2017/07/11: Red Hat Road Tour: Denver

by Gene Kim on


2017/07/11: Red Hat Road Tour: Denver

  • @RealGeneKim kicks off Culture, Containers and DevOps discussing how developers are impacting business agility & market share. #RedHatDevOps https://twitter.com/bgracely/status/884802396223938560/photo/1
  • @RealGeneKim: #devops I love this slide on what “real work” looks like from @bgracely https://t.co/byI9oHrCbu
  • @RealGeneKim: #devops @bgracely talking about amazing work of Key Bank team containerizing consumer banking property (hi John R!) https://t.co/cyC9ymKkIJ
  • Nice. @bgracely: "although people complain about their org charts, they're often responsible for decades of stability and predictability.
  • @bgracely: "Never better time to be in tech: prev decades: how to save $$, save time; now we change change our business
  • @bgracely: "Volvo: 2 parts of car buying process: getting ppl to fall in love w/our cars; then work with dealership to buy it (yeah, ugh)"
  • @bgracely: "Volvo is now running their WebSphere in containers, across Azure and AWS, w/o having to rebuild app."
  • @bgracely quoting @kelseyhightower: "Kubernetes is great; but networking/scheduling not built in..."
  • @bgracely: "At Singapore govt hackathon: someone's dad had heart attack; he wanted to built 'Uber of AED machines,' now a govt service saving lives
  • @bgracely: Interesting biz/tech prob: "Key Bank: on payday: ppl checked web daily; on mobile app: ppl checked 8-10x per day!"
  • @bgracely: "Key Bank story shows how mobile app is driving totally new work load patterns; and using Kubernetes to handle it

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  • @dmsimard: RT @BillMetangmo: Today is the 1st day I used #ansible ... And damn, i feel like this man @ansible @ansible4devops #DevOps