2017/08/02: Red Hat Road Tour, Dallas

by Gene Kim on


  • Wow, I love this study by @DanLebrero: on github, by language, repos w/lowest bug density are Go & Clojure, both focused on simplicity: https://labs.ig.com/static-typing-promise
  • @DanLebrero: how many repos did you analyze on GitHub? Such an interesting and provocative study! Cc @mtnygard

  • @bgracely: “Ideal response to digital disruption: we have the brand, channels to cust & technical greatness: we’re fine & going to win”

  • Ha! OH @bgracely: “typical car buying experience in dealership: misery as a service” (On amazing Volvo transformation)

  • @bgracely: “Volvo: by enabling online ordering of cars, they obviate the typically horrible dealership experience”

  • Truly interesting times: @bgracely: “Volvo runs online experience using WebSphere Liberty, running on OpenStack, in 4 instances of Azure”

  • @bgracely: “every part airline ecosystem speeding up: manufacturer, airline, reservation, fare retrieval, loyalty programs

  • @adrianco: Say hi to everyone at JPL next week! Spent entire day yest with Vu Nguyen from Mars Rover team. Was most amazing day!

Up: John Rzeszotarski, Key Bank: “The DevOps Abides” (Ha! From Big Lebowski)

  • Rez: “No one in security got fired for... adding more security... not always great for dev and ops.” Haha!
  • Rez: “We had big outage in 2015, taking down online banking for entire day; fixing caused probs to get worse, b/c of complexity
  • Rez: “User clicks button: 200 network hops, across 2 data centers; chief architect: ‘I’m surprised all this even works!
  • Rez: “Then we met John Willis (@botchagalupe), who started us down our journey & helped us for years
  • @RealGeneKim: Awesome pic of @botchagalupe from Rez: #devops https://t.co/JYD9imrkwx
  • Rez: “We had acquired First Niagra Bank: half of our size: 500K customers; we pulled in our DevOps proj in as result
  • Rez: “Our initial focus: test automation, deployment pipeline
  • Rez: “2 months to get anything done, b/c of all the tech teams, all the stages of build/deploy/patch; proj mgmt nightmare
  • Rez: “Key Bank: 70 deploys/builds/day; dev self-service; no patches & upgrades — only deployments
  • Rez: “Jan 2016: we started by looking at IBM Bluemix, Apprenda, Pivotal, OpenShift to enable us to use kubernetes/docker
  • Rez: “Day 1 of Niagra acquisition: onboarded 500K customers; we screwed up UX; made 10 production fixes in 1st 4 days during highest traffic; happy customers!
  • Rez: “Started in 2 apps: online banking and treasury portal: two largest/most significant apps in our org; biz execs thrilled w/outcomes
  • Rez: “700+ apps; 100+ projects;
  • Rez: “Irony/chicken & egg: ‘we can only use proven tech’; how do you ever use something new
  • Rez: “Challenges: We had a huge offshore tech presence, what to do?; confidence gap (‘we’re not as smart as Netflix’);
  • Rez: “EAR Checklist (Empathy/Assertiveness/Respect); Leadership (grassroots/how); sr leader (why); execs (what: funding, etc)
  • Rez: “How: team can show that, say, Postgres can be just as reliable as mainframe
  • Rez: “Offshore mix is challenge; we need highly trained and high degree of communication
  • Rez: “Our CEO is now saying we’re technology company” (Wow.)
  • Rez: “Acquisition of HelloWallet was fantastic acq of talent; as well as (TechElevator?) group” (missed exact name)
  • Rez: “Our CTO said in Town Hall: we need generalists: Windows, start using command line; Linux team, start using GUIs”
  • Rez: “Our blame post incident reviews are available for everyone to join; most popular calls in company; everyone must know about accidents
  • Holy crap. Listening to Rez and Key Bank story is breathtaking. Truly an example of ‘best in game always get better; accelerate away from herd’