2017/06/06: DevOps Enterpise 2017 Day 2b

by Gene Kim on


2017/06/06: DevOps Enterpise 2017 Day 2b

  • RT @DOES_EUR: .@northropgrumman has trained an excess of 10,000 people in #Agile in just a matter of years per Suzette Johnson… https://t.co/J7VCVU2VZ0
  • @robinyeman: "F-16, F-35, Orion space systems... first flight milestone; Aegis battleship: 142 Agile teams" (such cool stuff!)
  • @robinyeman: "Submarines, ansible, docker... almost as cool as Netflix" (very cool)
  • @robinyeman: "Competimates" (competitor and team mate)- RT @MalcolmIsaacs: RT @DOES_EUR: Over 45 teams building next-gen space flight at @LockheedMartin - they're all #Agile!! 😱@robinyeman #does17 https://t.co/4naR
  • RT @FokkoVeegens: Nice takeaways! #DOES17 #DevOps https://t.co/Evt7HPGP4F
  • RT @adihere: "How do i tell F16 fighter pilots to fail fast" #DOES17 #devops https://t.co/W2jAObPsyv

Up: Dominica DeGrandis, Executive Consultant, Leankit (@dominicad)

  • @dominicad: "I started my career as a build engineer; what software needed to be deployed onto which server" (and what goes wrong afterwards!)
  • @dominicad: "Respect for people: for me, that means giving people honest feedback (e.g., why didn't they get promotion/bonus/etc/)
  • @dominicad: "Leaders need to help create the safety to give honest feedback- RT @DOES_EUR: Too much WIP interrupts your flow and prevents ability to deliver work on time @dominicad #does17 https://t.co/Sc2ig0Gz3d
  • @dominicad: Kingman's Forumula! This is what we used in The Phoenix Project! I didn't have citation, learned in TOC grad course
  • @dominicad: "WIP is the leading indicator that flow is congested" (one of the few indicators that are actually leading [vs trailing]
  • RT @simonejomoore: 'Energy flows where attention goes!’ Makia - Hawaiian Huna Principle #DOES17 @dominicad
  • @dominicad: "To find stuck items: Query for all tickets that hasn't moved in 30 days; (some of u may req 60 or 90 days)" (OOF!)
  • RT @lstolyarov: Making work visible @dominicad #DOES17 https://t.co/Jo9KY58Ia8
  • @dominicad: "Unplanned work is born in DOING: where did NFS mount go? Server just went down. Network down"
  • @dominicad: "Unplanned work is what causes us to work on our first TODO item at 6pm"

  • RT @DOES_EUR: RT @RosalindRad: Why do we say yes so often four main reasons, team player, shinny new object, underestimate the effort, the boss asked me…

  • RT @BrendyWoods: @dominicad - plan for unplanned work. Keep a regular cadence of maintenance. #DOES17

  • RT @DOES_EUR: RT @xthestreams: Great slide! #DOES17 https://t.co/Be7hh6gX9v

  • @dominicad: "Finance last Lean holdouts; end of month crush of order invoicing, expense reports, financial reports...

  • RT @theitskeptic: I've been busy but there is no evidence. It's like the perfect crime. #DOES17

  • @dominicad: "Dependencies are assymetrical in their impact"

  • RT @DOES_EUR: Have some burning questions for our keynote speakers? Join them in Cambridge now to ask! @FletcherJofanon @dominicad @robinyeman #DOES17

  • RT @DOES_EUR: How to unmask dependencies - example by @dominicad #does17 https://t.co/5YQPHWyuXf

Up: Sam Guckenheimer, Product Owner, Visual Studio Cloud Services

  • @SamGuckenheimer: "Moving to One Engineering System at Microsoft" (for 65K engineers)
  • @SamGuckenheimer: "In old world, Windows, Office, Bing all had diff engr systems; 350 XML parsers, 60 jquery libs, 300 trid (tree/grid) UI ctrls)
  • @SamGuckenheimer: "Result was each team accumulated cruft, teams started going slower and slower... no code reuse went unpunished
  • - RT @danielbryantuk: Brutally honest introduction to the past Microsoft development by @SamGuckenheimer at #DOES17. I suspect many large… https://t.co/8Q2VYD6qKK
  • @SamGuckenheimer: "The MSFT One Engineering System (1ES): each pull req, 53K automated tests, 22.9 min" (showing live tickets for VSTS)
  • @SamGuckenheimer: "All work in tiny batches; you see the couple of lines changed; if all the tests run, automatically to CI systems
  • @SamGuckenheimer: "Our CI system for VSTS: 29m test cycle time; 2 in last hour (US engr hasn't woken up yet)
  • @SamGuckenheimer: "From CI, builds go to L2: these are production-like, with fake customer data; CI mostly green; L2 has some yellow
  • @SamGuckenheimer: "In current L2 environment, there's 1 failed test case: here's the stack trace..."
  • @SamGuckenheimer: "From L2, we have multiple rings: Canary, Ring1 (few ext cust), Ring 2 (more cust), Ring 3 (high latency: Australia)...
  • @RealGeneKim: #does17 @SamGuckenheimer https://t.co/JxxmvOztMk
  • @SamGuckenheimer: "Git repo sizes: Linux: 0.6TB; VSTS: 3GB; Windows: 270GB (!!!)
  • @SamGuckenheimer: "We released Git Virtual File System; 288x improvement in repo pull times for Windows: 13h to 3m"
  • RT @matiasfrndz: @SamGuckenheimer talking about @Microsoft #GVFS at #DOES17 https://t.co/aHl7frx3gp
  • @SamGuckenheimer: "1ES: everyone working off master branch; as you can see, we have very few branches; most 'squashed' upon completion of work
  • RT @FokkoVeegens: 1 Engineering system at Microsoft has 68k of users and still growing! #DOES17 #DevOps