2017/05/04 DevOpsDays Austin Day 1a

by Gene Kim on


2017/05/04 DevOpsDays Austin Day 1a

Up: Jez Humble (@jezhumble)

  • @jezhumble: "@gruvergary keeps writing shorter & shorter books, apparently in hopes that someday, someone will finish his book" (ha! Gary is brilliant)
  • @jezhumble: "400 people distributed across 3 countries; 10MM lines of code; 100K LoC changes/week"
  • @jezhumble showing automated testing being driven on 3270 color/green-screen. Cool! @rosalind_radcliffe
  • @jezhumble: "strangler application often hinges on decoupling from centralized database" (which often creates mandatory coupling)
  • @jezhumble: docker docker docker
  • @jezhumble: "One of the key findings of State of DevOps Reports: behaviors do change culture"
  • RT @MarkOrinLevy: #devopsdays @jezhumble changing the way you do things changes culture
  • @jezhumble: "To get my slides, email jezhumble@sendyourslides.com, subject line: devops"

- @ernestmueller @wickett: you folks look good up there!

Ignite Talks

  • @papa_fire: "Build what you need; not what you want to need" (on scaling w/actual biz needs. Ha!)
  • Adam: @luckylefky: "on imposter phenomenon: many ppl dismiss their success as luck, that they've conned everyone into fooling everyone"
  • @luckylefky: "anxiety, uncertainly, just like us
  • @luckylefky: "
  • @joehack3r: "writing >> typing; stop multi-tasking; free is not free (time is your most valuable resource)
  • @joehack3r: "Get uncomfortable (Eleanor Rosevelt: 'do one thing every day that scares you"); be your own person; learn from mistakes
  • @joehack3r: "Effective <> efficient (especially when evaluating mtg invites); Parkinson's Law / Pareto Principle
  • @joehack3r: "When matters (most willpower is first thing in morning; so don't do email then); propose solutions; Pygamlion and golem effect (self-fulfilling prophecies)
  • @TheJewberwocky: omg. Hilarious. "DevOps is combination of two words: 'devo' and 'ps'"
  • RT @jasonhand: Hilarious "Deep Thoughts" by Not Jack Handy (@TheJewberwocky) at #devopsdays https://t.co/a9o2fLMg9u
  • RT @jpaulreed: .@TheJewberwocky explains how to postmortem with your junior engineers... #devopsdays https://t.co/z7e38QUxCN
  • @jezhumble: I wonder if @gitbisect will show BBQ tofu or bivalves for you? :)
  • @weekstweets telling story of doing online conference, with goal of 15K registered attendees
  • @weekstweets: "by mid-day, we had 10K+ conversations going on in our Slack instance, interacting
  • @cote: "How to survive and thrive in a big company" (adapted from 45m PPT)
  • @cote: hilarious: recommends book "Moral Mazes" on surviving large corporations
  • RT @patrickdebois: look @petecheslock made it to #devopsdays austin https://t.co/5H8FfaybC9

Gene talk TODO

  • change deployment lead time: make black box on bottom bigger; get rid of text
  • add slide in beginning: cultural norms typically mirror that of the leader
  • add names or pics to devops handbook slide
  • add surprise #8: what dynamic learning orgs are capable of
  • add story of this talk: porting Node.js to 3270

Other TODO

  • Unicorn project: story about NUMMI workers: same workers, suddenly best made cars in US
  • To TOC slides: as you self-appointed ambassador from the DevOps community
  • show you my key learnings, map to the ToC BOK
  • show you that your skills are needed by technology orgs