2016/11/05: DevOps Enterprise Summit: Day 1

by Gene Kim on


  • @hmickman: "Microservice: touched system that handles 87K TPS; inventory system"
  • @hmickman journey sounds so similar to what @jezhumble is doing at @18F. Esp how they think about devs. :)
  • @hmickman: "immutable infrastructure: onboarding time went from 30 days to 5 days; from RPMs to containers; 5K tps"

    • @hmickman: "10% on maker time; to foster innovation/improvement"
  • @hmickman: "I don't show up to be average; I show up to be awesome." Nice.

  • @hmickman: "From internal TGT employee: 'thank you Heather, b/c we see a totally new way of doing work"

  • @hmickman: "Talking at conferences is great, b/c it helps me hire the amazing engineers that we need"

  • @hmickman: "2014: API Enablement Svc: 30 APIs; 80 deploys/wk; less than 10 incidents/mo; 500M~ API calls"

  • @hmickman: "Now: to brag: over 100 APIs: we served 42 TB traffic: 27B API calls"

  • @hmickman: "2015: with new NCIO Mike McNamara, CIO, we moved from project teams to product teams"

  • @hmickman: "we've flipped from 70% outsourced to 30% outsourced, thx to amazing recruiting team" (amazing)

  • RT @EricMinick: Try, fail, make something great.

  • target at #DOES16

  • @hmickman: "CIO: we need to stop work so we can lower error rates on our POS system: first time I"ve seen sr leader do that. Grt for everyone

Up: Heather Mickman

  • - RT @Pavan_Belagatti: RT @catapultpr: First speaker at @does16 gets it going. @hmickman from @Target. #microservices for #devops. https://t.co/zkLU3gJsqI
  • @hmickman: "it would take 3-6 months to get store data: 3 systems of records... oh, and 1 spreadsheet."
  • @hmickman: "each holiday season, we have to onboard 70K employees to handle surge; imagine pressure that puts on internal systems & need for ease of use
  • - RT @ericpassmore: Target cloud native, microservies , small empowered teams. Example store locations API #does16 @hmickman
  • - RT @electriccloud: Target is working towards a "services first" enterprise, which is key to any DevOps shop | @hmickman #does16 #DevOps
  • RT @semanticwill: Some of the key messages & themes:
  • continuous integration
  • Infrastructure as code
  • social coding
  • soylent



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