several minutes of interruption!
  • 11:23am: took 10m break for small group exercise; locked iPad. Saving scribes works. Amazingly. And Setting Hashtag worked. Wow!?