2017/06/05: DevOps Enterpise 2017 Day 1e

by Gene Kim on


2017/06/05: DevOps Enterpise 2017 Day 1c


  • RT @GBartolini: RT @DOES_EUR: DevOps 🦄 Enterprise 💩 lols from @botchagalupe 😂😂 #Does17 #devops https://t.co/3db8l4C5JX
  • RT @julian_wood: MoJ Multi Cloud with controlled diversity. #DOES17 https://t.co/aWEJ1XayNU
  • RT @t_sturgis: Amadeus is reorganizing to have Dev and Ops report through one Mgmt team ---- genius! Makes perfect sense!… https://t.co/ClGV7Z8hYf
  • RT @julian_wood: MoJ Multi Cloud with controlled diversity. #DOES17 https://t.co/aWEJ1XayNU
  • RT @G4EGK: Ministry of Justice & central government's position on hosting (partly due to better security) #DOES17 https://t.co/CQWjv7lLh2
  • RT @julian_wood: MoJ “Lock in is not necessarily bad, balance simplicity and time to delivery with switching cost.” #DOES17 https://t.co/BGCRVvMAdc
  • @daverog: "We're focusing on AWS and Azure

Up: From Code Commit to Production within a Day in One of the Most Critical Industries in the World; Year 2 presentation for Vincent van Kooten, Head of FO Development, Ingenico and Gebrian uit de Bulten, DevOps Lead Gallia, Accenture

  • - @danielbryantuk: Products, not projects -> "We pre-finance teams each year, and the use of the capacity must be prioritised accordin… https://t.co/mJnPNgvw3N
  • RT @danielbryantuk: Products, not projects -> "We pre-finance teams each year, and the use of the capacity must be prioritised accordin… https://t.co/mJnPNgvw3N
  • Ingenico/Accenture speaking on the before/after of funding & contracting model

Up: Ruly Weisbach

  • Weisbach: "when I took over Mercury Quality Center & ALM: 20 yr product, over 300 engineers, most w/10+ yrs on product: avg release 1.5yrs;
  • Weisbach: "engineers were organized by tech: biz logic, UI, platform; yes, the way we used to do things..." (laughter)
  • Weisbach is Ruly Weisbach, Director of R&D, HPE; "Octane was SaaS first, MVP, 6 months; 2 week prod push
  • @RulyWeisbach: "My experience: best way to build: vertical teams, each responsible for specific domain; I tried to explain the benefits of reorg @DOESEUR: #ALM Octane at @HPESoftware @RulyWeisbach #does17 https://t.co/ladKbu6Phq
  • @Ruly_Weisbach: "I explained: it will be better than building software layer by layer, will drive culture change, within and between teams..."
  • @RulyWeisbach: "My managers were unwilling to accept the change; refused to change; - RT @DOESEUR: .@RulyWeisbach faced some push back when trying to change the model @HPESoftware #does17 #devops https://t.co/Nu6rniSb0k
  • - RT @simonejomoore: When they realise Agile in a layered model is not as fun as they thought…Enter @Ruly_Weisbach to make it better! #DOES17 London
  • RT @cb160: Trying to do agile without changing teams is a challenge #DOES17 https://t.co/YP34C9dfqV
  • @Ruly_Weisbach: "Even tiniest functionality took 2 hour meeting with 12 managers: UI, biz logic, platform, architects..."
  • @Ruly_Weisbach: "Most of our time is not how to build best software: instead, we talked about how to manage ourselves...
  • @Ruly_Weisbach: "2 months later, I started to visit our devs teams... they said, 'Rudy, can you please take us off this project
  • @Ruly_Weisbach: "Ruly, we're not coding fun things; we're in meetings all day. it's like an assembly line we don't understand anything
  • @Ruly_Weisbach: "Rush, you are probably the worst manager we've ever had."
  • @RulyWeisbach: "Engineers wanted the change; it was the managers that were the problem."- RT @GBartolini_: RT @Donkdanks: How hard can it be 😂 #DOES17 https://t.co/8tnj3Z5cPR
  • @Ruly_Weisbach: "After reorg, productivity doubled; engineers were happy"
  • Gershoni: "The big infosec divide: Builders vs. Defenders
  • Gershoni: "Our analysis for big builders/defenders disconnect: big contributing factor: we didn't share the same tools- RT @rvodden: RT @cb160: Next up: Applying Devops to the core of the UK's biggest it estate with Mayank Prakash #DOES17 https://t.co/Fe1YFsjEHV

  • Prakash: "Whopping amount of money we manage: 1.7 trillion GBP; 50 million lines of code, written over decades; 200 million phone calls

  • Prakash: "DWP: higher sense of purpose brings 90K fellow employees to work, among highest rates of employee satisfaction

  • @MayankPrakash showing value DWP provides to citizens, some of the most vulnerable parts of the population

  • RT @simonejomoore: Fabulous that @MayankPrakash shows real value of what they do thru the mouth of truth - their customers! #Does17

  • @MayankPrakash: "- RT @julian_wood: Department of Work and Pensions has 90,000 desktops, £176b budget. Largest govt department. #DOES17

  • @MayankPrakash: "I find myself thinking I'm the luckiest person on planet: overlap between being being a geek & my passion; nothing against lawyers in world

  • @MayankPrakash: "My ultimate wish: never use the words 'the business', that disqualifies us from the org that we serve; we own biz outcomes- RT @theitskeptic: Remove the "and" from "business and technology".


  • @MayankPrakash: "We've always broken ground; in 1950s, among first to use business machines (now called computers); now doing the same w/DevOps principles

  • @MayankPrakash: Keep Calm and Love Badgers: (sign of banner hanging out in UK DWP offices)

  • @MayankPrakash: "DevOps has unleashed chaos in our organization; but we anchor everything in our 4 DWP core values

  • @MayankPrakash: "DWP core values: Curious to learn; Inclusive across teams; Outcomes focused; Design thinking


  • RT @matiasfrndz: Mieke Deenen from @UWVnl: “Make hosting company a partner instead of a supplier and make them a part of the success story.” #DOES17