01/30/2017: Open Group: IT For IT: Making Standards Work

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01/30/2017: Open Group: IT For IT: Making Standards Work

Welcome address: Steve Nunn, CEO, Open Group

Bernard Golden, CEO, Navica: Bernard Golden @bernardgolden

  • @RealGeneKim: Fascinating market growth stats from @bernardgolden: #ogSF MSFT, AMZN vs VMware https://t.co/VeybuBVMMk
  • @bernardgolden: "Morgan Stanley report of orgs w/avg of $500MM IT budget: 16% apps currently in cloud; 41% by year 2020"
  • @bernardgolden: "In capital intensive business, spending capital on IT infrastructure competes w/other needs of business
  • @bernardgolden: "Cloud enables usage based model; in worst case, it's like buying taxi, putting it in driveway, not using it, keeping meter running all time
  • @bernardgolden: "Examples of innovation: Capital One Alexa app; Hundl to help high school football videos (used by 12K of 18K USA HS)
  • @bernardgolden: "Now that infrastructure is fast/cheap, appdev & deploy speed is now primary IT bottleneck & primary biz differentiator
  • @RealGeneKim: Addressing app dev bottlenecks: @bernardgolden #ogSF https://t.co/npNmDEbvVI
  • @ErikBusschbach: #ogsf echo, what is my account balance? #digital #banking #cloud #IT4IT @CapitalOne https://t.co/0gK0NaZma0
  • @bernardgolden: "Cloud is great! We had dev working in Amazon cloud: 1st month was $400; 2nd month was $10K; what happened?"
  • RT @ErikBusschbach: #ogsf application deployment speed is the primary it bottleneck #cloud #IT4IT #DevOps https://t.co/93BeyTH0bE
  • @bernardgolden: "2000 feature improvements this year"
  • @RealGeneKim: #OGsf: @bernardgolden: IT vs. cloud https://t.co/aiXkTtU49v
  • @ErikBusschbach: #ogsf welcome to the world of infraplatware @bernardgolden #cloud https://t.co/fvZm192Zhn
  • @RealGeneKim: Hi @RalphLoura! Hope you’re doing well — I’ll be citing your sage words “buoys not boundaries” later today at #OGsf. :)
  • @ErikBusschbach: #ogsf the infrastructure platform services worldview is dead! #cloud @bernardgolden https://t.co/0Pf3Iqbdu3
  • @bernardgolden: "Why do ppl agree to cloud vendor lock-in? B/c vendor innovation at MSFT, AMZN, GOOG is so fast, it's usually worth it.
  • @bernardgolden: "How fast is industry changing? Amazon released Lambda last yr, but at least 1 more yr before their certification comes out!
  • @bernardgolden: "One person's 'shadow IT' is someone else's 'I'm getting needed stuff done!'

Changing Role of IT: Strategy In The Age Of The Customer

  • Up: David Wheable, David Cannon, Forrester Research: Changing Role of IT: Strategy In The Age Of The Customer

  • Wheable: "John Deere: realized farmer outcome wasn't owning tractor, but better/more crops; writes farm mgmt software on iPad

  • Wheable: "Using farm management software on iPad eventually leads to tractor purchase decision: use Ford or John Deere?"

  • Wheable: "- RT @ErikBusschbach: #ogsf @DavidWheable presenting on it enabling business outcomes with it #IT4IT https://t.co/p8JLHJtHL0

  • @DavidWheable: the 4 different ages: manufacturing, distribution, information, customer


  • @RealGeneKim: #OGsf https://t.co/NSvgtNyN4M

  • @DavidWheable: "after Barclays released mobile app in UK, noticed surge of transactions on Thu 10pm; not great for nightly batch runs

  • @DavidWheable: "The finding: people at pubs were checking balances to see if they had money for another drink; had to redo transaction backends b/c of new schedule

  • @RealGeneKim: @DavidWheable #OGsf

  • @RealGeneKim: #OGsf: @davidwheable: Rise of Super Shoppers; Decline of TraditionalWebShoppers/Researchers/Holdouts https://t.co/NcxXxiGYBe

  • @RealGeneKim: #OGsf: @DavidWheable : Rise of AirBNB: how does traditional IT strategy deal with this? Hit 5MM night stays, exponential growth

  • @RealGeneKim: #ogsf: @DavidWheable : typical online buying cycle https://t.co/81VkIxa2xO

  • @RealGeneKim: Cannon: "IT strategy is a business digital strategy" #ogsf https://t.co/sTskyxnNg6

  • Cannon: know how our customers use tech to engage with us; know how to use tech to delivery to them; use tech to make every supporting process work

  • Cannon: "IT strategies now look like principles, patterns, how to make decisions; not like rigid plans from yesteryear

  • @RealGeneKim: #ogsf: Cannon: "we've gone from value chains to value network to value ecosystems; great" https://t.co/PL0z67oHO1

  • @RealGeneKim: #ogSF: Cannon: "now, orgs win not on features or service, but on understanding goals/aspirations/desire https://t.co/X6bH1hLVk9

  • @DavidWheable: "Purchases are more about emotion and experience, not content and quality of our products"

  • @RealGeneKim: #ogsf: @DavidWheable: KLM pilot program called "happy to help": 250 ppl helping ppl in airport, even if not KLM tic… https://t.co/f2vp1kEd5A

  • Cannon: "the need: digitizing your business strategy; or rather: businessizing your IT strategy"

  • @RealGeneKim: #ogsf Cannon: "actually, note that this quote also showed up in ITIL 2007" (ha!) https://t.co/9gQc1Ps70D

  • Cannon: "there is a narrowing difference between business strategy and IT strategy' increasingly reliant upon technology

  • Cannon: "I relish the good old days of 'Shadow IT'; these days, my friend Mark Smalley, said is 'Eclipse IT'" (it's all externalized)

  • Cannon: "value vs cost accounting: when customer achieved goal vs. when you got paid"

  • @pedrogk: I believe that the explicit realization of this is currently the main differentiator between innovators and laggard… https://t.co/SF0X4u9dNs

  • @RealGeneKim: #ogSF: Cannon: "winning these requires profound understanding of technology and business goals https://t.co/uf5fNdU1H7

  • @RealGeneKim: #ogSF: Cannon: "service mgmt is not just helpdesk; here's what we need to add to it, though" https://t.co/nAipDG3vFB

  • Cannon: "I remember our email provider: outage caused out of sequence emails and missing emails; they pointed out that they still hit 99.9% SLA"

  • @davidwheadle: "John Deere now has 250+ developers working on Farm Management software"

  • @RealGeneKim: #ogSF: @davidwheable: "John Deere: Field Connect Services" https://t.co/RbbjkYLVJP

  • @IT4IT_tm: RT @ErikBusschbach: #ogsfo value is achieved when customers achieve what THEY wanted #digital #business #strategy @itilso #IT4IT https://t.…

  • @TheOpenGroup: "It is about the need for a new type of business professional- and whether IT can play that role or not"- @itilso #ogSFO

  • @TheOpenGroup: RT @floresam90: #ogSFO "In the context of Service Portfolio: Every service has two components. 1.What we deliver 2.What our customer does…

  • @ErikBusschbach: #ogSFO a new role is emerging - a 'business/it strategist' are you ready @itilso https://t.co/Oah3itN8Jk

  • Ah. David Cannon is @itilso

  • @itilso: "there's a Forrester paper describing 'business architecture': need for EA to change how we're perceived, as soln/tech architects

  • @cccamericas: @DavidWheable from @forrester "strategy on a page is great but only if it tells me something meaningful" #ogSFO

  • @davidwheable: "Polish bank incr successful loan completion rate from 2% to 20%, by notifying call center when loan was in progress, offering help

  • @itilso: "next cool thing: as cust feedback comes in, internal staff can annotate to say what they did that got good/bad outcome

  • @EnigmaConsult: RT @aj_josey: Q&A @stevenunn & @bernardgolden The View on private clouds? “Friends don't let friends build private clouds" #ogSFO https://t

  • @AndiMann: This has been my role & LinkedIn header for many years, many businesses. Not emerging - Biz/Tech Strategist already… https://t.co/mAR1W8ag13

Break: 10:45am - 11:10am

Gene: Starts 11:10 - 11:55

Charlie Betz: IT4IT: The Reference Architecture for your Digital Transformation