2016/11/08: DevOps Enterprise Summit 2a

by Gene Kim on


  • - RT @ericpassmore: Starbucks leadership expects employers to learn all the time. Ask why, honor reality, be students, be coaches @ladyhock #does16

Up: Courtney Kissler, VP of Retail Technology, Starbucks (@ladyhock)

  • @ladyhock: "when you start at Starbucks, first thing you do is work in a Starbucks store"
  • @ladyhock: "one of biggest eye-openers for me was coming into org at senior level, with exec mandate already [to adopt DevOps]
  • @ladyhock: "Point of Sale (POS) is critical to everything at Starbucks; even our mobile app ordering goes thru our POS"
  • @ladyhock told me: almost every innovation hits the POS systems; a very strategic system. Fascinating. Thought it just swiped credit cards.
  • @ladyhock: "Leaders: 1) serve others, share success; 2) design for joy: simple, elegant, emotional connection/meaningful work; 3) show love of brand
  • RT @DOESsummit: "Design for joy" - powerful mission from @Starbucks @ladyhock #does16 https://t.co/DKtgmGpT2V
  • RT @ericpassmore: Starbucks leadership doing a great job of understanding how work gets done and bringing together all the disciplines @ladyhock #does16
  • RT @jasonhand: If you build it...
  • @ladyhock: "I'm now focusing on the leadership b/c of its importance; reinforce values; take risks & act w/courage; create env for learning


does16 https://t.co/wgbYEHQq9w

    • RT @ericpassmore: Problem Coordination of delivery timelines (schedule Tetris ) countermeasure value stream mapping @ladyhock #does16
    • @_opalperry: "6000 technology professionals at AllState"
  • @jefferyepayne: #does16 @_OpalPerry Leading companies are bringing technology back in-house as a strategic advantage. Allstate is doing this.

  • @_opalperry: "800 developers in northern ireland

  • @_opalperry: "In leadership, our job is to create the courage for people to do the right thing

- @_opalperry: "For outages, we had a very traditional phone bridge swarm approach, long outage calls...

  • @_opalperry: "teams wanted to build an app to make outages to reduce all the pain around status requests, keeping people up to date
  • @_opalperry: "asked people in business: 'what exactly do you want to know when there is a high-profile outage'" (ah, UX)
  • @_opalperry: "This app was powerful to me, b/c it was a team coming forward to build an app to fix their own problems"
  • RT @mdcarlson: @allstate built “MyECC” mobile app to provide execs immediate access to major incident rpt info instead of phone bridges @_OpalPerry #does16
  • @_opalperry: "pairing with product manager" (wow)
  • RT @DOESsummit: To address scale @_OpalPerry and team introduced a 12-week Boot Camp for their 800+ developers @Allstate #does16 https://t.co/ZB1RmfPq0M
  • - RT @jmcshane: RT @mcguiredennis: Joining the bridge don't ask "what is the status" 30 million times @_OpalPerry #DOES16
  • @opalperry: "lots of common military background at AllState, but we realized we had to let go of command & control; more "Team Of Teams" approach
    @DOESsummit: .@Allstate needed to define a set of leadership values. Here they are.... @

    does16 https://t.co/kNPgOkkRJw

    • Opal Perry: Divisional CIO, AllState Insurance, Claims: <<< one of the most critical business processes inside an insurance company!
  • @_opalperry: "KC-135 tankers! You learn a lot about engineering from watching an airplane built in 1960s operate in the desert in 1990s"

    • RT @Hawkins_PD: "I love Chuck Norris, he can make things happen." @TopoPal with the early quote of the day candidate! #DOES16
  • @_opalperry: top publicly held personal lines property and casualty insurer: $35billion revenue

    • RT @MarkOrinLevy: RT @dannwebster: #does16 if @CapitalOne, a bank, can automate audit, It Can Be Done. Thanks for the inspiration, @TopoPal
  • @_opalperry: "like many large, complex orgs, our org was built to achieve and preserve great things; but times are changing, even in insurance"

  • @_opalperry: another theme: AllState used to outsource most of technology; "we're bringing it all back in"

  • @_opalperry: "Biggest question in my career & then was test lead: 'why didn't we find this problem in test?'

  • @_opalperry: "The big problem: we had great quality people, but there wasn't enough time to test"

  • @_opalperry: "goal is to rebuild this company as a great 22nd century organization" (nice)

    • Ha! "10 Commandments, In Hex" RT @DOESsummit: Pipelines at @CapitalOne now have 16 gates! 😱 @TopoPal #does16 https://t.co/RWlQscjgAX
  • RT @DOESsummit: .@TopoPal - talking about the 16 gates in the s/w delivery pipeline: "I call it our 10 commandments, in hex" haha #does16 #DevOps

  • RT @DOESsummit: When you increase speed you reduce wait time @TopoPal @CapitalOne #does16 #devops https://t.co/m7d9THR3vX
    RT @jefferyepayne: #does16 @TopoPal in order to speed things up, reduce wait times instead of just focusing on speeding things up.

  • RT @sanflores7: RT @IBMDevOps: 5 things the IBM team has planned for you at #DOES16. Watch this short video: https://t.co/ls4qF1bSi3 #DevOps

  • RT @jefferyepayne: #does16 @TopoPal in order to speed things up, reduce wait times instead of just focusing on speeding things up.

  • @TopoPal: "we recognized that we can't tell everyone to do trunk-based development;

Topo Pal

  • @TopoPal: "we are not satisfied with how fast we are going: we must go faster"
  • @DOESsummit: A typical #DevOps transformation per @TopoPal @CapitalOne #does16 https://t.co/O2C39xDVnI
  • RT @DOESsummit: A typical #DevOps transformation per @TopoPal @CapitalOne #does16 https://t.co/O2C39xDVnI
  • @TopoPal: "We ask every team: 'what's in your pipeline?'" hahaha
  • @TopoPal: "Our mission: Deliver High Quality Working Software Faster"
  • @TopoPal: "
  • RT @mdalton323: RT @jasonhand: "I can't imagine a #Devops practitioner who hasn't done battle with a Change Manager" - @RealGeneKim


  • @TopoPal: "the "

  • RT @IBMDevOps: RT @millard3: Everybody codes. Everyone is an engineer. Our own people do the work. Winning at #DevOps #does16 @TopoPal You can't…

  • @TopoPal is cracking me up, showing archetypal deployment pipelines...
    RT @DOESsummit: An army to manage a pipeline - we see this everyday! @TopoPal @CapitalOne #does16 #devops https://t.co/sOuj5Vh2MH

  • @TopoPal:

Ha! "10 Commandments, In Hex" RT @DOESsummit: Pipelines at @CapitalOne now have 16 gates! 😱 @TopoPal #does16 https://t.co/RWlQscjgAX
@DOESsummit: Pipelines at @CapitalOne now have 16 gates! 😱 @TopoPal #does16 https://t.co/RWlQscjgAX
- RT @DOESsummit: Pipelines at @CapitalOne now have 16 gates! 😱 @TopoPal #does16 https://t.co/RWlQscjgAX