2017/09/12: SAFe Training: Day 1 Part 2b

by Gene Kim on


2017/09/12: SAFe Training: Day 1 Part 2a


Apply Systems Thinking

  • worst performers: recent grads of MBA
  • best performers: recent graduates of kindergarten: no kids try to be CEO of spaghetti, inc.
  • they try out ideas faster; they build prototypes
  • specialized skills + facilitation skills = success
  • high stakes: degrades outcomes
  • marshmallowchallenge.com

  • look at the integral of value of iterative vs. waterfall’

  • serial vs. parallel: like WIP limit of 1

  • “important @dreinertsen principle: if we always ignore sunk cost, we’ll always pivot to the right outcomes

  • functional isolation:

  • brooch vs Deming: both are views into the system

  • larger systems behave better under load

  • ART: teams will rebalance naturally on PI boundaries: vs command control/functional orientation

  • Lean would call this a resource pool; resilient pool of people who can rebalance their own work

  • it’s not the amount of work that matters; we can’t code or verify any faster; it’s the huge transaction cost/wait times

  • even reducing cost of dev to ZERO only reduces time to market from 22 months to 19 months! Hahaha

  • good news: there’s no VP of Delays: no system to protect it

  • delays: shortage of specialists holding up code review

  • delays: shortage of UAT environments

  • “people don’t know what they don’t want, until they see what they don’t want”

  • Lean UX is being integrated into SAFe 4.5


  • tweetscriber_web: too many requests error: around 10:30am MT; how to correctly handle this, because I couldn’t save my scribes!
  • View All Scribes: show title and size of body: so that I can quickly determine which scribes are the latest, and which can be deleted
  • Ideal flow: load a scribe from web, copy it into editor, save any changes to that scribe
  • Remember to scale back down to 1 dyno: turning it up so that I don’t get errors