2017/04/26: DevOpsDays Seattle

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2017/04/26: DevOpsDays Seattle


Up: Nell Shamrell (@nellshamrell)

  • @nellshamrell helping Operation Code: helping veterans learn coding skills!
  • @nellshamrell: "every modern political campaign is a software endeavor"
  • @nellshamrell: vote = heart + mind
  • PS: some amazing stories online about using DevOps in political campaigns: mostly OFA 2008 and 2012 re: @nellshamrell
  • PPS: one of the best was summarized by @samguckenheimer on OFA 2012, showing both tech strategies of Obama vs. Romney re: @nellshamrell
  • @nellshamrell "I was a technical volunteer for DevProgress in 2016: enable devs; 1 example: Drive The Vote: match voters w/drivers to polls
  • @nellshamrell: "Prob: lots of remote devs: we created vagrant environments, with all dependencies w/o breaking their laptop
  • @nellshamrell: "we could get new developers up and running, developing/deploying very quickly" (ha! Lead time for dev env not 6 wks? :)
  • @nellshamrell: "Another project: HillaryBNB, forked from BernieBNB: match traveling volunteers with places to stay"
  • @nellshamrell: "We used CircleCI, b/c it was free for open source software" (written in Clojure!)
  • @nellshamrell: "Vote = Heart + Mind + Motivation; getting people to vote requires connection w/human beings: not robo-calls!
  • @nellshamrell: "In elections, being right is irrelevant if you don't have the votes; no luxury of dealing w/only people who agree with you
  • @nellshamrell: "In Ref 71 about gay marriage, the theme was love and commitment
  • @nellshamrell: "Before automation, we had spreadsheet and a ruler to keep lines clear, manually dialing pre-paid cell phones"
  • @nellshamrell: "If you give up after a failure in politics, you're in wrong biz; also, if give up after u fail in devops, u r in wrong biz" Ha!
  • @nellshamrell: "In politics [and devops], resistance to cynicism and ambivalence are the greatest weapons against progress"
  • @nellshamrell: WOW! "HillaryBNB was forked and used to support Women's March In Washington earlier this year"
  • @nellshamrell: "

  • Note to self: ERP - RT @EverydayKanban: A few notes from @RealGeneKim at #devopsdays @DevOpsDaysSEA https://t.co/IyUmjibgCb

  • RT @EverydayKanban: Notes from @nellshamrell on DevOps in Politics #devopsdays @DevOpsDaysSEA https://t.co/UuuQF2G06u
    failures require recounting inventory; and national incidents

Scott Nasello, Columbia Sportswear: DevOpsing In A Microsoft World (@scottnasello)

  • RT @crayzeigh: #DevOps and #Microsoft from @scottnasello #devopsdays @DevOpsDaysSEA https://t.co/TpAsEuDARv
  • @scottnasello: "Additional Microsoft env challenges: monolithic tools, screenshots, "click next"; closed source, reliance on vendors
  • @scottnasello: "big question: how do you devops without a learning organization:
  • @scottnasello: "is it as easy as telling everyone 'go have a growth mindset?'" (Audience laughter. Ha! @jezhumble)
  • @scottnasello: "
  • RT @crayzeigh: Organizations steep in #microsoft have their own particular barriers to #DevOps @scottnasello #devopsdayshttps://t.co/VGbHOlzHo5
  • RT @crayzeigh: Apparently buzzwords themselves don’t inspire change #DevOpsDays @scottnasello https://t.co/kTUdt6Pux8

- @scottnasello: "Imagine if you're helping lead DevOps, and you have imposter syndrome... It's very difficult to ask for help

  • RT @EverydayKanban: Hard to ask for help when you have imposter syndrome and feel like you don't belong #devopsdays @scottnasello @DevOpsDaysSEA
  • @scottnasello: "
  • @msklemme: "Be prepared to disappoint someone. Choose wisely who you disappoint and remember you are not alone" @scottnasellohttps://t.co/g9m3OE2S0n
  • @scottnasello: "A couple of years ago, we were afraid of public cloud, afraid automation would take all our jobs. [Now we embrace all]
  • @scottnasello: "
  • @dominicad: What would you have told your 2015 self: "Your existing skillsets will become obsolete. Learn new things." @scottnasello #devopsdays
  • RT @dominicad: What would you have told your 2015 self: "Your existing skillsets will become obsolete. Learn new things." @scottnasello #devopsdays
  • @scottnasello: "Dweck observed giving kids failing grade discourages learning; instead, 'not there yet' actually encourages
  • @scottnasello: "
  • @RealGeneKim: #devopsdays @scottnasello https://t.co/zZYKTqV45x
  • @EverydayKanban: RT @dominicad: "Let's hack this: Let's not waste careers. Teach msft enterprises to have a learning mindset." @scottnasello #devopsdays #Gr
  • @scottnasello: "Your mindset as a leader matters; do you let teams grow? Are you setting standard for them to attain?
  • @nicolefv: I love that @scottnasello is using transformational leadership terms and concepts. @jezhumble @stevemayner
  • @scottnasello: "Be / No / Do leadership model:
  • RT @dominicad: "The role of the leader: Designer, mentor, adaptive learner, creative thinker, maintain balance." @scottnasello #devopsdays
  • @crayzeigh: "Be Know Do" is a model for leadership in all contexts, DevOps and military. @scottnasello #devopsdays https://t.co/gs2CmeMqdg
  • @RealGeneKim: #devopsdays @scottnasello 2015 https://t.co/97xFHrgqM3
  • @RealGeneKim: #devopsdays @scottnasello 2017 https://t.co/S0nlvQPOD0
  • @dominicad: "Friction around priorities & practices happens on the road to improvement" @scottnasello #devopsdays
  • @scottnasello: "2 years ago, we were afraid of public cloud; now our philosophy is Cloud First: Azure PaaS: 10+ PoCs, Terraform, ARM templtes; 1300+ Chef notes
  • @scottnasello: "Now 1300+ chef nodes; team looked at vSphere brownfield environments and redid/automated them
  • @scottnasello: "We're now doing Green/Blue deploys for SAP, load balancers!"

  • OH: "And the winner is...La La Land." Hahaha.

  • @DarkAndNerdy: Big Ups to our 2nd wave of sponsors! #DevOpsDays @opsgenie @xMattersinc @Northeastern @StackStorm @Catchpoint

  • @scottnasello: RT @crayzeigh: "Failure" encourages disengagement. "Not YET meeting standards" encourages growth. @scottnasello #devopsdays

Up: Suzie Prince: Continuous Integration: A Love Story (@pm_suzie)

  • https://www.devopsdays.org/events/2017-seattle/program/suzie-prince
  • @pm_suzie: "When builds/tests break, many people have a Homer Simpson 'Doh!' sound play. It should make you happy to fix it"
  • @pm_suzie: "Why check in and merge daily? Avoid merge conflict." (So true; I've created merge conflicts even w/myself on branches!)
  • @pm_suzie One of my fave quotes from DevOps Handbook: Bane DevOps:
  • @pm_suzie: "continuous integration [small batch commits] enables teams to create collective ownership vs. 'it's ur fault when it breaks
  • @pm_suzie I love that quote: "10 lines of code reviews -> 10 pieces of feedback; 1000 line of code reviews -> 'looks good'
  • @jmvernon: #DevOpsDays @pm_suzie CI history https://t.co/BJdnkqRjoO
  • @RealGeneKim: #devopsdays @pm_suzie https://t.co/gHyR6GbNH1
  • @scottnasello: Even #SAFE (scaled agile framework) recommends that you use #CI in your #DevOps practice @pm_suzie @DevOpsDaysSEA #devopsdays
  • @RealGeneKim: #devopsdays @pm_suzie CI usage as per Gartner https://t.co/j3kyePheA6
  • @crayzeigh: 68% of people are awesome. 3% of people are terrifying... @pm_suzie #devopsdays Wonder if there's a bigger metaphor… https://t.co/RVLv7okNi0
  • @pm_suzie: "
  • @scottnasello: RT @crayzeigh: Continuously integrating distributes code ownership. Not "my precious" branch anymore. It's "our" code and failure.…
  • @pm_suzie: "Some say: 'we do 15-50 branches in a push'" (crowd gasps in fear and horror. Hahaha)
  • @pm_suzie: "CI Theater" Ha! @jezhumble @nicolefv
  • @pm_suzie: "Sometimes we call it Continuous Isolation" (haha. The practice of allowing long-lived branches that aren't merged to trunk)
  • @pm_suzie This is so true; one of the key predictors of performance in State Of DevOps reports is continuous integration/continuous delivery
  • @pm_suzie: "Someone checked in 100s of files, 1000s of chgs in one commit; overwhelmed by code review comments broken stuff; CI is answer


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