2016/11/15: Microsoft DevOps Event: Dallas

by Gene Kim on


2016/11/15: Microsoft DevOps Event: Dallas

  • OH: "I bought a house 10 yrs ago, was so stressful. 2 mo ago, with Redfin, housebuying and user experiecne was a total delight" (Wow.)
  • @Robservatory: came from Chris Roberts presentation here at Microsoft, personal testimonial!
  • Robert: "keeping Windows 2000 Server running b/c of old VB6 app is not an excuse; you can push/run VB6 app w/latest Visual Studio/Windows." (Huh!)

  • add Sam/Ed reference to case study

  • add red team Azure story to security area

  • ask Sam for better stats on Azure deployments

  • add story around single engineering system: 300 trids/XML parsers

  • dev A/B testing story? hypothesis driven development

  • add "top predcitor: deployment pain"

    • RT @Robservatory: @RealGeneKim pretty cool - what was the context? Presentation? Talk? Would love to see some of the details around it.