2017 DevOps Enterprise Summit London Videos 1a

by Gene Kim on


Chris Hill: Jaguar Land Rover: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=by5SD3zI06E

  • OMG. Crazy story from Chris Hill, Jaguar Land Rover: #does17; 4 engrs in Mercedes w/40 yrs of auto SW exp... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=by5SD3zI06E
  • Hill: "car infotainment system in Nav mode; call comes in, radio fades out; 30s later, radio turns back on; driver can't turn radio off; Hill can't put system out of phone mode!
  • Hill: "engineer in back seats says, 'no one is doing this right.' My goal is to fix how software is done in automotive industry
  • Hill: "a big problem is that some software is done on dev workstation; reproducibility is extremely difficult
  • Hill: "big problem is when you hear 'that's the integration team's job'; worse is when you hire Supplier C to integrate Supplier A & B" (Ha!)
  • Hill: "if you have multiple supplier who you want to work independently, you need automated integration tests at earliest stages"
  • Hill: "not uncommon to buy a new car where software was written 4-6 years ago"
  • Hill: "Jaguar/Land Rover: increasing deploys per day per developer; shortened lead times lead to more creativity; reduce triage lifecycle
  • Hill: "prob: defect reported: 1d to figure out which vendor; 1d working w/purchasing; 1d to file defect w/vendor; 1d for them to replciate prob; 10m to fix"
  • Hill: "my goal: enable all our suppliers to replicate the integration and production environment, entirely self-service
  • Hill: "my goal: have developers fully onboarded and on all tools and environments in 30m; sometimes it can take 6-7 months" (yes, so sad!)
  • Hill: "build frequency up 200x; 15 IRC users to 120 (community of devs helping each other); prototypes can reach 5% of production-likeness in 1/20th the time
  • Hill: "we're now adding personality to our #ChatOps bots; yes, we're actually adding personality to machines" (funny! After we've done opposite: cattle vs pets)
  • Hill: "big success for us; 6 other internal teams have adopted our toolchain, many who have never done anything like it before