2017/05/18: Trace3 Evolve Day 2b

by Gene Kim on


2017/05/18: Trace3 Evolve Day 2b

Up at 1045: Gene Kim


  • OH: Ha! "Even the easiest product on this slide, Tableau, is difficult! Their intro class is three days long!" Cc @nicolefv @dominicad
  • ThoughtSpot: Google Search for Numbers (instead of BI)
  • MoogSoft: bring joy to engineers
  • Thx for attending my talk! For copy of my slides, links to all DevOps Enterprise Summi talks, lots of other stuff: email genek@sendyourslides.com, subj: devops

  • @trace3: .@moogsoft's Mike Silvey pitches real-time algorithmic techniques at #Trace3Evolve. Judged by@GetSpectrum @OppFundshttps://t.co/fHP9JlDalm

  • @trace3: .@ThoughtSpot's @scottiholden pitches essentially a Google for Numbers. Vote for your pick on the best… https://t.co/T4QxCiVHWB

  • @JoeBarnesUS: RT @boomchikumar: @Trace3Evolve @trace3 Chaos V/s control , learn to take control using. https://t.co/aZEaUr8aFa

  • Exabeam pitch: "Most tools on 2016 Gartner SIEM Magic Quadrant: pre-date Hadoop and all the modern analysis technologies" (huh!)

  • Exabeam: "wait. Why is an HR manager logging into database w/DBA credentials, then d/l entire database?" (Detection of stolen credentials)

  • @markluechtefeld: RT @trace3: .@moogsoft's Mike Silvey pitches real-time algorithmic techniques at #Trace3Evolve. Judged by@GetSpectrum @OppFunds

  • @trace3: .@exabeam's Rick Cacciatore pitches #security intelligence at #Trace3Evolve. Vote for what you think is the best pi… https://t.co/NQF69hKx7b

  • I'm super impressed by those 3x 5 min vendor pitches; takes so much work & discipline to pull off compelling pitches like that!

Evolve May 17-19 Las Vegas


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Wednesday, May 17th - Evolve Day 1
Thursday, May 18th - Evolve Day 2
Roman Ballroom
Chad Cardenas, President of Trace3 - The Rate of Change Just Changed
Palace Ballroom
Robert Scoble and Shel Israel - How Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence Will Change Everything
The First Transformation was using text characters to talk directly to computers. The Second Transformation was the mouse/ computer interaction popularized by Apple known as GUI. The Third Transformation is the advent of mobile phones - we are currently living in the 3rd. The Fourth Transformation is when we put away the phones and wear glasses that will do EVERYTHING the phone does and so much more. It opens the door to viewing the real world with an enhanced overlay of information and or entertainment. Of course this will change almost everything as we know it. Join Robert and Shel as they give a series of examples of the industries that will change and why.
Palace Ballroom
Palace Ballroom Foyer
Mark Campbell, VP of Innovation Research Trace3 - Cutting Through the Chaos
Palace Ballroom
Gene Kim, Author and Founder of IT Revolution - Top DevOps Enterprise Adoption Patterns: A Fifteen-Year Study of High Performing IT Organizations
Gene is widely regarded as the expert on DevOps through his research, customer consulting opportunities, and the 3 books he co-authored on the topic. Learn about how to resolve the core conflicts businesses experience, how to respond quickly to urgent business needs and provide stable, secure and predictable IT services. He’ll outline how successful technology companies like Etsy, Netflix, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, and Google transformed their IT practices to implement effective change control.
Palace Ballroom
Pitch Your Tech in 5 Minutes or Less
Palace Ballroom
Roman Ballroom
IOT Strategy: What you need to consider -
John Rossman author of the Amazon way of IOT and Rich Hillebrecht CIO & CISO at Riverbed will reveal the key opportunities created by IoT as well as walk you through the technology chain to pull it off.
Florentine 1 & 2
How Technology is Disrupting your Org. Chart -
Funding for a Technical, Operational or Business investment all get approved by the same person understanding the lens a CFO looks through can help unlock your project. Hosted by Trace3 Research Principal Katherine Johnson and HPE's Transformative Strategist Deborah Anthony.
Florentine 3 & 4
If VR is the New Reality for business – What are we going to do with all that Data? -
VR, AR and MR will be part of my business – What’s coming and how do I start the conversation with business leaders? DATA MATTERS - Message to IT Leaders: The Ones who know how to leverage Data Steer the ship that is the business. Hosted by Robert Scoble (The 4th Transformation) and NetApp Co-Founder Dave Hitz.
Florentine 1 & 2
The Anatomy of a Breach -
Recent high profile Data breaches have reminded us that Security isn't always where it needs to be. Most CIO's don't know how long it takes for Hackers to plan or how quickly data can be stolen. Hear Dimitri McKay CISSP and Trace3’s VP of Security, Tony Olzak explain how technology like Machine Learning and organization changes are key tools to utilize in your security practice.
Florentine 3 & 4
Cloud Operating Model - Understanding the Future of Multi-Cloud -
Multi-cloud is well agreed up on as the future reality of IT service delivery, but being able to leverage common technologies continues to be challenging. Changing perspective away from understanding cloud as a thing or a place to a model of operations helps align your service delivery strategically rather than tactically, but what is happening in the industry to make it more fungible? Join Steve O’Brien Trace3’s VP of Innovation and Dell/EMCs Enterprise Technologist Matt Rokis as they discuss a couple of approaches that are coming to market.
Florentine 1 & 2
Surviving a DevOps Transformation -
To avoid extinction, Man has partnered with automation to build a DevOps solution and why not? It looks so easy…But DevOps is a Marathon and needs to be treated as such. Your people need to be prepared for the long haul and ready for a little failure along the way. Join DevOps Handbook Co-Author John Willis as he shows you what the finish line looks like and common pitfalls to avoid.
Florentine 3 & 4
AI is Affecting your Business, How do you Embrace it? -
The term A.I. has gotten a bad rap mostly because it was overhyped early on. The truth as we know it now is Artificial Intelligence is providing revolutionary optimization for many businesses. Please join Nvidia Deep Learning Lead Andrea de Souza.
Florentine 1 & 2
Cloud Scale Challenges?...google it! -
Join speaker Miles Ward - Director of Solution Engineering at Google Cloud as he discusses the challenges of building and maintaining applications and services used by billions of people daily. Hear all about what engineering is needed for your kids to watch YouTube, send billions of pictures on SnapChat every 24-hours, and the infrastructure demands of Pokemon Go.


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