2017/06/06: DevOps Enterpise 2017 Day 2a

by Gene Kim on


2017/06/06: DevOps Enterpise 2017 Day 2a

Up: Jonathan Fletcher, Interim CTO, Hiscox ( @FletcherJofanon )

  • @FletcherJofanon:
  • RT @cb160: Up Next: sorry Mr Ops, we hadn't forgotten you with Jon Fletcher #does17 https://t.co/M0CPDtWSVE
  • @FletcherJofanon:
  • RT @DOES_EUR: Teams went from horizontal to vertical to break down silos @FletcherJofanon @HiscoxUK #does17 https://t.co/VILp9hDofB
  • RT @DOES_EUR: RT @xthestreams: Moving to IaaS doesn’t solve core cost problems, same stuff different datacenter - people costs outweigh infra #does17
  • RT @DOES_EUR: RT @cb160: Lift and shift to the cloud when necessary. It's not pretty, but it's better than building a new DC #does17 https://t.co/SAkBgfE

  • @FletcherJofanon: Ha! Mentioned "Visio on your desktop." Old habits die hard for architects... :)

  • @FletcherJofanon: "With 2.5K engineers, scalability creates need for cloud"

  • @FletcherJofanon: "We've calculated that TCO of PaaS is 3x chapter than on-premier; IaaS is equivalent (unless you can power it down)

  • RT @GBartolini: RT @FokkoVeegens: - "Having separate systems for Tickets and the Backlog feels like reinforcing silos through technology" says @FletcherJofan

    • RT @rvodden: @FletcherJofanon "comparing Cloud with OnPrem doesn't make sense - they are fundamentally different" #does17
    • RT @FokkoVeegens: Amazing numbers on cost of failure in on-prem datacenter. One big reason to move to #cloud #DOES17 #DevOps https://t.co/SWkVX78MVo
  • RT @DOESEUR: RT @julianwood: Hiscox using cloud for geographic reach as they expand globally @FletcherJofanon #DOES17

  • RT @DOES_EUR: RT @danielbryantuk: "A public cloud data centre costs upwards $1.5 billion to build. We're never going to out compete this internally" @Fle

  • @FletcherJofanon: "Attitude > Technology Skills; we're creating 'automation academy' to help our engineers

Up: Robin Yeman, Technical Fellow, Lockheed Martin and Suzette Johnson, Technical Fellow, Northrup Grumman

  • - RT @cb160: At defence contractors, systems engineers provide the information to agile teams on how stuff fits together #does17
  • RT @DOES_EUR: Suzette Joshnon had Ken Schwaber himself come in and do #Agile training for @northropgrumman 😮 #does17 https://t.co/31umsuWFG7
  • Yeman: "I was asked to lead solution for intelligence customer; RFP for Agile in 2002" (less than 1 yr after Agile Manifesto was signed !!!)

- RT @julian_wood: I would like it when one of the outcomes from doing some work is "made a lot of long term friends" like @robinyeman at #DOES17 :-)