2017/09/12: SAFe Training: Day 1

by Gene Kim on


2017/09/12: SAFe Training: Day 1


  • over 100K people trained to date
  • all knowledge publicly available: and figure out what people are willing to pay for, which is courseware
  • goal is not to build a big business, but build a highly leveraged business: that’s the role of partners
  • Jim Fowler, MSFT IT
  • SolutionsIQ, now an Accenture company
  • started course 9 years ago: after huge Scrum transformation; conclusion: mistake: teach the teams a way of working when the managers don’t understand
  • the benefits of small team agility are dramatic
  • SAFe: train the leaders first
  • 2 day training: but SAFe has grown
    • 2 day Leading SAFe
    • 3 day Implementation
  • BNSF Safety Briefing: railroad is an unforgiving environment: 1-2 minutes: leader #1 priority
  • Friday Open Space
  • 1986: took 2 day course from Goldratt
  • branched: 3 layer SAFe didn’t scale: 1000 people contributed to this router, so how do you handle
  • ART: needs longer planning cycle, not larger batch size

  • the annual waterfall retrospective that happens every 18 months: that leave everyone more demoralized than ever

  • problem elicitation: “this is like Bingo where you lose”

  • dependencies: means complexity is not a local concern; no one can ship early

  • integrating work from waterfall teams

  • Walker Royce: 1973: birth of waterfall: his conclusion was “don’t do it”

  • distributed teams: every meeting, people from 5 buildings

  • Lean is the fundamental principle: create value and shortest sustainable lead time

  • PMOs do care about sustainably shortest lead time

  • Deming was born and raised in Wyoming

  • Leffingwell: “Re-read Deming book ‘Out of the Crisis’ 3 years ago; reads like it was written yesterday; an amazing book” @botchagalupe

  • “If you can’t send someone, send no on”

  • Ohno: “No one ever invented anything at a desk”


  • after Save Scribe, put focus back into editor
  • keyboard accelerator: save scribe
  • strange behavior: tab to shift focus; shift-tab to bring focus back to editor, and cursor goes to top of document!