2017/05/05: DevOpsDays Austin Day 2

by Gene Kim on


2017/05/05: DevOpsDays Austin Day 2

Up: Kelsey Hightower

  • @wickett: Consistency and conformity in regard to software engineering leads to safety and speed @RealGeneKim #devopsdays
  • @wickett: When Netflix or Amazon goes down GDP probably goes up! #devopsdays
  • Ah, forgot to tweet this: For copy of my slides and all the other stuff, email genek@sendyourslides.com, subject devops.

  • @kelseyhightower: "

  • RT @elchefe: .@kelseyhightower gives a gripping and genuine introduction to his talk. "Single moms are the greatest superheroes.… https://t.co/oCFEnZNsvJ

  • @kelseyhightower: talking about AutoCAD. I learned from @jasonacox that AutoCAD used LISP derived language! Cc @alexhonor

  • @kelseyhightower: TI-82; BASIC; A+ certifications; DSL; AutoCAD

  • @kelseyhightower: "That day I learned teaching was my superpower; tech was my uniform; i was invicible when I had it on"

  • @kelseyhightower: "At that point in time, I've stayed at company 3-6 months; every time I smiled at home, my wife got nervous; until she saw my new paycheck"

  • RT @DevOpsish_News: RT @jasonhand: "Helping people was my super power ..

.. and tech was my uniform"


devopsdays https://t.co/oVWy6OyQT4

  • @kelseyhightower: "Next job, I learned about on-call; It was like Phoenix Project; I was only on-call, everyone on vacation" (OMG)
  • @kelseyhightower: "When asked whether I was ok, I said 'I'm ok'; but I was not okay. I was working solo"
  • @kelseyhightower: "Greatness [and awesome problem solving] happened even before DevOps had a name
  • @kelseyhightower: "