2017/04/07: Dr. Amanda Hendrix: Author of "Beyond Earth"

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2017/04/07: Dr. Amanda Hendrix: Author of "Beyond Earth"

  • Watching Dr. Amanda Hendrix, author of "Beyond Earth" about Cassini space mission!
  • Cassini has spent half-year at Saturn, and now mission coming to close: almost out of battery, probe landed on Titan, etc.
  • Prime mission: 74 orbits:
  • @RealGeneKim: #DrAmandaHendix Prime mission: 74 orbits: here are plots: left is looking down at pole. Right is looking at equator https://t.co/aJJFbHVzzH
  • @RealGeneKim: #DrAmandaHendix Cassini has been at Saturn for 13 years (not 1/2 year!): three phases: prime, equinox, solid time https://t.co/feS9vQLmF5
  • @RealGeneKim: #DrAmandaHendix The Saturnian system: over 62 moon: only visited by Cassini, Pioneer 11 (inbound), Voyager 2, Pione… https://t.co/d8gDgjXK7i
  • Dr. Hendrix activities as Particpating Scientist of Hubble, Principal Investigator on Hubble: collect data, apply for grants and telescope time :)
  • Enceladus has highest albedo in solar system, because of high reflectivity of water vapor!
  • @RealGeneKim: #DrAmandaHendix The big discovery of gaseous plumes on Enceladus: surprise is lots of internal heat. Only detectabl… https://t.co/c6sVDypIay
  • Cassini is such a big mission: everything requires so much upfront planning: no time built-in to solve unexpected mysteries!
  • @RealGeneKim: #DrAmandaHendix “One big mystery: what are these crayon like marks on Tethys? Totally unique” Chged mission to go back and get closer look.
  • "We confirmed that Titan is only other body in solar system with standing liquids on surface. Has seasonal variations, thick atmosphere"
  • "We assert in our book that Titan, not Mars, is best place for human exploration"
  • "On April 22nd, we'll do final flyby of Titan, to boost into final terminal orbit."
  • "Grande Finale Objectives: get closer to Saturn than ever before; safely dispose of Cassini, never crashing into Titan/Enceladus esp if inhabited" (!!)
  • "We'll also start to understand Saturn internal structure, and better measure ring mass, in-situ and high-res measurements
  • If I understand her correctly, no probe has ever gone between the rings & Saturn atmosphere: fraught with risk, due to atmospheric jets, etc
  • @RealGeneKim: #DrAmandaHendix Great cartoon about grand finale of Cassini: https://t.co/SR60CcqdCz


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